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Thank you to [profile] mrshammill for letting me know that, yes, I too had my stories swiped.

I've locked my fics, but AO3 says there's nothing they can do to prevent theft because people need the download feature due to limited online time.

Well, if the download feature is the problem -- which AO3 seems to say it is -- then I want the option to opt out of that feature.

Fewer people may read my stories, but I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with my stories being stolen.
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I have a new SGA story in the works and am looking for a beta. Any takers?

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Hello, SGA fans.

For those who have any interest... in the next month or two I'm going to be pulling Out of Bounds off the internets.

Fair warning. :)
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I have written new SGA fic.

The working title is "Peter Grodin Saves The Day."

But the ending's giving me trouble. Any interested betas out there?
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SGA friends, drop everything.

Canis Lupus just rebooted the SGA fandom.

SGA: Decade by canis_lupus - John/Rodney - NC-17
Ten years ago, an expedition left for Atlantis. They were never heard from again.

She solved it.

Tying up the final episode, TPTB left fanfiction writers a knotty problem: the explorers never wanted to go home.

They lost everything. Atlantis. Pegasus Galaxy. Independence.

The "grand homecoming" forced misfits back into square peg-round hole lives. After they'd changed, grown, and become an even worse fit.

In fanfic, they stole Atlantis and ran home. They started over on Earth. Left Earth. Struggled with "normal." But Earth's a tar baby in SGA: you can't escape.

Until now.

Canis Lupus takes us back to season one ... and cuts the ties. It's fresh. Fascinating to see the cultural changes. Atlantis is a genuinely alien hybrid society. Yet still our people.

Go read. Shoo-shoo! And come write with me my friends, an independent Atlantis.

ETA: Dang, it's hard to get this to crosspost to LJ.
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In the downtime when I was hiding taking time off after a difficult quarter, I started revisiting Stargate: Atlantis stories I'd missed on Amalthia's SGA master list.

Re-read Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose.

It's shorter than I remember. Still achingly satisfying.

Reached fiercelydreamed's Who's Left And Who's Leaving which I remember starting. I don't remember finishing it.

And then I saw the date: 2007. Seven years (!!!!!?) ago.

My active fandom days are vivid, alive like voices in my head. It's only been a moment, a whisper of time. A year or two.

Not ... seven.

I've come home to my playground to find it empty. To realize that I left. To sit on the squeaky swing at sunset and dream of my apartment in Seattle, the vibrant hum of the fan community in my old laptop that was too warm for the book it was sitting on, offering the sunlight of the Olympic mountains in the distance. WG complaining, "You're on that thing all day..." while I rolled my characters like dice, seeing what turned up.

Is it too late to still write? I wonder. I've written for the SGA Santa every year. Are my friends still here, despite being neglected?

I can't go back. The swing rusted years ago. But I can go forward. Do I have time?

ETA: Just read the new SGA fic, Decade, by canis_lupus. Wow. It's an entire reboot of the fandom.
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I did it again. I found another SGA Santa fic that I never posted outside the comm.

I realize I've been busy.

I realize I've had a job that doesn't give me two days off in a row.

But really, there's no excuse.

On the plus side, that means we've uncovered an entire cache of fics. Here you go:

Title: Toy Drums & Soldiers
Author: icarusancalion
Recipient: sabinelagrande
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Mild references to D/s.
Author's Notes: Sabinelagrande asked Santa for kinky fic with or without sex, and humor, and lots of other things I didn't include. Santa's sleigh was crowded! I couldn't resist a team fic and presents. Lots and lots of presents. Thank you to busaikko and rabidfan for the rapid, cheerful betas. I can always count on you.
Summary: The Atlantis expedition exchanges Christmas gifts, banter, and inside jokes.

('Coal?' Ronon asked.

'It's an oily mineral. You burn it to keep warm,' John explained.

'Valuable gift,' Ronon commented.
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Amazingly, I totally forgot to post this anywhere besides the SGA Santa community.

Title: Sheppard and the Mud Frogs
Author: Santa (icarusancalion)
Recipient: aqualegia
Characters: John, Rodney, mud frogs, and a shiny, shiny stargate
Rating: PG
Notes: For sga_santa 2013 edition. I got a very open request so I hope this was on your Christmas list. Beta by the ever-forgiving [personal profile] rabidfan and [personal profile] sarka.
The fact that they'd landed at all, let alone in one piece, would've left NASA breathless in wonder.

The fact that they'd landed at all, let alone in one piece, would've left NASA breathless in wonder. But they were used to pulling off miracles, so they circled the Jumper, furious with each other. )
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I missed the SGA Santa signups.

At first I thought I'd need to jump in on pinch-hits (and those go in seconds). I'm so rarely on LJ that I never saw all the usual notifications that [community profile] sga_santa was in full swing.

But [personal profile] alyse switched things around so I could participate. Thank you! (I suspect she gave me the story prompt she was going to do or some other excessively generous act.)

This year I'm only doing two grad classes and working two days a week, so I have time to write. (Also, Thanksgiving in Michigan's been canceled--there's a story behind that.) And I've been missing writing.

I'd burned out after Out Of Bounds and Dragonlord -- especially Dragonlord, which was written for a Big Bang. I've found I don't do well with Big Bangs. I can do them. But I implode under the pressure of that tight a deadline. (Granted, I was supposed to start in April and didn't start writing until July. I'd turned a six-month deadline into three months.)

I've kept up with SGA Santa though, writing for it almost every year.

It seems everyone's moved to Tumblr from LJ.

Stories are now posted on AO3 instead of private websites and journals. The importance of the individual author has faded now that people don't follow personal journals to find the good fic.

The old fandoms like Harry Potter and Stargate Atlantis are still alive and continue in a desultory way. But most of my old friends have drifted. I hear distant mentions of the Marvel comics universe, Sherlock Holmes, manga and anime I've never seen.

Tried Yuletide. Assigned a great prompt. But being out of fandom, out of the habit of writing, isn't the time to attempt a random obscure fandom. I've an outline of that story and two scenes, but no more.

In the meantime, I've channeled all my creative yen into crafting. The OAR (Overly Ambitious Rug) is complete and plush. The cats sit on it proudly. I have several hand-knit sweaters, most of which are fit for wearing, some of which don't look homemade, and none of which have come out exactly as planned. I have hats that have come out perfectly, and socks that are comfy and wonderful-wish-I-could-knit-them-faster.

Didn't realize yarn was addictive. I've reached the yarn-stash point of "Oh, I forgot I bought that" and "Gee, what was I planning to make with this yarn again?" and "That's it, no more yarn until I finish more projects!"

Yet I get a fandom email every day... kudos on this story ... a review on that ... to remind me how much I miss writing.

SGA Santa, 2014. I'll see you there.
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Kitty search timeline

July 16th - Athena's cat carrier broke (bottom fell off) outside the vet on Muddy Branch Rd as S. was carrying her out. We hunted through the bushes, put up flyers, stayed up all night where she was last seen.

July 17 through 19th - set up cat trap near where she was lost, nightly flyers and talking to people, five hours a night. Stakeout replaced by cat trap. Pet tracker out of town until Sunday.

July 20th - Pet tracker! Golden retriever on the scent, we followed Athena's path to where she was either picked up or escaped down a storm drain. Our stakeouts had been nowhere near where she'd gone.

July 21st through 24th - food set out with a wildlife camera to see if she's still in the area. Daily phone calls from people who sighted a similar cat. These don't pan out. There are a lot of tabbies in this world. S. visiting animal shelter every day. Three-five hours a day together hoofing it, handing out flyers. (July 23rd I hit the wall with exhaustion.)

July 25th - After ten days of flyers/searching/stakeouts until after midnight, I let S. know that I can't keep up this pace. Most of the hard work of posting flyers is done, but while he could get time off from work and do late nights, I had to be on a train at 7am every day. I start daytime checks of the cat trap rather than late night tramps.

July 26th - S. involves other friends in putting out flyers and setting up the trap.

July 27th - photo of Athena! She wasn't picked up and is still in the area! S. sets cat trap. He starts checking the trap every three hours. He has food both inside and outside the cat trap.

July 30th - cat trap catches wrong cat. But hey, the trap works.

Aug 1st - photo of Athena! She eats the food outside the cat trap, not what's inside. S. removes the food outside the trap. Second wildlife camera set up.

Aug 3rd - photo of Athena! She sticks her head in the cat trap, decides no, and walks away.

Aug 4th-tonight - rain. No photos.

The search continues, with fresh hope -- and frustration.
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I didn't post this? Arrgh.

Here's the report from July 20th --

Lost!Athena kitty tracker report:

Athena's not been cowering in the bushes. She knows her stuff and is a "very confident kitty." Tracker Sam Connelly was amused that Athena mostly sticks to the sidewalks. Kitty's found water, has hunted, has rolled around like she was getting petted, but the trail was cut off at a storm drain near where she was (apparently) being petted.

The picture Sam had was either that someone found Athena by the storm drain, petted her, picked her up and carried her off. Or else they tried to pick her up, and Athena jumped away and ran down the storm drain. So we put flyers everywhere. They're hanging off the trees like Christmas ornaments, man. We have food out by the storm drain. If someone eats it, then we'll put out the cat trap.

Things I learned:

- Most lost pets are found due to flyers.
- Rain does not wash away scent trails (take that, Nancy Drew).
- Cats often return to where you lost them.
- In addition to food, leave out something that smells of you, because they're looking for you.
- Something that smells of *kitty,* however, could draw ferals, who'll pee on it and possibly scare your cat away.
- Lifelong house cats will hide near where they were lost & not move; but indoor-outdoor cats are surprisingly competent, and will sometimes even gain weight.
- While declawed cats are defenseless (can't climb!) cats with claw caps can easily get those suckers off.
- People get attached to pets they find & make excuses ("this lost dog is skinny -- must've been abused!") to try to keep them, even when microchipped.
- If your cat has a microchip especially, never give up. They can come back to you at any time.
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Hair, hair ... not-so-long beautiful, um, what happened?

The problem with glasses is you can't see what a stylist is doing until they're done.



Good that hair grows.

It's not that it's awful. It's just not me.

Yarn rec!

Jul. 10th, 2014 01:21 pm
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Yarn rec!

The Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino I picked up on sale has arrived. (I got it for less than this, but that price at LoveKnitting is pretty good.)


This is beautiful, soft yarn, pretty colors -- and it's washable. Yes. I can throw the resulting cashmere/washable wool/microfiber skirt into the gentle cycle.

*rubs hands together*

I can't wait to get started....
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Here's why I've been buying too much yarn.

Smooth, shimmering bamboo silk...

Glowing scarlet silk, alpaca, and wool...

Peacock green silk, alpaca, and wool...

Shiny 50/50 silk/merino...

Repeats to self: it's all hand-wash, you don't want this in the laundry, it's all hand-wash, you don't want this in the laundry....

Did I mention it's all on sale?

Yarn diet.

Jul. 5th, 2014 05:20 am
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Uh. My yarn addiction may have reached compulsive levels.

I started with just buying yarn for one project. The project required X yarn. I bought X yarn.

Then I started planning future projects. They required Y yarn. Oh, then I could do this! So I bought Z yarn -- in two colors! And the Y yarn. Then the first project, hmmm, the yarn didn't really work out, so let's try W yarn.

And -- oh! L yarn is on sale for 30% off. I could use it for this and this project. Or this one.

Now I have ... a lot of yarn.

No more yarn until I finish this sweater in the cream, and the tighter version in the red cotton/modal, and the ultra-loose long-sleeve version in khaki linen/cotton/silk:

And this sweater in the olive cotton/linen:

Cut for largish pics )

Now I know what people mean by "yarn stash." But it's time for a yarn diet, man.

ETA: ...and this tee-shirt in the spice colored merino microfiber, which, I dunno. It might be a mistake to do a tee in merino which may require....

And then there's the baby dress for Alaina in the pink acrylic which I should do before she gets too big for the pattern...

I swear, I really don't need more yarn. More hands, maybe.

ETA: Aha! Figured out why my posts stopped crossposting to LJ. Hopefully. Trying to crosspost this again.
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It's official. Three-quarters of my job has officially ended.

The tutoring center's open till Saturday, but just to box things up. I filled my car with textbooks bound to another center last night. No students remain.

I stayed up till dawn playing on the internet. I have my first weekend off in I don't know how long. (I worked weekends.) Am picking up hours in another tutoring center already, so the fear and pressure of job loss is gone. Your prayers and good wishes (and laughter over the disappearing furniture) are much appreciated and I think the reason why I've been so level (and amused).

As dawn painted the sky ... I found two lost ficlets from last summer:

Feel Your Way
John Sheppard is caught between his conscience, his duty, and his career.
"They're gonna waste me, Teyla. They're gonna waste my time."

Elizabeth Weir, System Lord
Rewatching SG-1's "New Order," I thought no... Elizabeth would be a savvy, gutsy, and creative negotiator.
After defeating of Anubis with a now-dead weapons platform, the new leader of Stargate command negotiates with the System Lords. "Enslaving millions of people, slaughtering innocents, yes, that's what the Stargate program is all about."

ETA: grrr... didn't post to LJ.

ETA2: Aha! Figured out why my posts stopped crossposting to LJ.
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The Long-term costs of all but one room (and the bathrooms) of the temple being shut

This time last year the temple had been dramatically closed by the temple. We were forced to hold events and retreats on the front lawn.

In a tent.

In the snow.

Sweltering practices were held in 94-degree weather on the front porch, with useless fans plugged in through the windows. )

Now, thanks especially to DoMore24 ONE ROOM, the prayer room, is reopened. The temple's allowed 104 people. (We've a regular membership of around 200-300, and host events of 500+.)

What's survived?

The prayer vigil continues, of course. )

What hasn't?

The food bank is closed. )

For us? The biggest impact has been the lack of space for the community. We don't have a place where we can just sit and talk anymore, and no place for our myriad of project meetings (we've had rent outside venues or meet at people's house). You can see the results in between prayer shifts. People chat, hungry for each other's company. Other than online, or working on temple grounds, we don't get to see each other very much any more.

For the non-Buddhists? The biggest loss has been the closing of The Mani Jewel. For the cyclists and birders it was the only pit stop for fifteen miles along River Road, and there are races along this route.

For the larger Buddhist community? The closure of The Mani Jewel is a biggie, it was a destination store. But the hardest hit are the pilgrims. They've come, and they've had to be turned away.

The big plus of the renovation that went beyond restoring what we had? The repaired floor of the prayer room, of course. The new fire doors, sure. But for me, it's the BATHROOMS. No more lines at that one little bathroom off the hall, thank god.

Bathrooms or not, we need our temple back. The whole temple, not just one room, even if it is an important room. We have permits we need through the hard work of Costly Lawyers.

Now it's time to begin.

And DoMore24 is here again.

The results: $11k closer, plus we "won" the religious organization category.
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Junior and Rothy are mortal enemies.

Cat enemies, which means they may nap in each other's presence. But enemies nonetheless.

It started with Rothy's sister. She's small, round, cute, the ultimate lap cat ... and runs away like prey from the Very Large Junior.

Junior couldn't resist.

Rothy won't stand up for himself. But apparently you don't mess with his sister. Junior backs little round Taffy into a corner, who mews in terror -- and Rothy's There, the defending hero. And big enough to stand up to Junior.

(Otherwise Junior and Rothy used to get along just fine.)

We've been working on this.

First, Junior and Taffy have been separated. She's an upstairs cat with my aunt, while Junior and Rothy stay downstairs with me.

Second, I've been giving Junior Lots of love and attention. It's true. Small, cute Taffy got all the cuddles while Big Bad Junior got none. Jealousy was part of the equation. Junior's always wanted to be a lap cat, too.

Third, I've been overfeeding Junior. A plump Junior prefers to watch his prey rather than chase.

Fourth, I've been getting Junior and Rothy habituated to each other's company in comforting conditions: eating together, snuggling on the couch to either side of me.

Last month they got up my bed. At the same time. Granted, it was to escape the growling floor monster (otherwise known as the vacuum cleaner) but they did it of their own accord.

And then ... last night, our biggest victory so far.

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Mom went with her book club on safari to Kenya for her birthday.

"Take lots of pictures!" her friends begged.

She made noncommittal noises, oh hmm, yes, that would be nice.

In thirty-five years of marriage it had always been her ex-husband behind the camera. Anyone who knew her would expect a roll of pictures of the hotel--and maybe the airport--all shot on the last day. No way was she sticking a camera between her and what she'd come to see.

But surprise, surprise. On her return, she posted dozens of gorgeous professional quality pictures of the animals and places she saw ... along with one or two crappy snapshots of the group.

I teased her about one with a National Geographic watermark. "I didn't notice that," she admitted. "It's a nice photo, isn't it?"

She didn't take any pictures. Not even at the airport. When she got home she just googled the places she'd been. "Oh, yes, that looks like the hippos we saw!" -- and posted them to Facebook. "How can you experience anything when you're behind a camera?" she explained.

"Great photos!" her friends said.
"They are, aren't they?" she answered.


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