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A site called http://www.ebooks-tree.com is scraping fic from AO3 and apparently selling a subscription to access it. (Though some people say it may be clickbait where you go in circles trying to access the culled content. Wouldn't risk my credit card number to find out.)

Here'a how to file a DMCA complaint asking them to take down your content.

AO3 knows about it and OTW is discussing what to do.

In the meantime, AO3 says it will help to lock your fics to registered users on the site. They say they've made it harder to scrape stories, but to stop it altogether they'd have to disable the download feature.

I've locked all my fics. I'll be taking down Out Of Bounds tout suite.

I'm testing a workaround to see if I can render the download feature moot and protect my stories.
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Thank you to [profile] mrshammill for letting me know that, yes, I too had my stories swiped.

I've locked my fics, but AO3 says there's nothing they can do to prevent theft because people need the download feature due to limited online time.

Well, if the download feature is the problem -- which AO3 seems to say it is -- then I want the option to opt out of that feature.

Fewer people may read my stories, but I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with my stories being stolen.


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