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I started Reunion in March 2003, with no promise that I'd ever finish.

For some reason, that's made it the story that always nuzzles at me, affectionately wanting to be updated. (Also for some reason it's marked as complete and I can't find how to correct that.)


So I have a few more chapters in the works. [personal profile] enname has been helping, though I just threw her a chapter without checking if she was available still.

Anyone else want to look at an MPREG designed to defy the unwritten rules of MPREG?

ETA: In other realms, I'm going to see X-Men tomorrow. Or Saturday. But ASAP because I must. I'm prepared for plot bunnies. I have a pen for them and everything.
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Ever have an old fic call your name? Got into a conversation with a friend reviewing the story.


Three more chapters outlined. One actually written.

I'm seeking a beta for the next part of Reunion. Ron/Draco (this is a Draco scene).

Fic last updated 2005.

I emphatically deny this is MPREG.
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I understand the hilariously upbeat HP writer Maya has (or had) a print trilogy in the offing.

Does anyone know her RL writing name and/or the name of the series? I want to rec her to one of my students who's reading City of Bones.

Thank you in advance, plus a stack of internet gold for the oh-so-helpful one.

ETA: f-locked since I've been reliably informed she'd prefer not to cross the streams between RL and her fandom life.
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So I was up at retreat talking to a VIP senior ani* about Tibetan language.

She mentions playing video games.

I mention Harry Potter, which mom noticed on her Facebook page she liked.

I mention fic.

Oh? She asks if I read it.

I say heck, read it? I write it.

Turns out she writes Harry Potter fic. Gen. Evil!Harry. And another ani I know is her beta.

She staggered away in shock that we had this in common. (I emailed her First Signs of Magic: Hermione Granger. On the SugarQuill. Because I know who not to send to a non-con dark Ron/Draco slashfic like Beg Me For It.)

This moment of awesome is brought to you by the pervasiveness of Fandom.

* Ani = Tibetan Buddhist nun. Technically, the word means "auntie."
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I'm a window washer outside your fandom.

Why I haven't been writing. )

Well, I've written these. But let me tell you why they don't count. )

Other than Dragonlord, my fics have been "surface stories."

There are stories that you pull out of your gut, that are saying something even if you're not sure what, and then there are stories where you're just diddling on the surface. Moving the furniture around.

If that were okay with me, that would be one thing. )

So I'm the window washer outside your fandoms, looking in, while I'm working, working, working.

Part of it is the company I keep. And the fact that the sky is falling. )

I find that without writing and creative work ... I starve. I left this temple, which I always loved, fifteen years ago because I starved here.

So I took today off. Cancelled chauffeuring Ani Samla. Rescheduled practice to Saturday night. And I'm taking time to write.

* i.e. became a closed canon.
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Good lord, a fic!

Not only that, a Harry Potter fic. After all these years.

I just had to write for [community profile] 14valentines this year.

I poked [personal profile] cesperanza in chat (having not spoken to her since, oh, 2009 I think?). "Quick, what female character should I write about for [community profile] 14valentines? SGA or Harry Potter fandom."

Caught off guard, she said the equivalent of "Hi stranger, long time no see!" and picked Hermione Granger.

Oh my god, it's been so long, I don't remember the order these headers go in.

Title: Hermione Granger: Minister of Magic
Author: [personal profile] icarusancalion
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Summary: It only took thousands of years, Voldemort, a Wizarding war, and a major election scandal for a woman to finally come in third.
A/N: Written for [community profile] 14valentines, inspired by this post on unions, Mother Jones, and the glass ceiling. Prompted by Atira, who mentioned dancing for One Billion Rising this week.

If Harry were smart, he would keep his head down and wait till the dust, or hexes, settled. That's what Ron did, and it had made for a successful relationship. Unfortunately, he was a friend, and that meant braving foolish dangers like twelve-foot trolls and angry new Ministers of Magic. )
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One nice thing about the power going out: I got a lot of fics reformatted and ready to go back up on my website.


P.S. Please, someone tell me not to write The Mentalist slash featuring Cho. Just. Stop me, okay?
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[personal profile] enname says "I have been enjoying watching your web page go back up, it is like a walk through memory lane."

Ah, thank you.

So here are some more, brought to you by the letter "I":

Harry Potter

In Servitude Snape/Peter, R
An evil little fic from the "Dessert series." A nasty, nasty Snape taking out his hatred of the Marauders on Peter Pettigrew.

Stargate Atlantis

In The Spotlight (The Unicorn Remix) John/Rodney (sort of), NC-17
Remix challenge from 2006. You know, I'm not a good candidate for a remix author. I'm almost never re-writing other people's fics, I like them just fine as they are. So this was my first and only remix: I took the story a little further.

New Fic

Progress on that Sanctuary tag has slowed to a crawl. These days it takes a very long time to write.
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Certain letters of the alphabet I've neglected in my fic titles. Q, for example.

I'm now up to the letter 'H' in the reupload of Icarus.Slash.Fiction. Because 'F', 'G', and 'H' get little attention in my titles, I'm doing them all at once. (38 stories to go.)

First, the return of two SG-1 fics:

For The Petulant Gods
The title requires some explanation. "thepetulantgod" was a friend in SG-1 fandom who complained that fanfic only had terrific, marvelous sex. Well, I had written bad sex before (hmm, what's happened to that last link?), just not for the SG-1 fandom. This has now been remedied. I'm not sure who has worse sex. Jack/Daniel in SG-1, or Percy/Lucius in Harry Potter?

Hotel California
Apparently in an effort to make up for the truly bad sex in the last story, I had to write good sex for Adzio Zine. Jack. Daniel. A boat.

The sorting hat says that I belong in Ravenclaw!

Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose intelligence is surest."

Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable.
Notable residents include Cho Chang and Padma Patil (objects of Harry and Ron's affections), and Luna Lovegood (daughter of The Quibbler magazine's editor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

The return of more Harry Potter fics:

The link devastation of tearing down fics from my site affected the Harry Potter collection most of all.

Hagrid's Hut, Harry/Ron
A Primer to the Dark Arts fic with more experimentation with The Book Of Eros.

Here Again, Percy/Arthur
The fic [personal profile] switchblade dared me to write -- and I squicked myself in the process.

And two drabbles from the Beg Me For It series:
Guess Who, Draco/Ron
Living with Draco is like living with a small predator.

Fetish, Draco/Ron
Well, the title says it all.
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Continuing with the repost of my stories on my website. I've 48 more to return to their proper place.

I've now posted up through "C":

HP -

Celebrate Life, Ron/Draco
A steamy one-off from the Beg Me For It series. Originally I had it included right before the last scene, but I decided it didn't work and have left it off the Beg Me For It list ever since.

Council of Obvious Edicts, Harry/Percy, crossdressing, humour
Harry's invited to the Wizengamot Grande Council of Obvious Edicts: "Oh god… kill me now…." And this was the man that so many wanted for Minister of Magic.


Coming Attractions, John/Rodney pre-slash short
John fantasizes over lunch. What he needed was someone who wouldn't change after sex.

Huh. My feedback form isn't working on the fics I've reuploaded. Must have deleted a line of code somewhere.
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Continuing the return of my website, the following stories are once again available:

SGA --
Tanlines and Dogtags - Sheppard/Lorne, UST like whoa
Everyone wondered just where the nude pictures of Colonel Sheppard had come from.

The Wildly Circling Moon - Sheppard/McKay, loud rock n'roll
It was a rule, apparently. Johnny Cash was played as low as heartbreak, while anything with an electric guitar had to test hull integrity.

HP --
Two Way Mirror - Snape/Percy, Seven Shoe Alley
Gritty, anonymous encounters under the shadow of war. A fugitive is at risk of being believed.

Two Men On Top - Snape/Ron (yes, you read that right), personal ad fic follow-up
Pure PWP smut. What happens when you have two natural tops in the bedroom. A follow up to Far Too Personal.

ETA: 48 more to go....
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Okay, my website is slowly going back up.

Five more stories are up:

Binary Roles
Between The Lines
Beg Me For It
Bacchanalian Circuit

The reason I took it down was the harassment from this guy. The site's been down for two years.

Considering it ... in my years in fandom, I've stood up to the C&D orders from Raincoast Books in 2003, various fandom wanks, and two former Yahoo execs who started Fanlib in 2007. Why should I give in to this cyberstalker?

There is a difference. Raincoast, fandom, and the Fanlib folks were no doubt decent people who meant well; we simply disagreed and clashed. The harasser on the other hand is an ex-con and dangerous, particularly to women. He went to prison for his assault of his ex-wife, (pled down from rape). And he has a wide range of other charges against him, from (proved) cyberstalking to (demonstrated) fraud, to (suspected) plagiarism. (He's published scholarly articles in fields in which he has no degree or background.)

This is not a good guy.

Raincoast, Fanlib, and the others, we only disagreed over a particular issues. It wasn't personal. When the issue ended, the dispute ended. The harasser on the other hand has pursued a relentless three-year personal vendetta, not connected to any issue. He has no goal except to shut down Jetsunma and my temple.

Even when I had a year-long break while he was incarcerated pending cyberstalking charges, I didn't put my website back together. No time, and fandom wasn't the refuge it has once been.

But those broken links affect a lot of rec-lists, and I haven't been intimidated before. Let the website stand.
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Snowflake Challenge Game Day One
Recs: The Stories That Live

I'm going to list The Stories That Live. These are the ones that, even seven or eight years after they were posted, people still comment on a fairly regular basis.

I don't know why it's these stories in particular:

Out Of Bounds, Stargate Atlantis Fandom, John/Rodney, figure skating AU
An utterly self-indulgent fic. John's a rebellious figure skater who after twelve years of competition has one last shot. Rodney's the former World Champion, shattered by defeat (can't you just hear the Olympic theme song?) who can make it happen. But first....

Cursed Artefacts For Sale, Harry Potter fandom, Harry/Snape, humour
Severus drags Harry to a Wizarding auction. "Collecting Cursed Artefacts is a registered form of madness in the Compendium of Wizarding Mental Disorders and Other Things That Make You Twitch," Severus said, "like most compulsions to collect. But it's a very popular one and I plan to beat everyone else to it."

Primer to the Dark Arts, Harry Potter fandom, Harry/Snape, novel-length
Harry learns he is to be given private (and secret) tutoring in the Dark Arts. His teacher? Professor Snape. Features ghost cats and cursed harps, spells that are supposed to go wrong and don't, a friendly sociopathic Death Eater, and Snape's naughty, naughty library.
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On Fail!book a number of old school friends found me. It's been so great to be in touch with them.

Finally, Failbook has a use.

Listening to the Out Of Bounds soundtrack, I'm reminded that I have three fanfic stories to write. Waaaaaay overdue stories.

*sharpens pencil*
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I can't tell you what fic I wrote for SGA Santa. But! I can tell you what I've written for Christmas in the past:


A Moment Of Sin, Harry Potter fandom, Snape-centric, R. Yes, for my first fandom Christmas I wrote prostitution fic.


Christmas Lilies (ficlet), Harry Potter fandom, Harry/Percy, followup to Skinny Dipping. The lake glistened deep blue and silver with moonsplash, half-hidden by the sweep of willow trees. It was little more than a pond by daylight, but the night had transformed it into a beckoning mysterious paradise, alight under the half moon.


The Walls Of Jericho, SG-1 fandom, Jack/Daniel, NC-17 overall, action adventure fic, worked Christmas mention into ongoing WIP and the rest of it's here.


First Christmas, SGA, John/Rodney, PG, a jumper and a Christmas tree.


Huh. No fic. But This post about things that I love about Christmas.


Silent Night, SGA, Team fic, John/Rodney, PG-13. Christmas under the stars on an alien world.


All Dressed Up And..., SGA, John/Rodney, R. Nothing says Christmas like crossdressing fic.

Out Of Bounds (Christmas scene), SGA, John/Rodney, epic figure skating fic. The rest of it is here. I think this is probably the happiest story I've ever written.


Star Drive, SGA, Gen, PG-13. John, Ancients, and a fast new spaceship.

The Pandora Effect, SGA, Woolsey/John, R. Usually Richard avoids entanglements by focusing his affections on someone safely out of reach. But in the midst of a battle with the Wraith, an uncomfortable alliance, and disruptions on Atlantis, he is offered everything he could ever want and no man is completely immune.

And from my f-list: The 12 Most Unintentionally Disturbing Christmas Ads.
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G-nabbed from [personal profile] wickedwords:

Code redacted: "I Write Like" meme boosts hits to a sleazy vanity press. More here: http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/012502.html

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Seriously? I don't see that. The writing sample was from Out Of Bounds.

But this was amusing. This is from a Harry Potter fic where I very consciously imitated J. K. Rowling.

Code redacted: "I Write Like" meme boosts hits to a sleazy vanity press. More here: http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/012502.html

The writing sample was Primer to the Dark Arts.
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The original ff.net pre-beta version of Primer to the Dark Arts -- even eight years later (holy cow) -- is still being read, still being recc'd.

This is the wonderful thing about fanfiction. It just lasts.

Now I put in a plug for archives. If I hadn't posted my stories to archives many of them would have been lost in my recent break-up with [profile] wildernessguru.

Just heard from someone who'd requested an old Harry Potter fic of mine, Oh, What The Hell.

I'd never posted it to any archives (too short). Never sent it to RS.org. Too steamy for FA.org. I thought it was gone. Then, because I remembered it had been written just before JKR published Order of the Phoenix, I tracked down the pre-beta version in my LJ.


Archive your stories. Because you never know.
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It turns out SPN is dominating my SGA/SPN crossover.

Drat. I was trying to make the SPN accessible to the SGA audience.

But Skinscript has useful suggestions to work SGA back into the mix. Sigh. 1,000-word Help Haiti ficlet now approaching 10,000 words....

In the meantime while I scratch my head, I'm writing my outline of the Pern/SGA fusion to Mad Maudlin in chat (while she chews over her Star Trek/SGA fusion).

Wait. Wasn't there a time I hated crossovers? I'm sure I did a post or comment where I called them "a pointless muddying of canon." Said the same about AUs.

What happens to us in fandom that makes our tastes more catholic?

Is it that we come to fanfic looking for more of what we wanted from the book/show/comic/whatever and then discover fandom offers more? Do we become increasingly adventurous as writers and can't resist the challenge of revisualizing canon? Or is it our friends' fault, and the fault of challenges, as we're asked for stories we'd never seek out? Or perhaps we read that one crossover that does it so well, we want to try it.

I blame SGA. The fandom has been so wacky from the get-go that I'm writing (and reading) oddball plots I'd never considered in HP or (heavens) Lord of the Rings (that Harry Potter/James Bond fusion excepted).
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Came home tonight, expecting to write, and found mom's roommate on the computer. She had a workshop brochure to design. Hour by hour my writing time slipped away, while I watched killer-dull TV. She finally went to bed at 1am.

Reality hit home.

I have computer time only as a charity from mom and her roommate. I have no control over when that computer is available, or for how long on any given day.

I've now contacted all of my writing obligations to ask for extensions.
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Missed your chance to peruse the offerings at Help Haiti?

Midterm kept you from participating?

Fear not! There's a new Lightning Round to keep the help pouring in.

Help Haiti has been an amazing success, already raising $73,680 in confirmed donations.

And on that note, my Help Haiti Lightning Round fics continue on apace ... and about four times the maximum length, of course.


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