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Good lord, a fic!

Not only that, a Harry Potter fic. After all these years.

I just had to write for [community profile] 14valentines this year.

I poked [personal profile] cesperanza in chat (having not spoken to her since, oh, 2009 I think?). "Quick, what female character should I write about for [community profile] 14valentines? SGA or Harry Potter fandom."

Caught off guard, she said the equivalent of "Hi stranger, long time no see!" and picked Hermione Granger.

Oh my god, it's been so long, I don't remember the order these headers go in.

Title: Hermione Granger: Minister of Magic
Author: [personal profile] icarusancalion
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Summary: It only took thousands of years, Voldemort, a Wizarding war, and a major election scandal for a woman to finally come in third.
A/N: Written for [community profile] 14valentines, inspired by this post on unions, Mother Jones, and the glass ceiling. Prompted by Atira, who mentioned dancing for One Billion Rising this week.

If Harry were smart, he would keep his head down and wait till the dust, or hexes, settled. That's what Ron did, and it had made for a successful relationship. Unfortunately, he was a friend, and that meant braving foolish dangers like twelve-foot trolls and angry new Ministers of Magic. )
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[personal profile] torachan has used lyrics as song titles for, oh, it looks about a hundred-million-jillion fics

I bet I'd only done it, what, twice?

Okay, wow. Way more than two.

---> Whoops, missed one, and it was the first one I recalled, too. Hey You (Pink Floyd, Hey You, Percy in a Death Eater run Ministry, unwilling to face he's on the wrong the side. Percy, Ron/Draco, Beg Me For It series.)

A Little Night Music (Steven Sondheim, Send In The Clowns, for the "aren't we a pair?" irony of this HP Hermione/Rita drabble--though the tune doesn't fit at all. :D)

Hotel California (Eagles, Hotel California, captured the steamy sleaze of sex in a boat. SG-1, Jack/Daniel)

Liar's Chair (Johnny Cash, Hurt, for the heaviest John!whumping I've ever done, as an injured John hallucinates a cruel version of himself. SGA Gen, John.)

Pastoral Symphony (Beethoven, Pastoral Symphony, a happy Rodney in his underwear conducting a clock. SGA, John/Rodney)

Rising Sun (Animals, House of the Rising Sun, for the only NC-17 het fic I've ever written, where Harry unintentionally ruins Cho Chang's reputation. Does that link work? HP, Harry/Cho)

Silent Night (Acoustic guitar version of the popular carol, Chet Atkin's sweet and simple version of Silent Night, when John is given an Ud--alien string instrument--and the team camps out under the stars. SGA, team fic, John/Rodney)

The Stars Look Very Different Today (David Bowie, Space Oddity, death!fic to a song of dying in the glory of space without regrets. SGA, Gen, John and Rodney)

We do this, don't we?

Space Oddity, by the way, is likely the greatest song ever written, IMNSHO.
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[personal profile] enname says "I have been enjoying watching your web page go back up, it is like a walk through memory lane."

Ah, thank you.

So here are some more, brought to you by the letter "I":

Harry Potter

In Servitude Snape/Peter, R
An evil little fic from the "Dessert series." A nasty, nasty Snape taking out his hatred of the Marauders on Peter Pettigrew.

Stargate Atlantis

In The Spotlight (The Unicorn Remix) John/Rodney (sort of), NC-17
Remix challenge from 2006. You know, I'm not a good candidate for a remix author. I'm almost never re-writing other people's fics, I like them just fine as they are. So this was my first and only remix: I took the story a little further.

New Fic

Progress on that Sanctuary tag has slowed to a crawl. These days it takes a very long time to write.
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Continuing with the repost of my stories on my website. I've 48 more to return to their proper place.

I've now posted up through "C":

HP -

Celebrate Life, Ron/Draco
A steamy one-off from the Beg Me For It series. Originally I had it included right before the last scene, but I decided it didn't work and have left it off the Beg Me For It list ever since.

Council of Obvious Edicts, Harry/Percy, crossdressing, humour
Harry's invited to the Wizengamot Grande Council of Obvious Edicts: "Oh god… kill me now…." And this was the man that so many wanted for Minister of Magic.


Coming Attractions, John/Rodney pre-slash short
John fantasizes over lunch. What he needed was someone who wouldn't change after sex.

Huh. My feedback form isn't working on the fics I've reuploaded. Must have deleted a line of code somewhere.
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Continuing the return of my website, the following stories are once again available:

SGA --
Tanlines and Dogtags - Sheppard/Lorne, UST like whoa
Everyone wondered just where the nude pictures of Colonel Sheppard had come from.

The Wildly Circling Moon - Sheppard/McKay, loud rock n'roll
It was a rule, apparently. Johnny Cash was played as low as heartbreak, while anything with an electric guitar had to test hull integrity.

HP --
Two Way Mirror - Snape/Percy, Seven Shoe Alley
Gritty, anonymous encounters under the shadow of war. A fugitive is at risk of being believed.

Two Men On Top - Snape/Ron (yes, you read that right), personal ad fic follow-up
Pure PWP smut. What happens when you have two natural tops in the bedroom. A follow up to Far Too Personal.

ETA: 48 more to go....
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April 19, 2008. Seattle. A place you don't even get snow in January most years.

We had flakes the size of snowballs coming down over blooming magnolia trees, rhododendron and forsythia blossoms. It was really cool, and if I didn't know this said bad things about climate change (and possibly farming), I'd be delighted.

It still looked magnificent.

Thanks to the hard work and attention of my two lovely betas, [livejournal.com profile] dossier and [livejournal.com profile] rabidfan, Out Of Bounds is cruising. Also, I'm keeping my new rule "No Spamma-da F-list, man" and that has definitely opened up some time for writing. Also, it seems fewer people unfriend me. *snorts with laughter*

This week, three more scenes written.

This must be Harry Potter weekend. Zoe drew Lucius/Percy )

And, even better, she translated Little Boy Blue into Mandarin! )
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Expected differences between Seattle Central and UW:

- Glamour of this time-honored campus
- More homework
- Better resources (libraries, technology)
- More specialized classes

Actual differences:

- Long walks (I am going to have buns of steel)
- Heavier textbooks (and be built like a small tank, or at least burro)
- Big puddles, invisible until you step in them (hiking boots it is)
- No elevators in old buildings (oh yeah, I'm getting in shape)
- More homework. Much, much more.
- Better libraries
- Worse computer services (congrats to Central's techies)
- Classes so specialized they gleefully give new meaning to the word obscure.

In fandom news, I recommend (if you can) getting your stories on the Sugar Quill. The reviews they give are detailed and beautiful. The trick is to have your fic ready and hit "Send" the millisecond their next opening is available.

The Metronome looks to be a hit.

And the use of music, especially that diabolical organ. Was it something Tom found, and was he using Lucius to determine its powers? Or did he invent it himself? )

I've never read a young Lucius fic before, but suddenly he's really interesting. Riddlemort is frightening, mainly because he seems human but isn't really. )

I'm not generally a big Malfoy fan, but this fic really made me sympathize with Lucius, something that's never happened before. )

But really, it's the irony of what Malfoy asks of Riddle that just makes the story. He binds himself to slavery to gain the shadow of freedom. )

Wow, this is a beautiful work! Beautiful language. )

Other than that, I thought you did a great job in making it believable that this sixteen-year-old could become the Lucius we all know from the books. )

...you show us a part of Lucius that is somehow worthy of respect, scum though we know him to be from the books. His character as you've drawn it is fascinating; not even JKR's Lucius has made me want to know more about him )

Very interesting take on Malfoy; most stories I've read have him joining the Death Eaters because of the cause (ie-- eliminating non-purebloods). But this take on Malfoy's meeting -- and his requests/wishes -- is very believable. )

*Icarus rolls happily in Gen reviews.*

And from FF.net: Chilling. )
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Hi, WG and I are now using NoCharge instead of Earthlink. (Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] brightsun301, great suggestion.) My computer guy had already installed it on our system for his own use, so I take that as a two thumbs up.

As dial-up goes it's a little slow (but not bad). I'm thinking I'll use it until I can get on the university's system (as per [livejournal.com profile] ursule's suggestion) which will probably be faster. [livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru has had a bit of a time navigating his favorite Massive Forums.

DSL, Anyone?
So. You guys have been pretty knowledgeable so far (WG's impressed). Any ideas on DSL options?

Unfortunately SBC Global is not available in our area, but gracias, Senorita [livejournal.com profile] setissma. We've looked into the local phone company's DSL offerings (thanks [livejournal.com profile] dkwilliams) but it's a big jump in price for us since we don't use long distance phone service. Yes, yes, I'm aware that's sacrilege, but we get 6 hours Seattle-to-Toronto on a $5 phone card from the Asian markets. $0.01 a minute and no monthly charges. MCI can't beat that. *g* It's the perfect solution for people who rely largely on email and make maybe one or two long-distance calls per quarter.

Earthlink is Bye-Bye, So Update Your Links to Icarus Slash Fiction
My original website will only be up until January 4th.

If you have any links that go to the Earthlink address and not the www.icarus.slashcity.net address, you'll want to update them. I want you to update them, because the whole point is people have stories to read. I've been using the Earthlink address as just a portal to the Slashcity website since February of this year, so only older links will be effected. On the other hand, the most popular stories are the Harry Potter fics, and those were largely written in 2003 and 2004 before I opened the Slashcity website. Beware: The two sites look identical.

Percyness: The Percy Weasley Archive will be uneffected by the move. All the Percy Fic-A-Thon fics have been moved to Percyness, and the Fic-A-Thon site is going away.

Amber's site will be moved to an as yet unknown location. It has little traffic so I'm not too worried. But if you'd like to check out an attractive cross-dresser (yes, my cross-dressing fics are based upon this lovely creature).

Back on the Home Front...
In other news, I did a little redecorating in the Buddhist department, shelving a mountain of books, getting a better lighting situation. It's now rather spacious yet cosy. Then... I did a little practice for a change. Wow, does that ever help with the perennial irrascibility.

Also, Monte thinks my prayer cushion is a great place to take a nap. *looks adoringly at sleepy kitty*

ISP down

Dec. 12th, 2005 01:38 pm
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Hi guys. My ISP (Earthlink) is down and has only been working sporadically over the weekend. Now I've had no internet access since Sunday am.

Any advice on a new ISP?

I've been annoyed with Earthlink ever since they outsourced their customer service to India. Other than my personal feelings about the loss of American jobs and corporate greed, the Indian customer service reps just aren't as good. I miss the days when I'd contact Earthlink and the guy on the other line actually cared and was knowledgeable, excitedly informing me that the problem I have is the nasty new McEvil virus -- then send me a link on just how I can fix it.

Now, I call Earthlink, and some confused fellow with a thick accent answers the phone. He flips through screens that are supposed to tell him what to do and comes up empty. He attempts some inept small talk that he obviously has been told to parrot. When he can't help me because he's either a) not that educated in technology or b) doesn't give a damn, he hands me a bottled, "I am so sorry for the inconvenience." Then sits silently on the phone waiting for me to accept my fate. When I try to ask him to get off his duff and perhaps try some original thought, creativity maybe? -- I get the same "I am so sorry for the inconvenience." And silence.

What idiot decided India was a great place for call centers? I lived there. They have some of the worst service in the world.

Anyway, back the subject at hand: currently I'm paying $21.95/mo. for unlimited dial-up.

I moved my website from the free Earthlink account to Slashcity a year ago. I've left my old website up so some people's story links will die (specifically [livejournal.com profile] dkwilliams's links at Inkstained Fingers and [livejournal.com profile] switchknife's links), but most people have already made the transition.

The move will take down the original Percy Fic-A-Thon site. But the Percyfest stories have all been moved to Percyness: The Percy Weasley Archive.

I've also migrated my email from Earthlink to Yahoo and Gmail over the last year-to-two years. So I'm packed up and ready to move.

Any recommendations?
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I get a lot of complaints about my website. Just got another email.

People don't like the little box in the middle of the page. They find it difficult to navigate. WG thinks it's too dark and not "me" at all.

I didn't design it. I don't know how to change it -- it was a gift.

Can someone teach me or point me to a site that can teach me eFiction? I want to learn how so I can do it myself, and change it myself, not be dependent on other people.

Thank you in advance. And people who read my site also thank you. :)
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Before this grows hazy, I thought I'd create a chronological list of the fanfics I've written.

2002 )

2003 )

2004 )

2005 )
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All energy can become matter and all matter can become energy.


Therefore, we can track the energy of positive thoughts (energy of good wishes) as they migrate across the internet conducted through wires and wireless communications, through various satellites, then are scrambled into encoded digital packets of radio waves and pure electrical energy and thereby are converted into an increased heart-rate, vitality and well-being as they are received on the other end of the communication.

This increased well-being (thermal energy) is transformed in neural activity (imaginative energy), and then quickly converted into kinetic energy... through the process of typing stories on the keyboard.

This then results in the production of stories, which is merely energy -- your good wishes -- transformed into matter.

For which I can take no credit as it's merely your good thoughts brought to life.

So that said, if anyone would like to beta a 7,500 word Lucius/Tom Riddle Gen story they helped create through their supportive words and thoughts over the past few days, please let me know.
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The Mysterious Wilderness Guru

[livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru is in the kitchen, busy with mysterious tasks. I am barred from the kitchen for the forseeable future.

My birthday is this week.

I can put this one together. *Icarus peeks around kitchen door.*

And Speaking Of Gifts... Art!

The ever-talented Ailine is not only doing a Russian translation of Beg Me For It, not only has she translated all the drabbles, finished a translation of Hey You, SNAFU (boggles), and is working on Sex, Drugs and Death Eater Rock -- she's also drawn the arena scene.

I think she's as deeply involved in this story as I ever was. Hats off to you Ailine. This is exactly what I needed this weekend. Well. That and the rustling sound of presents in the next room.
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Rhhng-rrrrr-rhhhng.... putt-ptttffff.


My fandom motor will not start at all.

Right now I feel like all my stories, past and present but especially the current ones are utter crap.

If you are willing to have a drabble of crap written for you, post your preferred pairing and rating (Harry Potter, Stargate SG-1, and Lord of the Rings why not?). If you'd like a particular theme, mention that as well.

Maybe if we puuuuuuuuuuuush this thing, I can pop the clutch and get it running again. What say you?
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[livejournal.com profile] trakkie asked in the last post what happened to Percy and Draco after the events in Zen Taxi?

Naughty Secrets - (very) NC-17 - Percy/Draco. It's amazing the things you find lying around. )
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Oh whee! I saw this meme in [livejournal.com profile] tripoli8's journal and just had to:

Ask me what happens after the end of one of my stories.

Any fandom, Harry Potter, Stargate, you name it. Yes, they all continue in my mind.

ETA: Aww, c'mon guys. Here. I'll make it easier: a simple listing of all my storoes.
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You know, I think this is going to be rather long. I tried to avoid writing this, but it just wouldn't go away. I may start posting it on ff.net where I can tinker with impunity. The bloody thing has about 35 scenes outlined but there are all these time jumps and it's driving me a bit nuts. I ran it by WG doubtfully, and he liked this part so... *shrug.* Okay. It messes up the next part but oh yeah, I remember what it's like dealing with chaptered fics again.

The Albatross is here and the other part is here.

More of that Percy/Snape backstory to The Albatross. )

I dunno. What am I doing writing hurt/comfort? I hate hurt/comfort.
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Icarus Slash Fiction



are down.

I just heard from Slashcity and they had a major attack today. The sites should be up soon but they're checking first to make sure that their security wasn't compromised.

ETA: Okay, they're both back up and seem to be working fine. Bummer this happened on a day that Sonic Boom was recced over at [livejournal.com profile] stargateficrec. Hopefully people still had a chance to read it.
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I've been telling people there's a large planet-sized backstory to The Albatross. This is the beginning of it.

I've lost all ability to see my stories at the moment, still utterly demoralized from a bashing at a writer's group. I didn't know the editor was going to be reading the stories we'd brought (or I would have brought something other than Keego Harbor), nor did I know he was going to hold them up and ridicule them to the rest of the group.

How bad was it?

Normally I produce at least two fanfics per month. I haven't written a single story of any length since August. I'm generally a fast writer (Beg Me For It was written in six hours, not counting the outline). It is now taking me an hour per paragraph as I Scourgify each one, plop it on the table, and sigh that it's shit and should never see the light of day.

Anyhow, despite this, I've finally managed to cough up some fic -- largely because most of it was written before the writing group. Here you go. *Icarus heaves a sigh of depression.*

No title yet, just the beginning of the backstory to The Albatross - Percy/Snape )
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I don't believe in writer's block technically. I believe that the phrase "writer's block" covers a variety of different--and more specific--obstacles that cause one to struggle with writing. The primary versions of writer's block are:

- Distraction. One has RL problems that drain away energy for writing, leaving one's fics high and dry.

Cure: shift your focus for a while on just what's fun for you. Also, use notebooks. Scribble the ideas for fics as they arise for later use, don't try to squeeze them out now.

- Low confidence or the "I suck" syndrome, which saps creative energy by causing one to over-think stories, judging them harshly as they struggle to survive under the hot blaze of self-criticism. Often the result of internalized harsh criticism from elsewhere.

Cure: listen to feedback from someone other than yourself - a trusted beta perhaps? - because right now you can't be fair.

- Creative exhaustion, or the "blood from a stone" syndrome. Often afflicts those who write for their jobs; they've nothing left for their fiction no matter how hard they squeeze.

Cure: write short pieces, drabbles. Shift your focus to what's fun for you.

- Creative low tide. Creativity comes in waves: there are high tides and low tides. Low tide is especially frustrating after a busy period.

Cure: keep writing, don't push yourself, just write what's there. If your output's down for a while that's okay. Or if you need to produce, try the Nanowrimo method -- just give yourself a word count goal daily, nevermind quality. You'll be surprised at what comes out.

- Plateaus. You've been doing the same thing forever and you know you're in a rut, haven't gotten out of it and yet can't get excited about fics.

Cure: challenges. Join one. Or issue one in your LJ.

- Steep slopes. You're trying something new and of course it's harder than what you've written a million times before (this often leads to "I suck" syndrome).

Cure: honest feedback/handholding from a trusted beta. Also, go deeper into what you're writing, surround yourself with it. Research related material when you have time (writing war-fic? Research weapons), keep your notebook or whatever you use handy for new ideas. Watch related movies. The more absorbed you are in your new project the less time you have to compare it to what comes easy.

- The rusty hinge. You haven't written in a while for one reason or another, and yet think that you're going to leap in and be just as good as that moment you polished the last two lines of your novel.

Cure: write what's there and move on; just go for volume until you've loosened up a bit. An athelete has to stretch first - so do you. I recommend challenges again, because you can always convince yourself it was awkward because of the Dobby/Filch pairing, and they do make you stretch. What you want to avoid is comparing your current writing to your old writing. No matter what, you've changed so your writing will have changed.

- Force feeding. Your creative ideas are going left, but what you've promised or have to do is in the opposite direction, or worse, something you hate. This can stall both what have to do and what you want to do.

Cure: this one's new to me, I'm in the middle of it now, and I have no cure at present.

There are more, I'm sure.

Usually several of these hit at the same time leading to a predictable slow-down or halt in one's writing. In my case I've been working on the Beg Me For It soundtrack because I had RL issues, creative exhaustion from writing for my job this summer, the "I suck" syndrome stemming from some harsh criticism, then force feeding and pressure to finish one story alongside more criticism about my writing choices that stalled the Percy/Snape and Lucius Gen I was working on. This all hit in the same two-week period.

I haven't been able to write for nearly a month. I ran into my critic the other day. He looked really guilty and scurried. Uhn-hunh. People who know they were fair and reasonable don't scurry.

So I'm attempting a cure: just write what I enjoy and what comes easily to hand.

Here comes the Percy angst. )


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