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First thing I have to say about Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: I loved it. )

The second thing I have to say about The Hobbit: And Peter Jackson doesn't understand The Hobbit at all. )

But all that aside: who cares? The beauty of Middle-earth as seen through the eyes of Peter Jackson cannot be compassed. The movie must be seen in the theatre to appreciate it.

The Hobbit, by which I mean the book and the movie, has something in the character Bilbo that The Lord of the Rings does not, which is a healthy sense of irony. Something Peter Jackson shares. So in the last line of the movie, Bilbo Baggins and Peter Jackson are a match made in ... well, perhaps the Havens?

P.S.: I eagerly await the next part. ) Someone told me that it wasn't a cliffhanger because I knew the story. Oh, that's so not true!
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I had an early night on Wednesday. Done at 7pm, hot diggity! Normally I think first of my paycheck and complain. But not Christmas week, oh, heck no.

I arrowed straight to the local Cineplex to see The Hobbit. At long last.

In the back of my mind, a little voice told me: "noooo... go home first...."

I argued with it. "If I go home, I'll stay home. It's a miserable night out. The snow has been rained on and it's cold."

But the little voice persisted: "Go hoooommmmme." I staunchly refused.

The show was at 8:30, so I had just enough time to buy my tickets and grab some Thai (mmmm, peanut sauce...). Finished din-din at exactly 8:30.

I handed the clerk my ticket right when the lights started flashing. Security guards appeared. And the movieplex started to evacuate.

Fire alarm.

Several hundred of us stood in the rain for ten minutes, grumbling and confused. Management tried to shoo us away from the doors. "That was a fire alarm! Get away from the building." (Amusingly, no one could hear him, but they saw his signalling and gathered Closer.) You see, the main thing school fire drills teach us is that it's never a fire.

And it wasn't. A workman in a neighboring health club had been soldering and set it off. Nevertheless, no one knew that at the time, and the movie folks told us it would be another forty-five minutes before they'd reopen.

Forty-five minutes in the rain. Standing in slush.

I attempted a different theatre, but I'd missed it. The next showtime was too late to be feasible.

If I'd listened to that little voice....
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'Allo there, DC Metro area fan-friends!

Anyone interested in going with me to see The Hobbit: There and Leaving You Hanging With A Cliffhanger?

Date et al tbd.
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I just saw the extended version of The Return Of The King for the first time.

This is a much, much better movie. The extended version of The Fellowship Of The Ring had a few extra touches. The extended version of The Two Towers couldn't fix the major plotting problems Peter Jackson introduced with his new version of Faramir and attempt to stretch Eowyn Arwen, Arwen's role, though showing the destruction of Isengard by the Ents was deliciously satisfying.

But the long version of The Return Of The King... oh. Oh. Elijah Wood was robbed in the short one. His best moments were left on the cutting room floor. After a weak performance in the re-do of The Two Towers, he was just excellent in those added scenes of the RotK.

His staggering across the blasted plains at the foot of Mount Doom, swiping at unseen enemies ... he was both pitiful and brave.

Showing his bleeding finger, then watching him get up in rage to attack Gollum -- wonderful.

His sad moments at an empty Bag End, looking about as if lost, while his voice over admitted that some wounds would never heal -- heartrending.

Truly marvelous. He stands out as the hero in a way he didn't in the final theatre release.

Never watch the shorter version of The Return Of The King. It's not the same movie at all.

Elijah Wood, I take back everything I've ever said about your performance in The Lord of the Rings. You did a wonderful job and I believe you as Frodo. I'm sorry so much of it ended up on the cutting room floor the first time around.
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From [personal profile] gblvr:

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)... what's your ideal fic from me?

(Yes, [personal profile] regan_v, I realize that would be the completed Snape Manor. Anyone else?)
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Chipping away at uploading the older stories. 53 of my fics are now uploaded to An Archive Of Our Own.

96 to go.

The Beg Me For It series is now up at the Archive.

I've taken "Celebrate Life" out of the flow of the story, although I will upload it as a separate fic within that universe. I've done the same with the 20 or so drabbles.

Question: would you like me to do the same on my website? Am I right that it's irritating to have to plough through a series of drabbles to get to the next part of the series?
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Guide to disturbing content in Icarus fic

I have a few, well, more than a few disturbing stories.

Violence: SNAFU.

Teacher-student relationships: Primer to the Dark Arts.

Child abuse: Little Boy Blue.

Underage sex: Skinny Dipping

Non-con: Beg Me For It.

Dub-con: Last Port Of Call.

Anti-slash: Subversive meta on how to write an anti-slash story, written after reading one that was very poorly executed. It's around here somewhere... I'll find found it.

Death!fic: The Stars Look Very Different Today.

Mpreg: Reunion (note: unfinished).

Insensitive language (towards Native Americans and overweight skaters): Out Of Bounds.

Parent-child incest: Here Again.

Brother incest (treated seriously): Not My Affair.

Brother incest (treated lightly, which might be more disturbing for some): Unconditional and Ante Up!

Prostitution: A Moment Of Sin.

Drug use (ecstasy, pot, possible illegal potions): Sex, Drugs & Death Eater Rock.

Alcohol abuse: Drunken Domesticity.

Sexism: Quick Bird On Hot Sand.

Multi-partner sex: Unexpected Guest

Transsexuals: Lost in the Temple of Law

Crossdressing (oh, where do I begin...): Sex, Drugs & Death Eater Rock, All Dressed Up And...., Council of Obvious Edicts.

S&M, role play, and various kinks: Bacchanalian Circuit.

Gay marriage (hey, for some people it's disturbing): Fools Can Dream.

Republicans (and for others this is disturbing): And Liberty For All.

Bullying: Rat For Dessert, In Servitude, Just Desserts, and Dessert Wine.

Characters generally acting like assholes: Primer to the Dark Arts, Last Port Of Call and The Walls Of Jericho are some of the prime examples.

Partner betrayal: Betrayal, Rising Sun

Homosexuality: My entire website.
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I blew off an entire day. *guilty grin*

I did reorganize the Harry Potter fics on my website. Made them easier to navigate, like my Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis pages.

I've linked the fan art and translations to each story page (s), so they're no longer sitting by themselves on the fan art and translations pages but people can clickity-do-dah when they find the stories. Of course, since many links go straight to the fic, ideally I'd have them in the story itself, but one step at a time.

Of interest to (I imagine) no one but me: Fanhistory.com imported the publish dates of all my fics. This is something that I'd planned to do myself someday as a way to gloat look at the development of my writing style. (Also of interest only to me, and maybe dad.) Cool.

I writes lotsa fic, I do.

Still left to do: Fan art recs page, and new podcasts page.
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On Yahoo's email sign in page:

See how Frodo and Gandalf connect in brand-new, fun ways.

As a former LOTR slasher, my mind goes to bad places with this.

I wonder how long it'll take before they figure out and change the text.

Okay. I'm allowing myself One spam post. But I've missed you guys. I'm being good, though. I'm focusing on school, and using my free time to work on Out Of Bounds.
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Okay everyone, listen up.

It's my birthday this weekend and I'm turning 40.

This is not depressing because I'm forty, but I look 28 -- ha! Also, I've been telling people, "I'm almost 40" for the last year and a half. Partially to get ready for it, and partially because the disbelief and shock is so gratifying, it makes me feel not-forty.

So here's the deal. [livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru gives excellent presents... of the socks and socket wrench variety. He's great with the romantic gestures (bedroom filled with balloons, anyone?) but has a dismal practical streak a mile wide. I, on the other hand, am not practical at all. (I'm taking Sanskrit for Pete's sake. I drove across country in the winter, with a smile, $750 to my name, and no spare tire.)

In all likelihood my pleas for a sexy neglige for my birthday will go unheard and he will buy me a rainhat -- that will quickly become essential and I'll end up using every day, but still, not a neglige.

This makes for a worthy challenge, for a worthy cause: A birthday challenge!

Stargate fans: You can make up for the soon-to-materialize rainhat by writing comment fic about what John and Rodney give for each other's birthdays (intentionally or unintentionally) (sexual item, act, or physical object). Or what Sam gives Rodney. Or what Lorne does for Sheppard's birthday. Or what Sheppard does to avoid turning 40 (because yes, Joe Flanigan and I are the same age) and what his men do for him (or to him). Gen, Slash, Het, any rating, anything you like.

Supernatural fans: Which of the boys gives the practical presents? Which gives the practical joke gifts? What was the most thoughtful gift, and what happens when one or the other forgets each other's birthday (or at least pretends to)?

Harry Potter fans: Go for broke. No doubt Snape is also one of those "practical" gift givers as well.

The challenge will last between now and midnight, PST, November 18th.

Yes, I am shaking you down for presents. But 40. That's doesn't happen every year.

ETA: And now for the fics (I wasn't really sure anyone would write me one, and I was cool with that) but oh, come play with my pressies:

SGA: Practical and Physical Gift Giving (NC17, John/Rodney) by [livejournal.com profile] jade_1459 (Whoa, sweet and hot.)

An SPN Birthday (PG-13, Sam, Dean) by [livejournal.com profile] terrie01 (LOL! Dean tops the boyfriend by a mile.)

SGA: Five Stages of Grief (R-ish, Lorne/Sheppard) by [livejournal.com profile] slybrarian (Too funny. I can't decide which stage I love the best.)

SGA: It all started as a simple game of one-upmanship (PG, Lorne, Sheppard) by [livejournal.com profile] lunasky (Love the relationship between John and Lorne here.)

SGA: John discovered that the best presents are the ones he got for himself (PG-13, John/Rodney) by [livejournal.com profile] lavvyan (Yes, John does go for the high-end birthday presents.)

SGA: Unwrapping Presents (R, John/Rodney) [livejournal.com profile] emeraldsword (Let's hope the second one is for luck, eh?)

HP: Underpants (NC-17, Harry/Snape) (Now that's a practical birthday present.)

ETA: Forgot one! (Eeep. Sorry, Cheshyre.)

The Bond Of Brothers (PG, Percy, George) by [livejournal.com profile] cheshyre (This is awwwww... soft and warm and snuggly.)
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Give feedback for the holidays.

And no, I'm not in a single challenge this year. In fact, I've sworn off all fanfic writing until the end of the sanskritsanskritsanskrit quarter (which is coming blissfully, mercifully soon).

Someone asked me yesterday which was worse: my ruthlessly hard Sanskrit class or my just awful waste-of-time creative writing class.

Ask me at the end of the quarter. Which is coming, thank god, at the end of next week.

And then there's finals. My Sanskrit final is on the 13th. After which I intend to fic-dulge.

(And send feedback.)
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There's Nothing Wrong With Fandom That Getting Rid Of All The People Won't Fix

Every now and then I read about a major wank, or I hear a loud declaration that fandom is all screwed up. That once upon a time fandom was warm and welcoming, filled with love and roses... but no more. Newcomers have changed it.

Or else, once upon a time we entered into a fandom with open hearts and then had our souls crushed ).

Now we humor our BNFs and many people believe "oh, well this BNF is surrounded by fawning fans that let them get away with appalling behavior."

Well. Not really.

You see, there's a central office located about four blocks north of Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario,* that is dedicated to BNF-management. The moment a BNF has a meltdown they get a call, "Oh, hell. How many WIPs are at risk? And a Fic-A-Thon assignment -- plus an archive? Shit. We'll get right on it."

They then dispatch professional "soothers" whose job it is to ensure the steady flow of fiction. After all, we're not paying the BNF to write. They are producing massive amounts of work for us, for free. The work of the OBNFMT (Ontario BNF Management Team, Ltd.) is a pragmatic side of the gift economy. It's not a job I could do, but I'd like to thank the soothers of OBNFMT from the bottom of my heart.

It's up to the BNF, like any other star, to be honest with themselves and recognize when they're being handled. Not that being handled isn't very nice. The palanquin alone is worth the price of admission.

* What? You're suprised it's a Canadian firm?
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Every now and then I get requests. I have a few approaches to requests:

- Requests for stories, pairings, etc., I listen to. If they spark a new fic I write it down in my notes, and often credit the requestor. Sometimes the idea rumbles and it's six months or a year before anything comes of it.

- Requests for sequels, updates... surprisingly, that's very effective. I get the usual pang of guilt, yes, but if the request is accompanied by a review it renews my interest in the story, draws my attention to it. I pick up steam when people tell me they're interested. Which, okay, 90% of the time doesn't produce another part of the fic. But there's always that rare 10%.

- Requests that I do things that are painful and difficult for me (running a Fic-A-Thon, website changes to Percyness, etc., etc.) all get a standard, "Heck, I don't have time. But if you'd like to do the staggering amount of work involved -- go for it!"

Oddly, if the project's a real pain in the ass, I don't get a lot of volunteers. In fact usually (although they were quick to ask me to do it) I don't hear back at all.

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I'm all about the Meta today. This piece is for [livejournal.com profile] femmequixotic.

I've moved from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, and then after being deeply enmeshed in Harry Potter two to three years, I shifted from that to Stargate SG-1 and now am writing Stargate Atlantis. The move from HP to SG-1 was particularly uncomfortable, so I hope this will prove helpful.

How To Write In A New Fandom

Moving from one fandom to another can be challenging (Icarus says in a 'bad infomercial' voice) especially when you're deeply entrenched, have won nifty awards where you are, and a fairly dependable following of readers with whom you feel comfortable. Changing what works can feel like you're on a diving board about to leap off into an abyss.

But you have to write what's in you, and if a different fandom is pulling at you, new stories bubbling out, there's no point in forcing yourself to stick to the familiar. Yes, you can be Mick Jagger and keep doing the same successful formula, but it's probably better for you as a writer to be David Bowie, changing your style and growing.

Prepare yourself: you will have fewer reviews, especially at first. Also, there will be subtle differences. Fandoms have different cultures and it'll take time to adjust. If you're used to writing Meta you might not be the voice of authority in this new fandom, which can seem strange.

Some will feel (to use an SG-1 example) like Daniel Jackson preaching to an emptying room as you post stories in your new fandom and are met with a resounding silence from the old. It will take time before you gain confidence and momentum in the new fandom, and you may never have the same presence. But most multi-fandom writers never abandon their old obsessions. They just simply write them less often. I gamble the last Harry Potter book will have all the oldtimers picking up their pens to bring Snape back to life or rehabilitate Percy.

Step one: Steep in the new fandom canon.

This is so obvious it barely needs mention. If you're interested in a new fandom of course you're reading the source material or soaking up the shows. )

Step two: Take a tour of the fanfiction.

Avoid the cliches and holiday rush. )

Step three: Start with a few short character vignettes.

Learn your character voices and play a bit. )

Step four: Write that story that's nagging you.

That's the whole point, right? )

How long will it take?

...to establish yourself? )

Don't worry though. Chances are, if someone is a good writer in Stargate SG-1, they're still a good writer when they write Oz.
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Yes, still tinkering with my site. *sigh* I though this was going to be quick and easy.

Which background color do you prefer?

A) The original simple white. Simple. Clean. Gets the job done.

B) A bit of a cream-color. It's a little easier on the eyes.

C) A dove-grey. It works with the graphic.

ETA: White and cream are almost dead-even, with one vote more in favor of cream, with grey a distant third.

Trouble is, on various monitors the colors appear very, very different. On my system, the cream is barely even a color. At school it's a wild yellow-ish color, yeesh.
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I've now, a full year after I started working on this, redesigned Icarus Slash Fiction.

This the first site design I've ever done and yes, it's very, very simple. But I hope I've eliminated the problems with the frames and it's my hope that it's easy to navigate. I no longer have to squint at an 11 pt font either.

[livejournal.com profile] femmequixotic designed the multifandom banner with artwork kindly volunteered by [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots.

I'm taking suggestions for changes and recommendations. For example, the white background might seem a bit... white... for some. If you've an idea for a better color, please do comment. I'd like to hear from you.

In fact, if you have any complaints or things you'd like to see, now's the time to speak up, because I'm tinkering still. I've so many Harry Potter stories and drabbles that I worry about it being too complicated, yet I can't put 100 stories on one page.

Other than the look, what's changed?

The Award for "most changed" goes to the Translations page. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mousewrites I was able to locate AWOL translations in Thai and Chinese. I now upload a copy of each translation to my site along with providing an outside link, because that was a close call. It's best to read the translations on the outside links where they're available because you know I've dropped umlauts.

New translations have been uploaded:
- Ailine's completed six parts of the Beg Me For It series in Russian
- Veronika just translated Unintentional Voyeur in Czech
- Rachel has completed chapters one and two of Primer to the Dark Arts in Polish

Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis now have their own pages. This is an admission that I'm not just dabbling in these fandoms.

The splash page has changed:
You can now click on the Manjusri splash banner to enter the site and you no longer need to choose your screen resolution. One size fits all. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Two new pages:
- The Harry Potter section has a new separate page with links to PG-13, R, and NC-17 stories. I'm iffy about this because I'm not sure it's a good idea to add complexity.
- The Recs section has a new separate page with links to the Harry Potter Starter Kit and Icarus' Stargate Recs. Again, I'm not sure about this move, for the same reasons as above.

Finally, I've uploaded In The Spotlight (the Unicorn Remix). NC-17. John/Rodney. Stargate Atlantis.
Ten-plus years of illustrious service in the U.S. Armed Forces -- okay, maybe not so illustrious that last part in Antarctica -- only to be outed by a damned horse.
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Good news and bad news on the translation front.

- Unintentional Voyeur (Lord of the Rings, Sam/Frodo) has just been translated in Czech! I hope to do some changes to my site this weekend and upload it then. She's working on a translation of For The Petulant Gods next. Czech!

- Ailine has almost completed the translation of the entire Beg Me For It series into Russian (Harry Potter, Ron/Draco). Yes, Stand In The Ruins and Celebrate Life are up. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, it's been a bit of an intense transition to the UW, but all she has left is the (amazingly long) Sex, Drugs and Death Eater Rock, and Scarred.

Now the bad news. Learn from my mistakes, folks. Always, always, always get a Word copy of translated stories. Always save a copy of any fan art. These are rare treasures, and websites move, people wander away from fandom, links go dead.

I've just discovered that most of the links to translations on my website are dead and gone. In fact, the only translation links that are active are Ailine's Russian versions of the Beg Me For It series.

Now I have a print copy of the Chinese translations of Beg Me For It and Scarred, so perhaps I can create a pdf file of those. I was able to locate ML's German translation of Beg Me For It because she did send me that in a text editor. I have text files of all of Ailine's work as well.

But Choco's Thai translation of Drunken Domesticity is completely AWOL. I've emailed her and can only hope that her Hotmail account is still active.

ETA: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] mousewrites who's pointed me to The Wayback Machine. Both the Thai and Chinese translations were there. *crushes translations to chest*

For me, translations are particularly special because, well, I've tried translating. From Tibetan to English. And I know the kind of work and care that goes into translations. It simply warms me all over that someone would spend the time and effort to translate one of my stories.
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Ladies and gennnntlemen...

The microphone arrived last week, thank you, Veni. With the lovely little laptop we have on loan, thank you UW, Audacity works.

I've done a test recording of The Other Man. And podcasts are happening.

WG's going to read Shy Guy as a warm-up, and then he's going to do Cursed Artefacts For Sale.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Or, er, something.
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Hi guys! I'm looking for a sound recorder that will run on my system (Win98, elderly, very low MHz). The latest version of Audacity just barely runs, and not well enough to be usable.

Any suggestions? *looks around hopefully*

Not happening.


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