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When BBC's Merlin stomps on your heart, it gets out the big, steel-toed, spiked leather stompy boots.

I may never recover.
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BBC's Merlin is excellent this season.

Creative, unexpected twists of magic. No formulaic endings. The big jumps they do in time is still disconcerting, but I've been fascinated by pretty much every ep.

*leans chin on fist*
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Watching BBC's Merlin on Syfy (yes, I'm six months behind the rest of you). Just finished watching "Lancelot du Lac." Is it my imagination, or are we rushing through the Arthurian plot points? In one episode we just got: Arthur marrying a commoner, Lancelot's return, and the world's most rushed Arthur-Gwenevere-Lancelot love triangle. Are the writers on a schedule?
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So how do I manage to get some writing done? Try having the router down and thus no internets.

Thus, a Merlin fic has begun.

A start on that Monastery!Merlin fic. )

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I can't find the type of Merlin fic I want ... so I'm just going to have to write it. I have the first scene sketched out -- have for the last few days -- but haven't been able to find time to write it.

If I'm not at work, I'm at the temple. If I'm not at work or the temple, I'm on a date. My only day off is Sunday (Fridays are taken with classes/temple) and S. is usually here (so technically, date).

That leaves ... after I get home Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights. I"m home at 10pm.


Maybe S. can bring his video games and go play while I write Sundays. Because wanting to write and not having time is driving me crazy.
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Darn it, I need a new fandom.

I'm watching Supernatural, Merlin, Castle, DWTS, Being Human, and reruns of SGA and SG-1. I'm not feeling fanficcy about any of them.

Any suggestions on fandoms? Fic recs to get me hooked? I miss fandom....
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On Fail!book a number of old school friends found me. It's been so great to be in touch with them.

Finally, Failbook has a use.

Listening to the Out Of Bounds soundtrack, I'm reminded that I have three fanfic stories to write. Waaaaaay overdue stories.

*sharpens pencil*
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I've been away from the Merlin fandom for a while. Now that I'm getting caught up on season three as it's being played in the US, I'm sniffing around for Merlin fic.

What do you recommend?

I love Merlin-Wears-A-Dress stories and stories that do their homework on the middle ages. I've found I'm not fond of modern AUs in this fandom (no, not even Drastically Redefining Protocol -- it's the time period that I enjoy).

Any suggestions? I'm pretty sure that, having been gone for so long, I've missed all (or most) of the classics.
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Fandom report:

The serial fandom monagamist swings a little

Slow progress on the SGA Big Bang, but progress nonetheless. Did my research reading on the plane back from Seattle and borrowed a pen from the family next to me to start writing. Wow. I'd forgotten so much from the Pern world.

[personal profile] raveninthewind has now introduced me to: White Collar (which is addictive), QAF UK (which is wonnnnderful), and Due South (which is... oddly fascinating).

My Merlin viewing continues. It seems I'm still a die-hard SGA writer. Who moonlights in SPN. For some reason I'm not getting the yen to write Merlin fanfic right now even though when I first joined the fandom I overflowed with ideas. I guess, well, perhaps I just don't like Merlin AUs and that's most of what I've seen in the fandom.

Er ... with the exception of my Merlin Help Haiti ficlet which is half-finished. (Note that my last Help Haiti "ficlet" was 12,000 words. Eh. Yeah.)

Any of you going to Con-txt this Friday?
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Came home tonight, expecting to write, and found mom's roommate on the computer. She had a workshop brochure to design. Hour by hour my writing time slipped away, while I watched killer-dull TV. She finally went to bed at 1am.

Reality hit home.

I have computer time only as a charity from mom and her roommate. I have no control over when that computer is available, or for how long on any given day.

I've now contacted all of my writing obligations to ask for extensions.
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I had a day off! Whoo!

Just printed out one of my original fics for editing. This morning parts that were missing from the main character's family just ... fell into place. (Yes, I know I was supposedly meditating, hush.) I thought the story didn't need the background, but maybe, maybe.

I might even get to do some writing on my very, very, very overdue Help Haiti fics. *pats Merlin and Arthur, John Sheppard and Dean Winchester* Don't worry, boys, I'll be with you soon.

*turns up the Bollywood music*
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Wow, thanks to the time spent shoveling I'm behind on my fics. Funny how:

a) shoveling takes hours and,
b) leaves one tired. Especially through the shoulders.

The Merlin fic is fun, but I'm in one of those re-writing death spirals where I can't. seem. to stop. editing.

I should either switch to the fic that with a drag race between Dean Winchester and John Sheppard, or just write the next part of the Merlin fic and fix the transition problems later.
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I really like this Merlin fic I'm writing for the Help Haiti lightning round. I keep rereading the first section from Uther's POV and grinning. I need to stop reading it an move on to the next part.


I read, and reread my first scene of my story, delighting in it instead of writing the rest like I was supposed to.

Not exactly writing the Lightning Round fics at lightning speed. Part of that's due to limited computer time and new work schedule, too. I desperately need the extra work hours, but I realized this week I've only had one day off a week.

So much going on, from the car search (seriously, Maryland has a 6% excise tax on auto purchases - shit), to working around two people's schedules, to the stuff with WG, to school applications, to the work search, to the bloody problems with the bank (don't ask).

God, so nice to have Sunday off though. Milked it for all it was worth. Stayed up half of Saturday night watching Twilight (why do people hate Twilight again? I was just like this as a teenager. Wished that I had magical power over the male half of the species, which seemed both powerful, fascinating, and distant). Now staying up most of Sunday night. I'll get a two-day weekend out of this if I have to stay up to do it. :D

I'm doing research on cars, looking at what's out there.

Stumbled across this by accident, not in my price range. But I'm in lust. )

But. If I must have a car, I'll take that one, thank you. It oozes sex.

Which I imagine is why we have so many cars.
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Missed your chance to peruse the offerings at Help Haiti?

Midterm kept you from participating?

Fear not! There's a new Lightning Round to keep the help pouring in.

Help Haiti has been an amazing success, already raising $73,680 in confirmed donations.

And on that note, my Help Haiti Lightning Round fics continue on apace ... and about four times the maximum length, of course.
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Yesterday I finished writing (hand-writing because of limited online time) my first Help Haiti fic.

It's a Merlin fic featuring an evil sorcerer, a sword fight, and (yes) babies in jars.

What? That was the prompt. It's a very evil sorcerer. The sort of villain you want to die.

Are, um, any of you in the Merlin fandom and available for beta-ing?

Did I just scare you off?
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At work on the Help_Haiti stories (hello, generous donors! *waves*).

The Merlin fic with the Eviel Wizardes of Malbrathe Castle is already three times the planned length.

This may be a trend.

I know, I know. The deadline for the Lightning Round fics was Jan. 22nd. I had them outlined by then. But honestly (Hermione sigh) who sets a fanfic deadline before the weekend?
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Recent conversation about fics and writing...

Friend: You haven't been writing much lately.
Me: What about the 40,000 or so words I wrote in December and November?
Friend: You wrote something?
Me: Two somethings.
Friend: Really? You should post about that.

Thought I had.

But I did spend a couple years dedicated to Out Of Bounds. I can see why we'd be out of the habit of expecting (other) fic.

Plus, usually I post my stories everywhere. I've had limited online time (about an hour or so a day) so I haven't had the time to hit the archives. Yet.

Watch this space. I will post once those stories are available on the various archives and my site.

My massive WIP is done. I'm now editing it down to size ... and writing other things.

Currently in the works:

- An SGA/SPN crossover that starts with a drag race between Dean Winchester and John Sheppard.

- An SGA/HP crossover where a suspicious young Rodney McKay is given his letter to Hogwarts by Dumbledore, and doesn't buy it. He has perfectly logical scientific explanations for all the supposed "magic" around him.

- A Merlin fic where Arthur and Merlin must contend with an evil sorcerer who gains his power through dastardly means.

- A longer Percy fic where Percy's left the wizarding world and Harry has to track him down and convince him to return.
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Okay, my three lightning round fics are taken. Now for the real deal (translation: Icarus didn't read the directions and thought the lightning round was it).

Time for the auction!

By Valentine's Day you will receive: one of three fics of up to 7,000 words each. Your pairing of choice, prompt of choice. Slash or gen only.

Fandoms: Merlin, SGA, SPN, or HP. Will consider microfandoms if I'm familiar with the show or book (for example, Cyteen).

Bid opens at: $20

Go forth and claim your fic.
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From [personal profile] gblvr:

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)... what's your ideal fic from me?

(Yes, [personal profile] regan_v, I realize that would be the completed Snape Manor. Anyone else?)
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Where are the Big Bang lists, and when can I sign up? For once the Big Bangs aren't going to have me stumbling over finals.


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