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Anyone in Colorado, or know someone there?

Through a complicated series of events, my mother has two nights at the Breckenridge ski resort in Marriott's Mountain Valley Lodge for just $350 (yeepers)...

... check in Sunday night (late check-in okay).

Any interest?


Pass the word. It's through a friend of hers.

Breckenridge... not far from Vail....
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The head of this coming weekend's Holiday Bazaar at the temple bailed without warning. The person left holding the bag looked miserable and wan after she discovered how little had been done (surprise!).

So my mom, who's handled it in the past, took pity and offered to team up. She's keeping her expectations very, very low.

One of the problems is the toys.

They have some used toys to sell, but they're thrift store quality.

Do I have time to help mom out? I've been working six-day weeks, working till I'm sick, but what I've been doing every night is clicking on the tube and picking up my OAR (overly ambitious rug). So I could do some simple toys instead.

Like this soft, squishy bunny...

Or this kitty of adorableness...

Or the horsie I loved in kindergarten at Waldorf...

I'd probably crochet instead of knit them, and I don't know how many I could get done. But it's doable. Isn't it? Or am I being too ambitious?

Should I just ... do them without telling mom?

She doesn't want to accept because she's knows I have my back against the wall on the bio project. But the writing of it is dead in the water at the moment and I need to recover some mojo.


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