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Oh my God. A fic. A whole, completed fic.

Title: Holding Patterns
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
Author: Icarus
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: John/Rodney, Ronon, Teyla, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c
Summary: Rodney's promoted, John's reassigned to lightswitch duty, the Jaffa have founded the new intergalactic Geneva, and home is not what it's cracked up to be.

A/N: Written for Ksen, who requested John Sheppard studying for the bar exam. Thanks to you and [personal profile] rabidfan for being there and helping me with grad school apps. All beta credit goes to [personal profile] rabidfan. If there are mistakes I probably added them in after the fact. Wow. I wrote a whole fic.

'Did you know that I was drunk for my second dissertation defense?' )
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SG-1 episode tag to New Order, where after the defeat of Anubis on Earth (thanks to the chair in Antarctica), the System Lords ask to negotiate a treaty with Earth.

"I just didn't expect you'd want to become a system lord," Daniel said.

Elizabeth stopped pacing General Hammond's office. Her office, technically, but it still looked -- and felt -- like his.

"Why not?" she asked. The negotiations with the System Lords had been going as well as expected, which meant badly. But she had them now. She was surprised Dr. Jackson didn't see that.

Daniel blinked.

So little faith, she thought. "Wouldn't it accomplish our aims?"

"Enslaving millions of people, slaughtering innocents ... yeah, that's what the Stargate program is all about."

She shrugged. "As system lords we could do whatever we wanted." She took a breath. "Look. The art of negotiation isn't about responding to the demands of the moment -- which can easily happen when you're locked in a boardroom. You have to have a vision, rise above it, so you can take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. Like this one." She continued, "Our larger goal is freeing the people of this galaxy from the Goa'uld. We could accomplish this at the negotiating table. Take over. Set Ba'al's slaves free. Or give his territory to the rebel Jaffa."

"Or-! Argue that those planets as Earth territories would now be covered under the Protected Planets treaty," Daniel added, words coming out in a flood as they did when he was excited. She was getting to know her people, even if they didn't yet know her. "Maybe even with Earth's technological exemption."

"Now you're thinking like a negotiator." She sat down and leaned her chin on her folded hands. Food. That's what she'd meant to get. "If they say no we get what we want, if they say yes we get what we want."

"Wow. You're good."

Food would have to wait. This was another kind of negotiation. If she earned Dr. Jackson's support, she'd have SG-1, with SG-1 behind her, the entire base. It would be nice to not feel like a substitute teacher.

"Their only way out is to stall or break off negotiations entirely," she said with raised eyebrows. Inwardly, she expected the latter. Touchy folks, those Goa'uld.

There came a knock at the door. Without asking, Walter peered in. "The System Lords have asked for more time to consider their options." He left, also without asking.

Daniel smirked at her.

"Makes me wonder why the Tok'ra never considered this," Elizabeth said.

"Or what happened when they did," Daniel pointed out.
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One nice thing about the power going out: I got a lot of fics reformatted and ready to go back up on my website.


P.S. Please, someone tell me not to write The Mentalist slash featuring Cho. Just. Stop me, okay?
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Uh-oh. Greeting the morning from the other side again.

But the spiritual cred on the internets poll has been interesting (on Dreamwidth here) and I've had cats to pet and lace to crochet and old SG-1 eps to watch. Somewhere in there I put a pic in a frame.

It doesn't sound like much. Why did it take five hours?

I still have sandwiches I haven't made, and practice to do. I'm going in early to work and have a lunch with my brother and need to drop off the sandwiches I haven't made yet.

La-la-la, I think I'll watch more SG-1....
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[personal profile] torachan has used lyrics as song titles for, oh, it looks about a hundred-million-jillion fics

I bet I'd only done it, what, twice?

Okay, wow. Way more than two.

---> Whoops, missed one, and it was the first one I recalled, too. Hey You (Pink Floyd, Hey You, Percy in a Death Eater run Ministry, unwilling to face he's on the wrong the side. Percy, Ron/Draco, Beg Me For It series.)

A Little Night Music (Steven Sondheim, Send In The Clowns, for the "aren't we a pair?" irony of this HP Hermione/Rita drabble--though the tune doesn't fit at all. :D)

Hotel California (Eagles, Hotel California, captured the steamy sleaze of sex in a boat. SG-1, Jack/Daniel)

Liar's Chair (Johnny Cash, Hurt, for the heaviest John!whumping I've ever done, as an injured John hallucinates a cruel version of himself. SGA Gen, John.)

Pastoral Symphony (Beethoven, Pastoral Symphony, a happy Rodney in his underwear conducting a clock. SGA, John/Rodney)

Rising Sun (Animals, House of the Rising Sun, for the only NC-17 het fic I've ever written, where Harry unintentionally ruins Cho Chang's reputation. Does that link work? HP, Harry/Cho)

Silent Night (Acoustic guitar version of the popular carol, Chet Atkin's sweet and simple version of Silent Night, when John is given an Ud--alien string instrument--and the team camps out under the stars. SGA, team fic, John/Rodney)

The Stars Look Very Different Today (David Bowie, Space Oddity, death!fic to a song of dying in the glory of space without regrets. SGA, Gen, John and Rodney)

We do this, don't we?

Space Oddity, by the way, is likely the greatest song ever written, IMNSHO.
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Certain letters of the alphabet I've neglected in my fic titles. Q, for example.

I'm now up to the letter 'H' in the reupload of Icarus.Slash.Fiction. Because 'F', 'G', and 'H' get little attention in my titles, I'm doing them all at once. (38 stories to go.)

First, the return of two SG-1 fics:

For The Petulant Gods
The title requires some explanation. "thepetulantgod" was a friend in SG-1 fandom who complained that fanfic only had terrific, marvelous sex. Well, I had written bad sex before (hmm, what's happened to that last link?), just not for the SG-1 fandom. This has now been remedied. I'm not sure who has worse sex. Jack/Daniel in SG-1, or Percy/Lucius in Harry Potter?

Hotel California
Apparently in an effort to make up for the truly bad sex in the last story, I had to write good sex for Adzio Zine. Jack. Daniel. A boat.

The sorting hat says that I belong in Ravenclaw!

Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose intelligence is surest."

Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable.
Notable residents include Cho Chang and Padma Patil (objects of Harry and Ron's affections), and Luna Lovegood (daughter of The Quibbler magazine's editor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

The return of more Harry Potter fics:

The link devastation of tearing down fics from my site affected the Harry Potter collection most of all.

Hagrid's Hut, Harry/Ron
A Primer to the Dark Arts fic with more experimentation with The Book Of Eros.

Here Again, Percy/Arthur
The fic [personal profile] switchblade dared me to write -- and I squicked myself in the process.

And two drabbles from the Beg Me For It series:
Guess Who, Draco/Ron
Living with Draco is like living with a small predator.

Fetish, Draco/Ron
Well, the title says it all.
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Darn it, I need a new fandom.

I'm watching Supernatural, Merlin, Castle, DWTS, Being Human, and reruns of SGA and SG-1. I'm not feeling fanficcy about any of them.

Any suggestions on fandoms? Fic recs to get me hooked? I miss fandom....
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I can't tell you what fic I wrote for SGA Santa. But! I can tell you what I've written for Christmas in the past:


A Moment Of Sin, Harry Potter fandom, Snape-centric, R. Yes, for my first fandom Christmas I wrote prostitution fic.


Christmas Lilies (ficlet), Harry Potter fandom, Harry/Percy, followup to Skinny Dipping. The lake glistened deep blue and silver with moonsplash, half-hidden by the sweep of willow trees. It was little more than a pond by daylight, but the night had transformed it into a beckoning mysterious paradise, alight under the half moon.


The Walls Of Jericho, SG-1 fandom, Jack/Daniel, NC-17 overall, action adventure fic, worked Christmas mention into ongoing WIP and the rest of it's here.


First Christmas, SGA, John/Rodney, PG, a jumper and a Christmas tree.


Huh. No fic. But This post about things that I love about Christmas.


Silent Night, SGA, Team fic, John/Rodney, PG-13. Christmas under the stars on an alien world.


All Dressed Up And..., SGA, John/Rodney, R. Nothing says Christmas like crossdressing fic.

Out Of Bounds (Christmas scene), SGA, John/Rodney, epic figure skating fic. The rest of it is here. I think this is probably the happiest story I've ever written.


Star Drive, SGA, Gen, PG-13. John, Ancients, and a fast new spaceship.

The Pandora Effect, SGA, Woolsey/John, R. Usually Richard avoids entanglements by focusing his affections on someone safely out of reach. But in the midst of a battle with the Wraith, an uncomfortable alliance, and disruptions on Atlantis, he is offered everything he could ever want and no man is completely immune.

And from my f-list: The 12 Most Unintentionally Disturbing Christmas Ads.
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*ring, ring*

"This is Rodney McKay for the Stargate Big Bang."

"Is this the McShep Match?"

"See, I'm going to assume that since you've called here, your subconscious mind wants you to do the Big Bang."


"Let me connect you to your higher calling." Click.


"What? They're going to be immortalized for writing a novel. Excuse me for helping them out!"

You have till April 12th to sign up for the Stargate Big Bang. Writers here. Artists and mixers here.

Note: The McShep Match sign ups start in May. :)
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*ring, ring*

"This is--"

"I just signed up for the Big Bang and Ican'tdoitIcan'tdoitIcan'tdoit!"

"Whoa, whoa, easy! Easy! Now. What's your name?"

"Ulp. Dracoluvsrodney."

"Well, Dracoluvsrodney, it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine."

"It's just--I've never written anything long before and I--!"

"Dracoluvsrodney, let me ask you something. Can you write 500 words a day for 3 months?"

"Well ... sure. Anyone can."

"That's all we're asking."

"Oh." Sniff. "Okay. So, um. What's your name?"

"I'm John Sheppard."

"No way, really?"

You have till April 12th to sign up for the Stargate Big Bang. Writers here. Artists and mixers here.
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*ring, ring*

"Stargate Big Bang, this is John Sheppard."

"Whoa. John Sheppard, really?"

"The one and only."

"Okay. Um. So, I have a question."


"I want to sign up for the Big Bang, I really, really do, but I'm afraid I can't make the deadline."

"No problem. This isn't like a fic exchange where someone is left high and dry if you can't follow through. You just... do the best you can. If you don't make it, at least you've got a start on a story."

"Really? It's okay?"

"There are some great stories that didn't make the Big Bang. Like Whizzy's 100,000 word story, which she posted a year later. The Big Bang's for fun. It's not life and death."

"Ooooh, okay."

"Here. Let me connect you."

April 12th is the final day to sign up for the Stargate Big Bang.

Writers here. Artists and mixers here.
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*ring, ring*

"Stargate Atlantis Big Bang, Rodney McKay speaking."

"I was looking for the McShep Match?"

"Look, you morons, this is the tenth call today for the McShep Match! That's over on the third floor. We are the King Kong of fandom events, the Stargate Big Bang. Which, um, by the way, you should be doing."

"There's a Big Bang this year?"

"I swear, I'm going to murder our publicist--yes! And you've only got one day to sign up so you'd better hurry."

"Can I do both?"

"Do I have to make all your decisions for you? Fine, let me connect you to sign-ups." Click. "Sheppard, there's not enough beer in the world for this!"

"Be nice, Rodney. These people are writing stories for us."

April 12th is the final day to sign up for the Stargate Big Bang.

Writers here. Artists and mixers here.

Note: (McShep Match sign ups start in May.)
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*ring, ring*

"Stargate Atlantis Big Bang, John speaking."

"Um. Yeah. I was thinking about doing the Big Bang but I've got this wedding in May."

"Not a problem. The final deadline's not till August 16th. You can do your wedding and write your Big Bang story."

"It's my wedding."

"Oh. Um. Can you think of anything more inspiring than writing slashy porn right before your honeymoon? You can even include a wedding in the fic. I mean, hey, you've already done all the research."

"Gee, that's a great idea!"

"Let me connect you right now."

April 12th is the final day to sign up for the Stargate Big Bang.

Writers here. Artists and mixers here.
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*ring, ring*

"Stargate Atlantis Big Bang, this is John speaking."

"John--you're not--?"

"They pay me in pizza and beer. Kinda like helping a friend move."

"Wow. I'm, uh, calling to sign up for the Big Bang...."

"You've come to the right place. Let me connect you."

You have till April 12th to sign up for the Stargate Big Bang. Writers here. Artists and mixers here.
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Did I write that?

Have you ever reread a story of your own, long after the fact, and been surprised by it? Left wondering ... huh, did I write that? Seeing it as a reader would.

I just got a review on a story of mine. Realized I only vaguely remembered the plot. So I read it.

This is a touching, gentle story about two men who are helplessly in love, though they don't want to be. It's rather sad, and funny in places (John and Rodney are like little kids). But General Hammond as the person who doesn't understand but cares about them anyway is a stand out. I don't see this Hammond very often. And just when I thought everything had worked out for the best, Jack O'Neill reminds us that he was forced into an imperfect solution.

Colony Atlantis, SG-1/SGA crossover, Jack/Daniel, with plenty of John, Rodney, Elizabeth, but most of all, Hammond.

"Now I'm not one of those who think that they have the right to pass judgement on other people. That's God's responsibility, not mine, and I for one am glad of that. It seems a rather heavy burden."

Between one breath and the next Jack thought that only George Hammond would have empathy for God. He waited for the other shoe to drop.

What story have you written that's surprised you later? Go back and look at the ones you can't quite recall.
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Came home tonight, expecting to write, and found mom's roommate on the computer. She had a workshop brochure to design. Hour by hour my writing time slipped away, while I watched killer-dull TV. She finally went to bed at 1am.

Reality hit home.

I have computer time only as a charity from mom and her roommate. I have no control over when that computer is available, or for how long on any given day.

I've now contacted all of my writing obligations to ask for extensions.
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Missed your chance to peruse the offerings at Help Haiti?

Midterm kept you from participating?

Fear not! There's a new Lightning Round to keep the help pouring in.

Help Haiti has been an amazing success, already raising $73,680 in confirmed donations.

And on that note, my Help Haiti Lightning Round fics continue on apace ... and about four times the maximum length, of course.
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From [personal profile] gblvr:

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)... what's your ideal fic from me?

(Yes, [personal profile] regan_v, I realize that would be the completed Snape Manor. Anyone else?)
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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] torakowalski: Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

1. "Ah, good." Rodney snatched away one of the buckets and padded barefoot to the bathroom. Several other buckets of ice were lined up on the tile. "I waited to run the bath." He turned the cold water on full.

2. Based on dad's journal he'd narrowed the possibilities to a curse, possession (which he quickly disproved), the influence of a demigod, or a complete mental breakdown on Dean's part. As Dean smiled at a biker who bent over to dump his trash, Sam decided not to rule out the last.

3. "Jack. Okay. Let's say I did have a yard sale. How many people in Boulder do you think will buy Epistemology in Ancient Mesopotamia for fifty cents?"

4. "You may play with my hair," Arthur said.

5. "Pick it up!" Arthur actually whacked Merlin's bottom with the flat of his blade. "No cowards on the practice field. I won't allow it."

6. "I shall mock your tonsure," Arthur assured him, although it was a little too soon for lightness and Merlin flinched.

Now which do you think is from part two from The Care & Feeding of Unicorns?
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Chipping away at uploading the older stories. 53 of my fics are now uploaded to An Archive Of Our Own.

96 to go.

The Beg Me For It series is now up at the Archive.

I've taken "Celebrate Life" out of the flow of the story, although I will upload it as a separate fic within that universe. I've done the same with the 20 or so drabbles.

Question: would you like me to do the same on my website? Am I right that it's irritating to have to plough through a series of drabbles to get to the next part of the series?


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