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It's official. Three-quarters of my job has officially ended.

The tutoring center's open till Saturday, but just to box things up. I filled my car with textbooks bound to another center last night. No students remain.

I stayed up till dawn playing on the internet. I have my first weekend off in I don't know how long. (I worked weekends.) Am picking up hours in another tutoring center already, so the fear and pressure of job loss is gone. Your prayers and good wishes (and laughter over the disappearing furniture) are much appreciated and I think the reason why I've been so level (and amused).

As dawn painted the sky ... I found two lost ficlets from last summer:

Feel Your Way
John Sheppard is caught between his conscience, his duty, and his career.
"They're gonna waste me, Teyla. They're gonna waste my time."

Elizabeth Weir, System Lord
Rewatching SG-1's "New Order," I thought no... Elizabeth would be a savvy, gutsy, and creative negotiator.
After defeating of Anubis with a now-dead weapons platform, the new leader of Stargate command negotiates with the System Lords. "Enslaving millions of people, slaughtering innocents, yes, that's what the Stargate program is all about."

ETA: grrr... didn't post to LJ.

ETA2: Aha! Figured out why my posts stopped crossposting to LJ.
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SG-1 episode tag to New Order, where after the defeat of Anubis on Earth (thanks to the chair in Antarctica), the System Lords ask to negotiate a treaty with Earth.

"I just didn't expect you'd want to become a system lord," Daniel said.

Elizabeth stopped pacing General Hammond's office. Her office, technically, but it still looked -- and felt -- like his.

"Why not?" she asked. The negotiations with the System Lords had been going as well as expected, which meant badly. But she had them now. She was surprised Dr. Jackson didn't see that.

Daniel blinked.

So little faith, she thought. "Wouldn't it accomplish our aims?"

"Enslaving millions of people, slaughtering innocents ... yeah, that's what the Stargate program is all about."

She shrugged. "As system lords we could do whatever we wanted." She took a breath. "Look. The art of negotiation isn't about responding to the demands of the moment -- which can easily happen when you're locked in a boardroom. You have to have a vision, rise above it, so you can take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. Like this one." She continued, "Our larger goal is freeing the people of this galaxy from the Goa'uld. We could accomplish this at the negotiating table. Take over. Set Ba'al's slaves free. Or give his territory to the rebel Jaffa."

"Or-! Argue that those planets as Earth territories would now be covered under the Protected Planets treaty," Daniel added, words coming out in a flood as they did when he was excited. She was getting to know her people, even if they didn't yet know her. "Maybe even with Earth's technological exemption."

"Now you're thinking like a negotiator." She sat down and leaned her chin on her folded hands. Food. That's what she'd meant to get. "If they say no we get what we want, if they say yes we get what we want."

"Wow. You're good."

Food would have to wait. This was another kind of negotiation. If she earned Dr. Jackson's support, she'd have SG-1, with SG-1 behind her, the entire base. It would be nice to not feel like a substitute teacher.

"Their only way out is to stall or break off negotiations entirely," she said with raised eyebrows. Inwardly, she expected the latter. Touchy folks, those Goa'uld.

There came a knock at the door. Without asking, Walter peered in. "The System Lords have asked for more time to consider their options." He left, also without asking.

Daniel smirked at her.

"Makes me wonder why the Tok'ra never considered this," Elizabeth said.

"Or what happened when they did," Daniel pointed out.
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Fics crowd around like gnats.

I have two days in a row off. I never have two days in a row off.

I even have Star Trek: TOS bunnies. I never have Star Trek: TOS bunnies.

Let's start with an SG-1 ficlet.

Dust to Dust, Fish Food to Fish Food
by Icarus

Sam mused, shifting where she sat cross-legged in the straw. "I don't know. I mean, I feel bad people would miss me. But mostly it would bother me that I had so much left to do. I mean, I've a book I've been meaning to write."

Jack raised his eyebrows. "Page-turner?"

"Not that kind of book," she smiled.

Teal'c nodded. "On Chulak, one wears torn clothing for forty-nine days as a reminder of ones loss."

"Hard to imagine you'd forget...." Sam muttered.

"More as a reminder to others, so they do not obligate you to attend chalnak," Teal'c explained.

"Ah." Daniel hastily translated at Sam's confused look: "Parties."

"Correct, DanielJackson. If one is invited by a superior, one cannot decline," Teal'c said.

"I bet those Jaffa really swing," Jack said. He took a long sip of his stew from the battered tin cup and rested his elbows on his knees. "That's what I want. A big party when I go. Use up everything in the fridge."

Daniel wrinkled his nose. "Um. I've never actually seen anything edible in--"

"The beer, Daniel." Jack rolled his eyes. "I want people to have a great ol' time. And feed my remains to the fish. I've eaten enough of them. It's their turn."

"I don't think fish eat ashes," Daniel pointed out.

"Now who said anything about ashes?"

Sam snorted. "You want us to put you in a wood chipper?"

"I've decided not to be executor of your estate," said Daniel.

Jack said, "Oh, I think Teal'c has the stomach for it."

"I do not," Teal'c assured him.

"Dust to dust ... fish food to fish food...." Jack said with a vague gesture that rattled his manacles.

Sam wondered aloud, "How did we get on this subject anyway?"

Teal'c responded, "I believe we were discussing the possible contents of our soup."

The four of them stared at their empty bowls.

"I'm fairly sure that tasted like rat," Jack said.

"Let's hope so," said Daniel.
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Hi, WG and I are now using NoCharge instead of Earthlink. (Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] brightsun301, great suggestion.) My computer guy had already installed it on our system for his own use, so I take that as a two thumbs up.

As dial-up goes it's a little slow (but not bad). I'm thinking I'll use it until I can get on the university's system (as per [livejournal.com profile] ursule's suggestion) which will probably be faster. [livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru has had a bit of a time navigating his favorite Massive Forums.

DSL, Anyone?
So. You guys have been pretty knowledgeable so far (WG's impressed). Any ideas on DSL options?

Unfortunately SBC Global is not available in our area, but gracias, Senorita [livejournal.com profile] setissma. We've looked into the local phone company's DSL offerings (thanks [livejournal.com profile] dkwilliams) but it's a big jump in price for us since we don't use long distance phone service. Yes, yes, I'm aware that's sacrilege, but we get 6 hours Seattle-to-Toronto on a $5 phone card from the Asian markets. $0.01 a minute and no monthly charges. MCI can't beat that. *g* It's the perfect solution for people who rely largely on email and make maybe one or two long-distance calls per quarter.

Earthlink is Bye-Bye, So Update Your Links to Icarus Slash Fiction
My original website will only be up until January 4th.

If you have any links that go to the Earthlink address and not the www.icarus.slashcity.net address, you'll want to update them. I want you to update them, because the whole point is people have stories to read. I've been using the Earthlink address as just a portal to the Slashcity website since February of this year, so only older links will be effected. On the other hand, the most popular stories are the Harry Potter fics, and those were largely written in 2003 and 2004 before I opened the Slashcity website. Beware: The two sites look identical.

Percyness: The Percy Weasley Archive will be uneffected by the move. All the Percy Fic-A-Thon fics have been moved to Percyness, and the Fic-A-Thon site is going away.

Amber's site will be moved to an as yet unknown location. It has little traffic so I'm not too worried. But if you'd like to check out an attractive cross-dresser (yes, my cross-dressing fics are based upon this lovely creature).

Back on the Home Front...
In other news, I did a little redecorating in the Buddhist department, shelving a mountain of books, getting a better lighting situation. It's now rather spacious yet cosy. Then... I did a little practice for a change. Wow, does that ever help with the perennial irrascibility.

Also, Monte thinks my prayer cushion is a great place to take a nap. *looks adoringly at sleepy kitty*

ISP down

Dec. 12th, 2005 01:38 pm
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Hi guys. My ISP (Earthlink) is down and has only been working sporadically over the weekend. Now I've had no internet access since Sunday am.

Any advice on a new ISP?

I've been annoyed with Earthlink ever since they outsourced their customer service to India. Other than my personal feelings about the loss of American jobs and corporate greed, the Indian customer service reps just aren't as good. I miss the days when I'd contact Earthlink and the guy on the other line actually cared and was knowledgeable, excitedly informing me that the problem I have is the nasty new McEvil virus -- then send me a link on just how I can fix it.

Now, I call Earthlink, and some confused fellow with a thick accent answers the phone. He flips through screens that are supposed to tell him what to do and comes up empty. He attempts some inept small talk that he obviously has been told to parrot. When he can't help me because he's either a) not that educated in technology or b) doesn't give a damn, he hands me a bottled, "I am so sorry for the inconvenience." Then sits silently on the phone waiting for me to accept my fate. When I try to ask him to get off his duff and perhaps try some original thought, creativity maybe? -- I get the same "I am so sorry for the inconvenience." And silence.

What idiot decided India was a great place for call centers? I lived there. They have some of the worst service in the world.

Anyway, back the subject at hand: currently I'm paying $21.95/mo. for unlimited dial-up.

I moved my website from the free Earthlink account to Slashcity a year ago. I've left my old website up so some people's story links will die (specifically [livejournal.com profile] dkwilliams's links at Inkstained Fingers and [livejournal.com profile] switchknife's links), but most people have already made the transition.

The move will take down the original Percy Fic-A-Thon site. But the Percyfest stories have all been moved to Percyness: The Percy Weasley Archive.

I've also migrated my email from Earthlink to Yahoo and Gmail over the last year-to-two years. So I'm packed up and ready to move.

Any recommendations?
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Oh wow. BBC News: Gay marriage is about to be legal in the UK.

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] tboy for the heads up.

No time to write as I'm supposed to be doing homework instead of doing what I'm actually doing, which is reading Stargate Atlantis fic, so I'll just repost my celebratory SG-1 fic from when Canada legalized gay marriage (though it had far more implications for SGA than SG-1, and Harry Potter is more effected by this law than SG-1, but anyway)...

Fools Can Dream. PG-13. Jack/Daniel.
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I get a lot of complaints about my website. Just got another email.

People don't like the little box in the middle of the page. They find it difficult to navigate. WG thinks it's too dark and not "me" at all.

I didn't design it. I don't know how to change it -- it was a gift.

Can someone teach me or point me to a site that can teach me eFiction? I want to learn how so I can do it myself, and change it myself, not be dependent on other people.

Thank you in advance. And people who read my site also thank you. :)
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Before this grows hazy, I thought I'd create a chronological list of the fanfics I've written.

2002 )

2003 )

2004 )

2005 )
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Rhhng-rrrrr-rhhhng.... putt-ptttffff.


My fandom motor will not start at all.

Right now I feel like all my stories, past and present but especially the current ones are utter crap.

If you are willing to have a drabble of crap written for you, post your preferred pairing and rating (Harry Potter, Stargate SG-1, and Lord of the Rings why not?). If you'd like a particular theme, mention that as well.

Maybe if we puuuuuuuuuuuush this thing, I can pop the clutch and get it running again. What say you?
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Oh whee! I saw this meme in [livejournal.com profile] tripoli8's journal and just had to:

Ask me what happens after the end of one of my stories.

Any fandom, Harry Potter, Stargate, you name it. Yes, they all continue in my mind.

ETA: Aww, c'mon guys. Here. I'll make it easier: a simple listing of all my storoes.
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Icarus Slash Fiction



are down.

I just heard from Slashcity and they had a major attack today. The sites should be up soon but they're checking first to make sure that their security wasn't compromised.

ETA: Okay, they're both back up and seem to be working fine. Bummer this happened on a day that Sonic Boom was recced over at [livejournal.com profile] stargateficrec. Hopefully people still had a chance to read it.


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