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I learned that Anais site disappeared (oh, I so have to comb through my links on my rec-list but I don't wanna! *whinges*). I looked up another story for [livejournal.com profile] starting_gate on the Wayback Machine and in the meantime saved this:

Kawoosh! by Anais, Jack/Daniel, SG-1

This is one of those rare fics that capture the silliness and wonder of the Stargate, and the joyful idealism of Daniel, his way of seeing things a little differently.
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Hotel Sex by Ivory Gates. House/Daniel. NC-17.

I'm not usually into crossovers, but this was too interesting to pass up. House and Daniel? Ivory Gates writes them as brilliant if damaged men. Daniel is an intellectual match for a Greg House determined to see through him.
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Okay, I discovered the Icarus' Stargate Recs page was corrupted and missing, oh, 90% of the recs. Fortunately I'd first made them in LJ so I was able to recreate the list (with some missing information).

It's fixed, so enjoy. Gosh, this rec-list would be easier to navigate with eFiction but hey, 140 Stargate recs. *shrugs*

ETA: Oh. The page is white. Hmm.
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In the news, the Stargate Fan Awards have been selected!

Ah well, I didn't win. However you can still read the nomination (and other nominated stories) here:

The Other Man by Icarus

Heh. I never fixed the title, so for a bit there [livejournal.com profile] sgdarkfic and I couldn't find it. Turns out they have it listed as simply "Other Man."

And in the HP world, the Percy/Snape The Albatross is hot today, thank you oh Fiction Alley rec'ers. I appreciate it.

Interview: Is Jack O'Neill dominant?

[livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru on the subject of whether Jack is a dominant: "Nah. He's too soft."

Soft? Really?

"Sure. Unless he's ordering someone to machinegun you he hasn't a tough bone in his body. He hates being in charge. Haven't you noticed?"

What about Daniel?

"He can go either way. He likes it when he's the authority."

Hunh. He's right.

I've been saving this for my next run of recs, but it's now time for you to read: Antithesis by Xochiquetzl.

Because Daniel role-plays his Evil Overlord personality with a Jack tied to the bed. Frankly, as hot as it sounds, I don't this is such a wise idea.
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Okay Stargate fans! Time to upload all your Daniel-related stories here:

All Daniel Fic.com

Gen. Slash. Het. Multiple pairings.

Purely for my shopping convenience, viele Danke. I'm already finding great stuff here and it's soooooo much easier to search than Area 52.
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Update to Icarus' Stargate Fic Recs. I've built up a huge backlog, so I'm just gonna drop them here and add the individuals review later. Because, um, it's been such a long time since I've read some of these that in many cases I don't remember the fic.

Arrom by Kylie Lee

Recently rec'd (sorry, I try to avoid that) but it's so rare that I enjoy Daniel/Jonas I have to mention it here. There's never a mystery where this story is aimed, the fun is in the journey.

Read more... )

Dare To Know by Otter

I'm starting to like Otter's fics more and more. Instead of unpredictable twists revealed at the last second, Otter is spreads the unpredictability across the entire story. You have no idea where it's headed but you know that you don't know. Yes. And I can see this reaction from Jack, I really can.

Read more... )

Eighteen body language clues, a caveman and an astronaut by Indelicate Dark

Damn. I don't remember this one. I'll get back to you with a review.

Read more... )

Experiment by Gelasius

This is the story I wanted to write after I saw "Tin Man." Thank you, Galasius. Now I've no need because this is funny, sexy and perfect. Now where can I find more Galasius' stuff?

Read more... )

First Contact by Jb

A Gen story where the custom of wearing clothes at all causes a great deal of consternation for the natives. But Daniel has a solution.

Read more... )

Fucked by Unseen (yay! I know have the writer's name.)

I'm very impressed with this story. It is completely unexpected, uncliche, and fascinating. I find here in Stargate what I've found in the Harry Potter fandom: the characters taken outside canon without violating it, to explore issues the author wants to confront. While the author lists it as Non-Con it is in fact excellent Dubious Consent.

Read more... )

Hands by Apocrypha (yay! found her name this time)

There's a quality to Stargate Gen fics. They seem to really take in the details, describe the scene, flesh it out the way you'd see it in original fiction. Here is a rare slash story that does the same.

Read more... )

Herculaneum by Pares

This has been rec'd elsewhere recently (I try to avoid that), but I agree with that recc'er -- it is startlingly refreshing to read a Jack/Daniel story that doesn't just brush off Jack's canon attraction to Sam (though Rick Anderson and Amanda Tapping have the most tepid chemistry I've seen in a long time). This made me go hunting for more Pares fic.

Read more... )

Is There An Honest Purpose? by Ellison Wonderland

This is one where, gosh, I don't remember this story at all and will have to read it again and get back to you with a real review.

Read more... )

Kink by Amperage

Oh holy hell this is hot, and a little bit more than a PWP though really, any PWP worth its salt has a rich emotional background like this.

Read more... )

One Good Reason by Pepe

I resisted this story for a while. The one sentence per line fanfic trick has always annoyed me and I generally want the setting described more than this. But when I finally gave the story a chance, I really liked watching the emotional barriers.

Read more... )

Penny For You Thoughts by Xochiquetzl

Xochi wins a special award for the word "pseudopatience" which I demand be added to O.E.D. right now. The characterization and character voices here are perfect, though I qualify this rec slightly because the punctuation used to demonstrate the different characters' thoughts is distracting. But oh, how I love the aliens-made-them-telepathic cliche, and this is chipper and amusing.

Read more... )

Somnambulist by C.L. Kamnikar

I've read this Gen fic many, many times. Daniel wanders the SGC halls in search coffeeeee....

Read more... )

Syllepsis by Paian, aka Komos

Once again, Komos does the completely unexpected -- and what an astounding take on Sara. Really, I respect this woman.

Read more... )

Sympathetic Magic by Destina

The problem with Destina's stories is that she is such a consistently excellent writer it's nearly impossible to recommend one story of hers over another. This one is parody, and both funny and warm with an unexpected twist.

Read more... )

Teal’c’s Diary by kijo

Actually quite funny, though is it hypocritical of me to more impressed with fanfic-fanfic that fanfic written based on another fanfic? This is based on Anais' "Dr. Jackson's Diary" and most of the jokes don't make sense unless you read that first.

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Tendencies by Pares

Thank you! Finally someone else wondered why they didn't pad the ramp. In an alternate reality Daniel learns a little more than he expected about Jack.

Read more... )

The Company You Keep by Sori

Another I remember, though I don't remember specifically what I liked about it, except that I'd never thought that of course the SGC would have these letters, written in case someone died. This is Daniel's and the circumstances surrounding it are woven throughout.

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The Times, They Are A Changin' by devra

Okay, this one I remember. I think we've all experienced this sort of "shrinkage" as a relationship takes over your life, and it is rather irritating and mysterious in a heart-warming way.

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Three A.M. by Dirty Diana

I have this marked as a qualified rec, but I no longer remember Why. Ah, now I do. It's a combination of PWP and fluff, a domestic sex scene I enjoyed except the word "slut" is so gay-queen it yanks me out of the story. The writing is okay, not great, but my standards for porn-writing are much lower.

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Time by Mandalee

Jack is both sneaky and brilliant in this fic, and he knows his team well: certainly well enough to get some much needed Daniel-time. The pacing is slow and Jack's inner dialogue rambles a bit, but if you have a kink for off-world sex, this was written for you.

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Touuch by Carron

Nope. Don't remember this one either. I'm skimming it now. Oh, fantastic Hammond, great snark from SG-9 - hooray! A fanfic writer who can handle OCs! Oh, oh, now I remember this. It wanders through a lot of unusual territory with a believable if surprising background on Jack in his time off. Jack and Daniel slowly come to their decision. Oh yes, I remember the sultry, romantic sex.

Read more... )

Touched by Roslyn

Damn. I don't remember this out either. Not very helpful, am I? Just re-read it... oh yeaaah. A recently descended Daniel helps out an injured Jack. This one balances between slash and gen, and I think I'm going to float away on Jack's endorphins here.

Read more... )

Used To It by Carolyn Claire

I have this down as a qualified rec. Darn. I feel like Daniel staring at his notes after being descended, with no clue what I meant. This story has Jack and Daniel stranded in paradise. But now that I've re-read it I don't recall why it was qualified, only that I enjoyed the nudity immensely. Maybe I didn't believe the scenario? Still, sex in front of the Stargate was awfully ballsy.

Read more... )

When In Rome by Cathy C.

A jealous Jack is an interested Jack, and oh, he is so very jealous here. But it doesn't mean anything. Of course not. Hmm. Like the Roman theme as well.

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For the Stargate fen, I have updated the Stargate Recs with ten more stories (I've 20 more waiting in the wings). I think I've cracked the 100 story mark.

A Quiet Kind Of War. PG-13. Percy Weasley/Jeremiah Stodgemore (OMC).
Bring on the angst: Percy's secrets start working their way free.

Dinner For Three. PG-13. Percy, Rita.
Playing with suspense, a little mystery, and a character study of a much more competent post-HBP Percy.

Fire update: They're bringing in a giant dumpster right now, to begin the tear-out on the burned apartments.
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[livejournal.com profile] dustandroses commented on my fire posts (the fire is fast disappearing in my happily short memory) and D&R means: Stargate!

And The Puppy is coming to town, and he's a big Sam fan. WG and I pre-ordered Season 8. *Icarus rubs hands together in glee.*

I'm reading SG-1 fic again as I'm too tired to write Lucius Gen (my body certainly remembers the exhaustion). I now have 28 stories to add to the Stargate rec-list. Oh, only three of those are from tonight, heh. I've promised an SG-1 story to [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots in exchange for cover art for Beg Me For It.

Hey, I've a question:

Are there any really good Gen Sam-centric fics for The Puppy? I mean, first class, non femme-slash.
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I scanned my flist today, and [livejournal.com profile] jlh wrote about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Pince spoilers and what's general knowledge and how everyone should avoid spoilers and --

-- I realized that my Stargate obsession is well-timed. Even the things that were general knowledge were new to me.


If you want to avoid HBP spoilers... come with me... to the dark side of Stargate. Roam the so very obviously gay relationship between a hardassed colonel and a smart-mouthed academic. Enjoy the tensions surrounding Don't Ask Don't Tell and high action scifi adventure.

Hide in the Stargate for the next week. It does, after all, send you halfway across the galaxy.

Here I will rec long, involving, beautifully written stories that are recommended by all and sundry. The Stargate readers will be disappointed as "everyone" has read these. But! You shall be diverted, saved from spoilers...

... and halfway across the galaxy.

Beyond this cut There Be Stargates )

But what do these guys look like, do you ask? Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots has drawn lovely art for we HP fans.

Come take a Stargate vacation and emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and spoiler free.
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[livejournal.com profile] dustandroses shows us how it's done.

A Very Bad Idea, by [livejournal.com profile] dustandroses, Jack/Daniel NC-17, oh, beyond NC-17

Daniel starts asking Jack some very personal questions, and neither one of them can back away from a challenge. Did I mention I had a kink for rimming?
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Double Bed by [livejournal.com profile] paian, Jack/Daniel NC-17

This story of awakening to what they want and what's possible in their relationship has a rare depth. [livejournal.com profile] paian shows us how it's not the external forces that wrench at Jack and Daniel's relationship, but the emotions of two complex, grown men. This is more than a recommendation. This story is a rare gem that you cannot miss.
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Minnesota Sunset, Jack/Daniel, NC-17, by Tazzie

This is well-written with an excellent Daniel-voice, hot sex, emotionally intense and unpredictable, despite the usual "Jack and Daniel at Jack's cabin" plot.

The first of this four-part series is the best. Beware that Tazzie... well, I suspect this writer is very young, as these two men in their late 30s and 50s have the rocketing emotional instability of young teenagers (particularly Daniel), someone needs to ration her use of the word "love," and her description of someone drunk is not believable.

But her writing makes up for all of this.

You can really hear Daniel's voice, and she manages to avoid the cliches, while writing cliches. It's in her attention to detail and how she focuses on the ordinary human actions -- brushing your teeth, the feel of water down your back, the way she backs into the story slowly, as Daniel would -- that makes this compelling.
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Okay, this was damned funny, as well as spotlessly characterized. I was spluttering strangely in the school library and still have a grin plastered across my face.

Jack rules the world. What a great idea. Not. by [livejournal.com profile] teaphile, PG-13

I can't decide what I like best, Jack's laws or Thor's naivete or the team's reactions.

But Jack's final solution is brilliant. *snickers*
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Okay, this story gets a completely unqualified rec, and believe it or not although the writer is obviously experienced -- this is her first time writing slash! Yet the men are so very.. alpha male. Both of them.

[livejournal.com profile] destina, you did see this story didn't you? It fits one of your Jack/Daniel requests.

Slow Burn by [livejournal.com profile] padawan_alli. Jack/Daniel. NC-17 (beautifully so).
Episode tag for Scorched Earth. The perfect combination of hot sex, determined denial and understanding. Plus I loved the ending.

Enjoy. And leave glittering reviews, because we really want her to keep writing slash. Damn, she's good.
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Hi! I've been very good this week, and am going into finals next week.

I think I deserve a reward, don't you?

I'm looking for Jack/Daniel (or Daniel/Jack) first time NC-17 recs. Short or long. Plot is good, PWP is fine. I don't mind Stargate cliches, because they're all new to me. My main requirement: characterization. No feminized Daniel, and Jack needs to sound like Jack.

Any ideas?


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