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Friday weather report: Sitting in my little flat, the rain has tapered off. Tornado warnings didn't phase the kitty boys who purred next to me, their eyes half-lidded.

I have things arranged so that I look at the tidiest, most well-decorated corner of the room. A brass music stand. A prim table with lace tablecloth I crocheted myself holding a glass vase with pampas grass plumes. Very pretty. I can ignore the half-finished projects scattered around the rest of the room.

Kiddie report: I had one student make tremendous progress this week. So proud of him. Last Saturday, after a year of public school World History classes, he couldn't even tell me about the river valley civilizations. By last night, he could recap all of world history. Was it enough to pass the test?

His parents want a guarantee. My boss wants a guarantee. He has the general picture, yes. But it's a tough test. Does he know enough detail? I can only say that he's done well, but a week isn't much time to learn the entire history of the world. My boss doesn't like that answer. :/ She's afraid his unrealistic parents (who don't seem to understand he's not in a good school district) will yell at her if they don't get their good score. What he needed most was time management, which was something they can help him with.

And now, fandom report: Ta-da!

I'm pleased to announce that Colls has posted her podfic of...

Title: Collisions podfic! (story here)
Fandom: SGA/SPN crossover
Pairing: Gen, with obligatory slashiness
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Did you know it takes 12,000 words to make a 1,000 word ficlet make sense to two fandoms? Thank you to Rabidfan, Skinscript, Amalthia, Mecurtin, and Wordwitch, who put it through the wringer until it worked for both SGA and SPN fans. Written for the Help Haiti fundraiser and soooooo late. Story sponsored by Somnolentblue who made a donation in exchange for said "ficlet."
Summary: The engine gunned and they caught up, moving alongside the red car long enough for Sam to catch a glimpse of a guy in a bomber jacket and Aviator glasses, his generous mouth in a hard line – until the guy smirked, and cut Dean off at the next turn.

Also, I've posted a new SGA ficlet:

Title: The Scientific Method
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Rodney/Radek
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Thank you to Rabidfan, IvoryGates, and Sian for the beta help. By way of explanation. I missed the SGA Smooch deadline, and I'm too impatient to wait for a whole week to post. I've starved you guys long enough.
Summary: "Don't do the clock! I hate it when you do the clock!"
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Darn it, I need a new fandom.

I'm watching Supernatural, Merlin, Castle, DWTS, Being Human, and reruns of SGA and SG-1. I'm not feeling fanficcy about any of them.

Any suggestions on fandoms? Fic recs to get me hooked? I miss fandom....
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I am low energy right now and miss fandom, want to play.

Time to find some fic. One-shots, no time for novels till my own's done.

Read anything good lately?
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Fandom report:

The serial fandom monagamist swings a little

Slow progress on the SGA Big Bang, but progress nonetheless. Did my research reading on the plane back from Seattle and borrowed a pen from the family next to me to start writing. Wow. I'd forgotten so much from the Pern world.

[personal profile] raveninthewind has now introduced me to: White Collar (which is addictive), QAF UK (which is wonnnnderful), and Due South (which is... oddly fascinating).

My Merlin viewing continues. It seems I'm still a die-hard SGA writer. Who moonlights in SPN. For some reason I'm not getting the yen to write Merlin fanfic right now even though when I first joined the fandom I overflowed with ideas. I guess, well, perhaps I just don't like Merlin AUs and that's most of what I've seen in the fandom.

Er ... with the exception of my Merlin Help Haiti ficlet which is half-finished. (Note that my last Help Haiti "ficlet" was 12,000 words. Eh. Yeah.)

Any of you going to Con-txt this Friday?
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It works! The crossover works!

Stargate Atlantis people are into it, can make sense of the Supernatural setting and like Sam and Dean. The Supernatural people call it a fun romp.

*hugs my betas* Thank you, guys.
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Posted in honor of SPN's season finale.

Title: Collisions
Fandom(s): Supernatural and Stargate Atlantis crossover
Author: Icarus
Rating: PG-13 shading towards R
Pairing: Sam, Dean, John, Rodney
Summary: Sheppard shrugged. "When you fight bad guys for a living, you've got to treat yourself." Dean slapped Sam's shoulder and pointed to Sheppard. "See? That's what I always say."

A/N: Did you know it takes 12,000 words to make a 1,000 word ficlet make sense to two fandoms? Thank you to [personal profile] rabidfan, [personal profile] skinscript, [profile] amothea, [personal profile] mecurtin, and [personal profile] wordwitch, who put it through the wringer until it worked for both SGA and SPN fans. Written for the Help Haiti fundraiser and soooooo late. Story sponsored by [personal profile] somnolentblue who made a donation in exchange for said "ficlet."

The engine gunned and they caught up, moving alongside the red car long enough for Sam to catch a glimpse of a guy in a bomber jacket and Aviator glasses, his generous mouth in a hard line – until the guy smirked, and cut Dean off at the next turn. )


May. 7th, 2010 08:08 pm
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That SGA/SPN ficlet is finally done. At 11,000 words.

Done, done, done.

Now. What do I call it...?
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The story of three Big Bang stories.

Watched two experienced Big Bang writers at work, [personal profile] mad_maudlin and [personal profile] auburn, Didn't realize I needed to learn how to do this.

Turns out they plan everything in advance and then beta the outline. What a good idea. Sent the first third of my story to Auburn and Maud while stumped on my SGA/SPN crossover (again).

Maybe I should just call the crossover done and move on.


Have now given my outline beta comments, proud to review the work of two such fine writers (Maud last week, Auburn today). *cringe* The one to Auburn wasn't my most polite beta. Should have waited until some personal issues had calmed down today. Just didn't want to sit on it any longer. Though no one was completely happy with my comments.

Now adjusting my outline from Auburn's initial comments. And, uh, finishing it.
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It turns out SPN is dominating my SGA/SPN crossover.

Drat. I was trying to make the SPN accessible to the SGA audience.

But Skinscript has useful suggestions to work SGA back into the mix. Sigh. 1,000-word Help Haiti ficlet now approaching 10,000 words....

In the meantime while I scratch my head, I'm writing my outline of the Pern/SGA fusion to Mad Maudlin in chat (while she chews over her Star Trek/SGA fusion).

Wait. Wasn't there a time I hated crossovers? I'm sure I did a post or comment where I called them "a pointless muddying of canon." Said the same about AUs.

What happens to us in fandom that makes our tastes more catholic?

Is it that we come to fanfic looking for more of what we wanted from the book/show/comic/whatever and then discover fandom offers more? Do we become increasingly adventurous as writers and can't resist the challenge of revisualizing canon? Or is it our friends' fault, and the fault of challenges, as we're asked for stories we'd never seek out? Or perhaps we read that one crossover that does it so well, we want to try it.

I blame SGA. The fandom has been so wacky from the get-go that I'm writing (and reading) oddball plots I'd never considered in HP or (heavens) Lord of the Rings (that Harry Potter/James Bond fusion excepted).
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Got my final beta comments back on that SGA/SPN crossover.

Hoo, boy. I've got some changes to make.
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Hmmn. Well, my betas liked the exposition that I was afraid was too exposition-y. All agreed with me that my hurried ending was hurried.

Waiting for one other beta, whose judgment I trust implicitly (and who helped me a great deal with Out Of Bounds. But clearly I need to work the demons in sooner and re-write the ending.

Somnombulentblue, it's moving forward. And, er, over 9,000 words.

It was too much story to tell in 1,000 words! The penultimate demon battle alone was 1,000 words.
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The SPN/SGA crossover is finally done. Under pressure from signing up for the Big Bang, I took a day (under the slightly displeased scrutiny of my mom's roommate who feels all must work, work, work on weekends) and polished off the last scene.

My betas have probably drifted off.

Anyone interested in beta-reading this 9,000 word "ficlet"? Note that's nine times the length it's supposed to be.
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I had a chocolate bar, but I eated it. *kitty grin*

Took mom to Stars On Ice Thursday to see (eeee!) Evan Lysacek! She giggled and whispered comments through the whole show.

Now I have to get her to Skate America.

I now add my voice to the chorus that Michael Shanks is a fine actor. After ten years of watching him on SG-1 I didn't recognize him on Supernatural the other night. All I saw was the role. Wow.

Now back to the final scene of my SGA/SPN crossover. John Sheppard's checking out the carnage after a demon fight.
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Uh. Can't read my own notes for this scene.

*turns notebook sideways*

Maybe this way.

*tries upside down*
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Good news: borrowed laptop from [personal profile] gblvr (yay! Thank you! It works.)

Bad news: have to call Verizon to find out why my WEPKEY isn't working. Huh. Tis a puzzlement.

Added new scene to SGA/SPN crossover. Dean with a water pistol is a menace.

The final action scene now has more Rodney.

One beta says: way to leave me at a cliffhanger, Icarus. Plz send rest of story.

The other beta says: uh, where are we, exactly? Plz to be adding well-researched setting.

Drat. I need more online time to do that. Which leads us ... back to Verizon.

Everyone, place your bets. How many hours will Icarus spend waiting on hold?
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Oooookay, the final scene of this SPN/SGA crossover fic is really violent.

I swear the thing with the little girl has nothing whatsoever to do with an irritating second grader I'm tutoring. Really. I swear. In blood.

Now who has recs for SPN domestic fic? Because a buddy of mine has a craving annnnd I think people might need it as a chaser after mine.

Getting together with [personal profile] gblvr tonight. At first it looked like there was a scheduling complication, but that's all worked out.
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And now, the finale!

As much as I enjoyed watching Dean have his ass handed to him by Sheppard (when technically both Sam and Dean were guilty, but that's what happens when you're the oldest)....

... I still wonder if Sheppard would stick up for Dean later on. My instincts say yes, he would. The guy who irritates you is the one you recognize. But I eagerly await my beta's thoughts.

I should stop worrying and write the final scene, no? I mean, John thinks Dean just killed two of his men.
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My fanfic life is currently living on a flash drive (borrowed from my mom's roommate, hmm, I should get my own). I've borrowed a circa 1999 laptop with no internet access or wireless card.

Hello, folks!

My 1,000 word Help Haiti fic for somnolentblue has, as predicted, expanded to 5,000+ words.

Sam and Dean Winchester have found traces of EMF all over the wreck of John Sheppard's car. But they're not convinced John's a ghost. Then ... much more happens after this.

I'm almost done. Two scenes to go.

Anyone want to beta a crossover action mystery fic? :D
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Came home tonight, expecting to write, and found mom's roommate on the computer. She had a workshop brochure to design. Hour by hour my writing time slipped away, while I watched killer-dull TV. She finally went to bed at 1am.

Reality hit home.

I have computer time only as a charity from mom and her roommate. I have no control over when that computer is available, or for how long on any given day.

I've now contacted all of my writing obligations to ask for extensions.
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I had a day off! Whoo!

Just printed out one of my original fics for editing. This morning parts that were missing from the main character's family just ... fell into place. (Yes, I know I was supposedly meditating, hush.) I thought the story didn't need the background, but maybe, maybe.

I might even get to do some writing on my very, very, very overdue Help Haiti fics. *pats Merlin and Arthur, John Sheppard and Dean Winchester* Don't worry, boys, I'll be with you soon.

*turns up the Bollywood music*


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