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As I wrack my brains trying to come up with ways to raise money for our mandatory temple renovations, I've been writing fic. Is it worth making toys to sell on Etsy, or are the profit margins too low? Should I apply myself to writing

Little things. A scene here and there from Star Trek TOS.

[personal profile] enname is helping me fix the ending of a challenge fic that I tied off hastily in 2009. Star Drive will have the ending it deserves.

Mostly, what I have here are cookies. Like this one:

"Heck with being happy. Happiness, you can chase that will-o-the-wisp all over the place. I'll settle for just being content." Dr. McCoy took a sip of his drink, then gestured with his glass. "And then maybe I might be happy."

"Very astute," Spock said. "Surprisingly."

"Ah-ah-ah, not so fast," Jim chided from where he was slouched in the corner. "At the end there he still wants to be happy."

"Hey! There's a big difference between being happy by accident and chasing it."

"The doctor has a point." Spock turned to Jim.

"You? Agreeing with Bones? I think the world might end," Jim laughed.

"I'm certain it is only temporary."

"This again. I swear, I'm going to go drink with my men," Scotty complained.

"You know what they say about officers fraternizing with the crew," Jim pointed out, still smiling.

"Aye. But at least then I can have a normal conversation--about things ye can understand!"
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Okay, kitty, you look really cute and relaxed sacked out on my laundry. But I did laundry for a purpose, i.e., I need clothes. For work.

In other news, I have learned: Star Trek TOS Kirk and Spock never shut up.

Spock is happy to talk about how Vulcans perceive humans and, say, consider the human love of chess as evidence they might one day embrace pure logic (he doubts it, but he's happy for an audience).

Meanwhile, Kirk uses Spock's general discussion to elicit personal details.

"Are there any other half-Vulcans?"

"None my age."

"Sounds lonely."

"I doubt Vulcans experience loneliness in the same way that humans do."

"There are different ways to experience loneliness? oh, yes, of course...."

"There is the experience of being alone. And then there is the emotional response to it called loneliness, which is not the same."

"Are you lonely, being the only Vulcan on this ship?"

"Not in the sense that you mean it."

The only reason anything ever happened on this show is that eventually, the Klingons attack.
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I've taken time off to write fic. I find that Jim and Kirk will not get down to business. No, no, they want to talk about Vulcan, and the Vulcan perspective on humans:

"Checkmate," Spock said, placing his final piece.

"How is that Vulcans play a human game?" Jim asked.

"There are those on Vulcan who feel the existence and popularity of chess on Earth demonstrates that there's hope," Spock explained.

"Hope for?—ahh," understanding dawned on the captain's face before he even finished the question.

"Yes. Hope that, one day, humans may embrace pure logic."

Of course, Jim can't resist prodding at that, does Spock think it likely?--and really, guys, there's a plot that's supposed to happen. I realize it's not much of one, but interesting as you are, you're interrupting.
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I'm a window washer outside your fandom.

Why I haven't been writing. )

Well, I've written these. But let me tell you why they don't count. )

Other than Dragonlord, my fics have been "surface stories."

There are stories that you pull out of your gut, that are saying something even if you're not sure what, and then there are stories where you're just diddling on the surface. Moving the furniture around.

If that were okay with me, that would be one thing. )

So I'm the window washer outside your fandoms, looking in, while I'm working, working, working.

Part of it is the company I keep. And the fact that the sky is falling. )

I find that without writing and creative work ... I starve. I left this temple, which I always loved, fifteen years ago because I starved here.

So I took today off. Cancelled chauffeuring Ani Samla. Rescheduled practice to Saturday night. And I'm taking time to write.

* i.e. became a closed canon.
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Just saw the latest Star Trek.

Any fic recs?

Kirk/Spock friendship + humor a plus.
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I noticed when my arm brushed the tag on my shirt.

H'okay, I may've been tired after chatting till 6am. My shirt was on inside out.

(Good thing there aren't any witnesses. I hustled off to the bathroom.)

Just to prove it wasn't an aberration, minutes later I reached up to drop some bird treats in the bird's food bowl, to top it off.


Wrong bowl. And I'd just changed that water.

In other news: I may have overwritten that Star Trek: TOS fic I've been trying to resuscitate. I do lots of creative things ... painting, finishing the OAR (Overly Ambitious Rug, yes, I know I finished the sections months ago but I still haven't latched them together)... but I miss writing.
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Star Trek TOS: season three.

This may be sacrilege, but watching season three, I can see why it went off the air. Who killed all the good writers from season one and two?
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Watching Star Trek TOS reruns on Hulu. Currently up to Friday's Child.

Um. Roddenberry?

Pink faux fur does not a scary warrior make.
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I may have recruited a new SGA fandom member.

And, er, I may have to write Star Trek TOS fic. But without reading any other classic TOS fic.

Which makes me nervous.
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Star Trek fans, heads up!

Hulu's celebrating William Shatner's birthday by making available All the Star Trek episodes, for all the Star Treks through the 29th (presumably Shatner was born 3/29).

I'm gorging myself on Star Trek TOS as I post:

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This fic is my new happy place:

Laws of Ownership by thefarofixer
Star Trek Reboot, Jim/Spock, PG-13
Jim isn’t sure what exactly he was expecting when he blasted the lock on the cargo bay door of the Orion Raider Ship they’d just boarded but a room full of small mewling balls of fur certainly wasn’t it. He’d hoped for the best and prepared himself for the worst but somehow this had never entered his thoughts as a possibility.

“Did we just save a ship full of kittens?” Jim asks in disbelief.

Spock. Alien kittens. There is no way it's not a winner, but just when you think this is just fluff (even if it purrs) thefarofixer shifts gears from funny to downright touching.
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I want it to be May 8th, now.

I just saw the 3rd Star Trek trailer. The first one just showed the ship. This gives you an idea of the action and plot and special effects and -- oh, oh, I want to see it now.

In other news, it's snowing today. In Seattle. On the Ides of March. I took video that I'll upload once I figure out how (again).

Three essays in two days. I can do this, right?


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