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Things that I do and I don't want to admit:

I didn't want to download Amazon's Cloud Player. I updated to iTunes latest version (what a mistake that was) and ended up with, unasked, their cloud. It's seeded with disconcerting songs I don't want. (But I do readily admit the Doctor Horrible songs were a smart call.)

Then I found Amazon had all the music I'd ever bought from them.

Including music I lost to my ex, WG.


Sheepishly I downloaded it, even after being slightly obnoxious to the Amazon chat-rep, "What do you mean I have to download the cloud player when my download yesterday didn't work, I don't want the cloud player, why, iTunes' cloud is irritating, gimme my ninety-nine cent refund" -- oops, the song I'm trying to buy is there already, like you said. Oh, I'm sooo not confessing this.

Then I discovered the music is Tangerine Dream I bought for WG.

A pang of loss startled me. Combined with something I never admitted to WG: relief. I was never fond of his Tangerine Dream. They're okay. Just ... boring.

What I also don't want to admit: I like them better now than I did when I pretended to like them.
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An interesting article about dating.

My favorite points --

Values vs Interests: Having the same values as your partner is truly a must. Its the glue that keeps you bonding, growing together and connected. Interests are different. For example if you VALUE a family, a belief in a higher being or power, or a fit and health conscious lifestyle your partner should equally believe these are significant in his/her own life. Interests like playing soccer, dance, rock climbing, fishing, fashion or shall I say YOGA, don’t determine compatibility. You don’t have to share every single interest with your partner to make it work.

So true. I've been noticing on online dating sites that people go on and on about interests.

Individuality within a Couple: WHO ARE YOU? Do you know what you desire? What are your dreams? Being an individual is probably one of the more difficult things to hang on to within a relationship. We can get lost in another’s own view and dreams. Staying true to our own desires and dreams is equally important. It makes us happier because we are living our desires and growing from that place. You can’t grow living to please another or gaining approval from another. You are then living another person’s life, and that eventually manifests into resentment, hurt and pain.

I confess, I relied a lot on WG's advice when we were together. He had a knack for seeing straight to the heart of the matter (which holds true regardless of how he's treating me right now). It's fuzzy now how much of that meant he was steering the boat.

Please STOP HIDING who you are! Be yourself, completely. From date one present your authentic self. If you don’t usually wear make up or dress a certain way, then don’t do it for the first date. If you don’t like sports than say so and don’t pretend to be the “sports chick or jock”. If you absolutely dislike smoking than don’t pretend to be ok with that habit in another if you really aren’t. What you are is what you are. Being proud of that is really the first lesson to learn before even attempting to find a date. Pretending to be someone you are not, is not only difficult to maintain but a lie you have to live. How fun is that?

This is so tempting. I'm such a no-makeup, misplaced my comb a week ago kind of gal. But I'm thinking of trying out a different look, playing with a new hairstyle, wearing more makeup than I have been in school. But that's for me though, so I think it's not a pretense.

Funny. I've never dated. Guys have always found me.
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Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'll find my dresses in one of the boxes, buried under some books.

I should never have listened to WG.

I was supposed to go to Seattle September 9th. I had the tickets and it was all set. We were going to go through all our things together and split them up. Take things to Goodwill. I was going to help him move. I was going to take him to his oral surgery appointment. I was going to put together furniture for him in his new apartment. I was going to spend some time with Monte kitty to say goodbye.

He called me and asked me not to come. He'd send me my things.

Why did I trust him?
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I just discovered that WG kept both of my stretch velvet cocktail dresses, the deep blue one and the black one.

That's just beyond the pale.

He went through my stuff and just decided what he wanted to keep. Regardless of whose it was.
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Oh. Joy. WG received a letter that his insurance claim has been refused. The insurance company insists that he has to file with L&I.

WG's been pacing and worried all day. There has been no other topic of conversation today.

He spoke with the union trust people immediately. They were surprised at his company's insistance that you have to report injuries for L&I within a 72-hour window. The woman there said, "I had some pain in my hand that I ignored at first but it kept getting worse. I was able to report it to L&I."

Now WG has to file an L&I claim after the fact. He's going in to the shipyard to talk to human resources tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the head of my work, the tutor program, has called a meeting for 10:30 tomorrow. This will be our first ever meeting.

I have a feeling I know what it's about. I was reviewing the applications for next year's tutors this week. Today I was told to put that on hold. We won't be hiring new tutors for next year.

Yesterday, I read that economic indicators had improved. Companies were restocking their inventories. First quarter profits were better than expected. It is time for the economy to turn around, please.
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I guess intramural soccer is out.

The CT scan results: WG has a fractured sessamoid. Oh.

It's a soccer player's injury (though he probably got it at work). The fracture hasn't gone all the way through the bone which is why it wasn't clear on the X-ray. It looks like a knife cut across the base of the bone.

The little bone's about the size of a grape or maybe your thumbnail, on the ball of your foot right before the big toe. It's small, but important, because it's a flexor joint with the tendon of the big toe stretched across it.

The tendon kept pushing and sawing over the break which is why -- ow, ow, ow -- it hurt.

The tissue around the tendon had been tenderized and inflamed after months of walking on the fractured bone. Now that he's been off of it for two weeks, the inflammation has gone down.

Well. Kids break bones all the time. They heal. It'll just be a little slower for WG because he's not 12 anymore and it's an extremity.
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I credit all your good wishes: WG's limp is improving. My grades are not as bad as I feared. You must share your power of good wishes with the rest of the world, since clearly you could end both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

WG will learn the results of his CT and bone scans tomorrow.

I failed the Sanskrit final spectacularly, but based on the numbers here I must have been running close to a 3.8 - 3.9 before WG's injuries, so I'm saved from failing the class. I need to study those missed chapters this week or I'll be in trouble next quarter. Expect some Sanskrit posts this weekend.

My Greek History professor indeed graded harshly. I'm considering whether it's worth contesting the grade.

Who watches the Watchmen? We do!

Went to see Watchmen with WG tonight. We had our usual petty squabble on the way there. WG's a backseat driver which is why I make him my chauffeur. But it's not wise to have him drive with a walking cast. I ended up running red light after he insisted I'd missed the turn into the theater --

WG: Honey, honey! It's right there to the left, to the left--!
Icarus (baffled, looking around): What? What? It can't be, it's not--
Icarus: Driving with you sucks. Also, that traffic would have hit you first.

He was very conciliatory (he hates backseat drivers). I ruefully admitted I'd written down the address for the wrong theatre. We circled the block until we found it.

The Neptune in the U-District is old fashioned theatre, built 80 years ago, ) There were exactly three people in the theater so we... sat in the same row with them, thus proving humans are social creatures. Someone should do a doctoral study.

WG is Nite Owl. That was my guy up there.  )

Needless to say, I loved the movie (for other reasons as well). As a side note, we both enjoyed the tasteful frontal nudity. Good to see a movie that has just as much (or more) male nudity as female. Reading reviews from you guys, I noticed that most of the people who hated the movie hadn't read the comic, while most of those who loved the movie had. So I made sure we'd both read it first. In case I blunder into spoilers. ) It's visually stunning, but what made it were the actors. The actors were so well cast -- and this story is about the characters. Cast the right actors and you have 90% of it right there.

WG wants to see it again on DVD, so he can pause the opening montage and study the background details.

Afterward, he made a wistful comment about ice cream, so we hunted down an ice cream shop for sundaes and sat in the shop like 1950s teenagers. I'd brought my notebook and jotted down a scene for Out Of Bounds that hit me in there. After this post, I'm off to write it. *g*

If you want to shoplift, carry Sanskrit books. )

Now WG wants to do another date tomorrow night, this time an art film at the Varsity. Ah, old theatres. Such a different experience from the modern multiplexes.
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School holidays have finally begun (shortened somewhat by the fascinating events of late). Next quarter in... six days.

WG informed me yesterday that his limp is getting better. The pain is definitely going down.

Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up, it's working.

He's scheduled to go in for oral surgery next Tuesday (the absessed tooth is related to a bridge he had put in after his teeth got smashed in a car accident years ago -- long story). It would be great if he could be back at work by April 6th. His boss called yesterday. The boats are starting to pile up. WG's willing to postpone that appointment if he has to.

Next on the agenda: writing Out Of Bounds. *g*

WG is now chivvying me out the door to see the Watchmen.
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WG: It's amazing how much fizz is in 7-Up.
Icarus: Hmm?
WG: I poured this a minute ago, and the fizz is going about three inches above the cup.
Icarus: It's the simple things in life....
WG: I'm not bored.

WG update.

Mar. 17th, 2009 01:41 pm
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To those of you who asked how WG is doing:

He's hobbling around in a walking cast. He goes in for a CT scan and a bone scan on Friday. In an ideal world they won't find anything and it'll just be sesamoiditus.

The root canal? It appears to be infected. He goes in on Thursday for oral surgery.

His back? A constant needle-like pain but nowhere near as bad as it was. Acupuncture was very effective.

He can't work, which in a way has taken a lot of the stress off of him. But at the moment, he's quite bored. Quote, "I feel like a prisoner."
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This weekend WG and I were discussing angling a future 5' cabinet diagonally across the corner of the living room. It's going to be right by Monte's 5' "command post." We both knew Monte would hop from the command post to the cabinet.

"I dunno, honey. Won't Monte fall back there?" WG frowned.

"No," said I. "Cats have good balance."

Just then Monte attempted a vertical leap from the floor to the table, missed, and fell.

Point taken.
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Thought I'd dodged the bullet when WG brought home the flu for my birthday.

Clever and wise, I opted to stay home in the early stages. Then, the thinking went, I would not get as severely, horribly sick. I had a live example in WG to convince me that this was a plague to be avoided. He moaned in his sleep. I still haven't forgotten last year's flu.

How well did my plan work?


It might have been the miserable damp weather yesterday. I should have taken the car rather than stand in the rain at the bus stop.
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Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me....

WG has a pressie for me -- the flu!

I'm staying home, drinking juice, and hoping I can cut this off at the pass. But somehow I'm perfectly happy. I guess that's because WG's home too. And even though he's sick, he's here. And that makes me purr.

Ooo! Time to get him more hot tea.

Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me....
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The "ow" report, brought to you by the letter "Oh."

Hel-lo, doctors' appointments.

WG and I were supposed to see his family and then go whitewater rafting this weekend. Unfortunately he's had an ear ache since Sunday and it's persisted. Oh no. We went to the doctor yesterday and he's getting treatment, and has a follow-up appointment tomorrow. But ear ache + white water = bad idea, so we decided to cancel our trip, to the tune of $150 in fees to change our tickets. Ow.

Today I went to ze dentist to fix a filling that came out. It's almost under the gumline and the dentist started throwing around scary words like "root canal." Uh-oh. We're going to see what happens in the next six weeks. Next week: I get my wisdom teeth out.
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90 degrees and rising in our apartment and the virtually-new fan opted to die.

The boyfriend and I did the usual snarking about "it's a piece of crap" and "don't make 'em like they used to" and hit the stores to buy another. Apparently they've been flying off the shelves (unsurprisingly) this week, and all that was available... was this same model fan. Which no one wants.

WG went to REI to beat the heat. I have the drapes drawn, windows and doors open to beat the heat.

I decided to do a dead fan autopsy, bring out my inner McKay. Hey, it could be something obvious, right? Hmm. Like that wad of long WG-hair wrapped around the main shaft, uh, I bet....

... Eureka! Behold! The fan lives!

We Americans, we give up too easily. We are cowed by small appliances. Just unplug the thing, bring out the screwdrivers, and if it's already broken you really can't make it any worse.

The kitty now basks before it, his fur blowing in the breeze.
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A little addition:

Top floor apartment (heat rises and how).
+ Brick oven building.
+ Western exposure.
+ Sunny, hot day.
+ Cat hiding in the (tile) bathroom, miserable.
+ A little late closing the drapes.
+ Computer by the window.
+ Half the day in over-airconditioned school.
= Yesterday.

I was at the computer and only felt a little warm. I was good, drinking water. Then... sudden wash fever, dizzy, had to lie down immediately. Kept drinking water as I woke up, but that was pretty much it.

We've measured the temps in the apartment on sunny summer afternoons. It does get between 90-100 even when it's only 80 outside. Normally I'm fine. But I bet this year's cool summer (until this week) plus spending all morning cold (long sleeves and we still froze at school) was not good.

I'm home from school today. Canceled one of my tutoring appointments although I can't reach my boss or the student for the other one.

I want to move. I want out of this tiny little brick oven. I want an apartment manager who doesn't leave tenants nasty notes. I want enough space for WG's backpacking stuff so that I'm not tripping over it. I want an apartment where we don't fry every summer. I want managers who don't turn off the heat on Christmas. I want room for a dresser. I want enough wall space for my books so they're no longer on the floor.

But right now, I'll settle for a milder headache, some Advil, and a glass of water.
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This must be what it's like to be a bit of milkweed, delicately dancing on the breeze.

The weather has been pristine. 70 degrees. Clear blue skies. The mountains still snow-capped even this late.

I love my summer classes, focusing on just one subject all summer long.

My job is great. I'm a little tired after class and I need to do better about actual eating, but the relaxed atmosphere of the tutor center is like that of a resort town on the off-season. We tutor. Then we do pretty much whatever we want. And I'm working with two fanfic writers who are both very cool.

[livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru and I are absurdly happy. The cat is fluffy.

All right, whoever ordered up all this happiness, may I tack on a hot fudge sundae? Because that's really all that's missing.

For your enjoyment:

Last Place You Look by [livejournal.com profile] thingswithwings, John/Rodney, NC-17
Summary: Hardcore BDSM, that's easy. Hickeys, though. Hickeys are hard. For [livejournal.com profile] kink_bingo.

Steamy, with a fetish I've never considered. Naturally, [livejournal.com profile] thingswithwings makes it hot, but also... so personal.

The Old Familiar Sting by [livejournal.com profile] perfica, John/Rodney, PG-13
Summary: I know I said I'd write a drabble, but the story got away from me! Hope you don't mind a bit of angst.

What [livejournal.com profile] perfica calls angst, I call gentle and deeply touching. Wonderful Outcast tag.
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I have an entire seven foot couch.

How my cat manages to squish me into one corner of it, I have no idea.

In other news: [livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru has never been bowling. This sad lack in his American-ness is being remedied tomorrow.

Now. I will read my homework. I will write a chapter of Out Of Bounds (had to throw away the most recent one -- sorry. It sucked.) And I will stop shaking the internet for the next ep of Stargate Atlantis.

*shakes the internet one more time*


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