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I signed up for Yuletide in 2012.

I defaulted.

I never default. Backed out of my first ever challenge (the Snape FQ Fest back in 2003) because I didn't know how to do them, and one year out of eight SGA Santas I had a personal situation.

But otherwise, in ten years of Ron challenges, Blame Somebody Else challenges, SG-1 challenges, SGA Gen Fic challenges, SGA Flashfic, Percy Ficathons ... I never missed.

The engine died on Yuletide. For no reason.

No, I didn't get the impossible fandom.

No, the prompt was fine.

I drifted, completely uninspired.

Hovering around Yuletide for years, it seems like everyone else has fun. I don't know why I didn't enjoy it. After my experience defaulting ... I haven't wanted to try again unless I was absolutely sure.

But this year there was a micro-fandom I wanted to try. It was possible. When I tried to sign up though, I couldn't offer more than three. Fandom number four, there just wasn't anything I'd be willing to write.

And I had defaulted before.

I debated back and forth. Was it worth a shot this year? No one had requested my micro-fandom, so it seemed unlikely I'd get matched on it.

Dithering too long, buried under schoolwork ... I missed the deadline.

Am so disappointed. I feel like this was the one year Yuletide might've worked for me.

Feeling really down in the dumps about this. Anyone out there?
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I offer this story as proof that fandom is brilliant.

Hello Operator, Please Give Me Number Nine, Calvin & Hobbes

Susie plays Calvinball with Death.
Childhood is a country that everyone lives in for a little while, until they get too big for the soil to support them anymore. But maybe you can still visit, if your passport is good and you aren't on a no-fly list for being too grown up and bitter about it.

There are no words to surpass the author's own to explain how brilliant this is.
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For the first time I signed up for Yuletide last year.

Or I tried.

I had an assignment. And a Yuletide 2012 story outlined.

Then my life took a sudden left turn.

My cousin with her baby and boyfriend moved in, and the boyfriend turned out to be ... my mom thinks he's borderline autistic, in the range of what used to be called Asperger's. Not as seriously autistic as my cousin (for whom she's the Official Person Who Makes Decisions After Her Sister Died) but enough to be problematic.

I agree, though my knowledge is more limited. The boyfriend wasn't able to interact successfully with humans. By spring was asked to leave (though that wasn't until after he'd used my prayer room as his personal masturbation chapel and destroyed the house computer with porn site virusii and disrupted the entire household with his temper tantrums).

But I digress.

I contacted the folks at Yuletide, explained the situation, and they were very understanding, said I could finish it by next Yuletide.

Seemed doable.

So I have an outstanding Yuletide assignment. I love my story outline, and the story's still there, living in my mind. (You know how some stories die, but this one's a living thing.) I've always, always, always wanted to do Yuletide.

But the county shut down my temple on March 1st. And I went on retreat. And then we had Visiting Dignitaries (twice). And I was supposed to start grad school in September. And my car got totaled the day I got back from retreat. Which means the buses take two and a half hours out of every day. And on and on. Basically, my life is too Distracted With Other Things to write, unless it's a very familiar fandom.

What do I do? My life won't always be like this. How can I avoid being banned from Yuletide forever? I want to communicate with folks there but Yuletide's a little confusing in terms of who's-running-what.
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Am fogged. I came home from work, raring to clean before I packed up to kitty sit tonight.

...and fell promptly asleep.

Oops. Neglected!Callie did enjoy her cuddle time, so there's that.

Now it's midnight, I've had a few hours sleep, cleaning is abandoned for a quick dash out the door to cat sit. My worry about being too late proved unfounded. Kitty's not hungy -- she's in heat. And how.

I should be working on my Yuletide fic (outlined it in chat with [personal profile] sarka). But ... fog.

Should've brought the OAR (Overly Ambitious Rug, yes I've been working on it for two years but it's very close to done now).

Maybe plot out the SGA Santa fic? This is the first year I've signed up for two fests.
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I got my Yuletide assignment.

I'm ... wow. My author gave me carte blanche in a fandom that -- knock wood -- is pretty easy to do.

Huh. I expected to do a Yuletide wail: "Oh no, I only offered The Good Wife to round out my offerings and now I'm asked to write an Alicia/Kalinda/Eli threesome!"

Well now.

Thank you!
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I did it! For the first time ever, I signed up for Yuletide.

I need people to request Cyteen. Surely you've read it.

Canon slash, folks. The main character is confronted and admits it. Yet all the slash is off-camera. It's so frustrating.

Dark political tension. A perpetual house arrest a la Beg Me For It -- but with clones! and a succession from earth!

Small two-line spoiler for those who haven't read the classic Nebula award winning why-haven't-you-read-this-yet series. )

There's one person offering to write it, and one person requesting it. I happen to know I'm both of those people.

You know you want it.

Pleeeeeaaase. Someone requests Cyteen Justin/Grant every year and it's hardly ever written.


Oct. 10th, 2012 11:29 pm
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I want to do Yuletide this year.

Actually, I've wanted to do Yuletide every year. But this year I don't have finals/other obligations that make it impossible.

Thing is, I find Yuletide's sign-up process bewildering. People link me to Things That Explain This and ... here's what I see:

"... now before you do the quasimodorio you need to push the figarot button -- but fear not! It's easier than it sounds! All you need do is yiggle the yaggle and if it doesn't work, hit it with a hammer."

Is it really that bad?
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And for your entertainment ...

Cracked.com's 'Five Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam

I've noticed the Yuletide cheer spreading across my friends list. Come one, come all. One year I'm going to write one of these. In the meantime, have an [community profile] sga_santa rec for Christmas:

A Fist Full Of Power Bars, SGA, teamfic, Gen, funnnny

Who wrote this? Can we have them cloned? John finally bests Ronon at something. "John had always imagined it would feel good to beat Ronon at something. It didn't. It felt fantastic!" We get note-perfect character voices -- especially John, who is 12 (if that). A plausible explanation of the weird initiation rituals. And the best end notes to a story, ever.

My own story was well-received. Meanwhile my fic writer was kind enough to write classic gender-switch for me. (grins) Best part: she actually considered some very plausible solutions to John's, er, problem. I found myself slapping my forehead. Why we didn't think of this before?

And The Plural For Penis Is? SGA, John/Rodney, NC-17, genderswitch

Hmm. And now I may just poke S. with a stick to see if he's still alive.
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[livejournal.com profile] yuletide. Should I?

There is only one micro fandom where I desperately, desperately want fic.

If C. J. Cherryh's Cyteen trilogy weren't written back in the 80s there so would be a fandom.

The gay is canon, folks Justin admits it. And it has more angst than you can shake a stick at. And non-con and dub-con (with the Justin Warrick/Grant Warrick). Plus there's the quasi-incest, too. And! They're being monitored 24/7 and they know it. Oh, the voyeurism! The unwilling exhibitionism! The crushing politics, and the question of Grant's rights and choices, and the intense relationship between these two where they cling --

-- okay. We've established that I want this micro fandom.

But I'm supposed to make more than one request.

Uhh... Well. Boston Legal deserves a fandom. No show that makes it this easy to slash should be without one. And BL is destined for crackfic.

Then a third option...? I could do some Lackey Herald-Mage stuff, though I'm not excited about it. Vanyel/Tylendel deserve more (highly explicit) time together.

Or else -- this would be fun -- Patricia McKillip's Riddlemaster series. I could easily slash Rood of An with anyone. Naked, drunken, calmly furious riddlemaster, anyone?

Should I do this? I have a plate full of Out Of Bounds, and I've all these SPN stories just sitting there and -- and --

ETA: Oh. It seems there's no Riddlemaster option, nor do we have Mercedes Lackey. Wot? No Lackey? Why on earth not?

ETA, fussing about this some more: Fandoms I would like to read, even if I don't think I could pull it off:

- Thoughtcrimes (Flanigan's character is adorable)
- RPF - SGA (I like how Flanigan is a bit of a bitch. Get a new handle... jeeze, Flan.)
- Patricia A. McKillip - Riddlemaster (I could put this in as my fourth choice and take a chance that a McKillip fan might know the Riddlemaster series)
- Master and Commander - Movie (I still need to read the books, though they come highly recommended, but these two were so slashable)
- Fritz Leiber - Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (Some classic fantasy)
- Bourne Identity (This I think would be very interesting to slash. The character is so vulnerable and dangerous.)
- First Monday (Again with the adorableness of the Flanigan character, though mostly, I like what a self-righteous, closeted, political, conniving bastard he is.)
- Hitchhiker's Guide (Anyone who can pull it off has my utmost respect.)


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