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I discovered my childhood favorite (and [personal profile] astolat's and [profile] tafkarfanfic's) Battle of the Planets is the American version of the 1972 Japanese anime classic, Gatchaman.

Gatchaman is so iconic in Japan )

In 1978, the Americans created Battle of the Planets. But they decided to not try to translate it. They just hired writers to watch the shows and make up their own scripts.

Not all of their decisions are bad. )

However, making up the scripts from watching the series ... Battle of the Planets lost the backstory. As a result we lose the narrative arc, especially in the character growth of Mark/Ken.

So I'm working on marrying Gatchaman's backstory to Battle of the Planets.

In the original series, in the first thirty episodes or so, Mark's learning how to be a leader.

1) First he tries to go it alone like he doesn't have a team )

Very different shows. Can the characterizations of BotP be grafted onto the character development and story arc of Gatchaman? With Jason, I think so. At about 60 episodes (of 108) in, I think that it's possible, if we consider Gatchaman to be the story of Mark's early days, and the Battle of the Planet's Mark the more adult version of him, after he's gone through a lot of maturing.

The big character change in Mark comes at around 40 episodes in. More in the next Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets post.
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Have been over-commenting in [personal profile] astolat's journal, as she's pretty much the only person to write my first fandom love, Battle of the Planets. As a kid, I loved this show so much, I'd get up--in summer vacation--at 6am to watch.

I've discovered that it's the American version of the 1972 anime classic, Gatchaman (does this make me cool? I think that's definitely cool). The Americans who bought the distribution rights never bothered to get Japanese translators. Instead, they had writers watch the show and "figure it out." The resulting off-the-mark scripts and lack of backstories changed the characterizations.

Gatchaman has a real, honest-to-God, narrative arc. Character development that never happened in Battle of the Planets. (Oh, and Gatchaman doesn't have the loathsome, badly animated, talk-down-to-the-kiddies robot character, 7-Zark-7, added to deal with what the US cut for the censors... cut to speed up action... and to add sexual innuendo, because, nothing says appropriate cartoon fare than sexual innuendo.) Yes, there are superficial differences, character names changed, a young character bowdlerized, the baddies are on another planet for Battle of the Planets while on Earth for Gatchaman, so the world-building's different.

But the big difference is the main character. Enough that I'm enjoying the heck out of Gatchaman and thinking ... can I bring this narrative arc into Battle of the Planets?

It's a fandom puzzle. Can I marry the character arc of Gatchaman to Battle of the Planets?

Oh sure, I could just write Gatchaman fic. But where's the fun in that?


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