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Siennavie kindly reopened signups for a Round Two.

We've already added a dozen more authors--and there's still time!


SGA Santa continues for its eleventh straight year.
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Signups close today for SGA Santa. I'm so glad Siennavie reopened them for us!

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I've been far out of fandom for some time. Many reasons for it, but right now I'm in grad school, working, and deep into many, many projects. All of which take Time.

Yet I never miss the SGA Santa. Not if I can help it.

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[personal profile] scribblinlenore points out that this is the ten year anniversary of the SGA Fandom! What better way to celebrate than ...

...SGA Santa!


I'm there.
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Having just found out about the new Secret Santa challenge, I spoke with the mod (pleaded, begged...).

There was another person who'd missed the deadline. So [personal profile] siennavie took pity on us and opened up a "round two" for the sign-ups.


YES! My sign-up's already in! Spread the word!
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There's a new SGA Santa exchange -- AND NOBODY TOLD ME???

I went back to the old SGA Santa comm to wistfully kick cans, wishing it weren't over, just ... hopeful ... that this year Alyse had changed her mind.

Maybe it was instinct.

Maybe it was an old friend rereading my fic for her from last year.

I can't do Yuletide. I tried. Random micro-fandoms don't work for me. I'm too much a fandom monogamist.

And there was the announcement. A new SGA Secret Santa comm!

I rushed over to sign up.

The last day to sign up was last week.

Not even exaggerating when I say I'm heartbroken and on the verge of tears.
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I have a new SGA story in the works and am looking for a beta. Any takers?

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I have written new SGA fic.

The working title is "Peter Grodin Saves The Day."

But the ending's giving me trouble. Any interested betas out there?
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SGA friends, drop everything.

Canis Lupus just rebooted the SGA fandom.

SGA: Decade by canis_lupus - John/Rodney - NC-17
Ten years ago, an expedition left for Atlantis. They were never heard from again.

She solved it.

Tying up the final episode, TPTB left fanfiction writers a knotty problem: the explorers never wanted to go home.

They lost everything. Atlantis. Pegasus Galaxy. Independence.

The "grand homecoming" forced misfits back into square peg-round hole lives. After they'd changed, grown, and become an even worse fit.

In fanfic, they stole Atlantis and ran home. They started over on Earth. Left Earth. Struggled with "normal." But Earth's a tar baby in SGA: you can't escape.

Until now.

Canis Lupus takes us back to season one ... and cuts the ties. It's fresh. Fascinating to see the cultural changes. Atlantis is a genuinely alien hybrid society. Yet still our people.

Go read. Shoo-shoo! And come write with me my friends, an independent Atlantis.

ETA: Dang, it's hard to get this to crosspost to LJ.
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I did it again. I found another SGA Santa fic that I never posted outside the comm.

I realize I've been busy.

I realize I've had a job that doesn't give me two days off in a row.

But really, there's no excuse.

On the plus side, that means we've uncovered an entire cache of fics. Here you go:

Title: Toy Drums & Soldiers
Author: icarusancalion
Recipient: sabinelagrande
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Mild references to D/s.
Author's Notes: Sabinelagrande asked Santa for kinky fic with or without sex, and humor, and lots of other things I didn't include. Santa's sleigh was crowded! I couldn't resist a team fic and presents. Lots and lots of presents. Thank you to busaikko and rabidfan for the rapid, cheerful betas. I can always count on you.
Summary: The Atlantis expedition exchanges Christmas gifts, banter, and inside jokes.

('Coal?' Ronon asked.

'It's an oily mineral. You burn it to keep warm,' John explained.

'Valuable gift,' Ronon commented.
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Amazingly, I totally forgot to post this anywhere besides the SGA Santa community.

Title: Sheppard and the Mud Frogs
Author: Santa (icarusancalion)
Recipient: aqualegia
Characters: John, Rodney, mud frogs, and a shiny, shiny stargate
Rating: PG
Notes: For sga_santa 2013 edition. I got a very open request so I hope this was on your Christmas list. Beta by the ever-forgiving [personal profile] rabidfan and [personal profile] sarka.
The fact that they'd landed at all, let alone in one piece, would've left NASA breathless in wonder.

The fact that they'd landed at all, let alone in one piece, would've left NASA breathless in wonder. But they were used to pulling off miracles, so they circled the Jumper, furious with each other. )
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I missed the SGA Santa signups.

At first I thought I'd need to jump in on pinch-hits (and those go in seconds). I'm so rarely on LJ that I never saw all the usual notifications that [community profile] sga_santa was in full swing.

But [personal profile] alyse switched things around so I could participate. Thank you! (I suspect she gave me the story prompt she was going to do or some other excessively generous act.)

This year I'm only doing two grad classes and working two days a week, so I have time to write. (Also, Thanksgiving in Michigan's been canceled--there's a story behind that.) And I've been missing writing.

I'd burned out after Out Of Bounds and Dragonlord -- especially Dragonlord, which was written for a Big Bang. I've found I don't do well with Big Bangs. I can do them. But I implode under the pressure of that tight a deadline. (Granted, I was supposed to start in April and didn't start writing until July. I'd turned a six-month deadline into three months.)

I've kept up with SGA Santa though, writing for it almost every year.

It seems everyone's moved to Tumblr from LJ.

Stories are now posted on AO3 instead of private websites and journals. The importance of the individual author has faded now that people don't follow personal journals to find the good fic.

The old fandoms like Harry Potter and Stargate Atlantis are still alive and continue in a desultory way. But most of my old friends have drifted. I hear distant mentions of the Marvel comics universe, Sherlock Holmes, manga and anime I've never seen.

Tried Yuletide. Assigned a great prompt. But being out of fandom, out of the habit of writing, isn't the time to attempt a random obscure fandom. I've an outline of that story and two scenes, but no more.

In the meantime, I've channeled all my creative yen into crafting. The OAR (Overly Ambitious Rug) is complete and plush. The cats sit on it proudly. I have several hand-knit sweaters, most of which are fit for wearing, some of which don't look homemade, and none of which have come out exactly as planned. I have hats that have come out perfectly, and socks that are comfy and wonderful-wish-I-could-knit-them-faster.

Didn't realize yarn was addictive. I've reached the yarn-stash point of "Oh, I forgot I bought that" and "Gee, what was I planning to make with this yarn again?" and "That's it, no more yarn until I finish more projects!"

Yet I get a fandom email every day... kudos on this story ... a review on that ... to remind me how much I miss writing.

SGA Santa, 2014. I'll see you there.
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SGA Santa has begun -- and I almost missed my gift while I was busy, *cough*, writing my entry days after the deadline.

That would've been tragic, because my gift fic is genuinely funny.

Reindeer Games, John/Rodney, PG
As John stared around the unfamiliar room, he reflected on the fact that McKay was not a man who understood the meaning of the word 'enough.'

The author understands the fine art of the prank. She knows that putting a pile of leaves in a car is lame, while stuffing said car to the brim with leaves is Genius.

She knows the value of originality, the importance of effort (on the part of the prankster and prankee), and realizes a good prank war incites both glee and fear in the witnesses as they wonder just how far this is will go.

How far does it go? It's John and Rodney. What do you think?

Click the link! Go, go. Enjoy! I'd be reccing this one even if it weren't mine all mine.
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Ooooh, I was late for SGA Santa this year. But I'm done, I'm done, *sings* I'mdoneI'mdoneI'mdone!

My beta really liked it.

I started my reading for grad school early. I've a Young Adult book club for one of my classes, and who could resist?

So far, while I'm enjoying it, I'm not impressed with Divergent. Like the world-building and I'm okay with the occasional plot hole, but this author lost track of the facts of her story. The heroine guesses crucial information early on, and then ... is surprised when she learns that same crucial information? The Hunger Games was much better.

Still, Divergent encourages me to write. If a story with such major flaws could be popular, hey....
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Okay, I got a minimalist SGA Santa prompt. Which leaves it wiiiide open.

But it gives me nothin'.

The author's LJ doesn't tell me much either. Except they seem to like close-to-canon fics. And John. And John/Rodney.


What do YOU want in an SGA fic?
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Signed up for SGA Santa after all. Plenty of good writers and old friends this year, including...

[personal profile] gaffsie
[personal profile] wickedwords
[personal profile] busaikko
[personal profile] tarlanx
[personal profile] taste_is_sweet
[personal profile] omg_wtf_yeah
[personal profile] rabidfan
[personal profile] goddess47
[personal profile] shetiger
[personal profile] sam_gamgee
[personal profile] mific
[personal profile] ladysorka

Good turn-out, this should be fun! *rubs hands together*
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SGA Santa is open for business!

Do I dare sign up this year?

I wrote a fic for every year from 2007-2011. Actually, pretty much every year I wrote a Christmas theme. Well, except for the squid. And the cross-dressing.

But mostly.

2007: Silent Night - PG-13 - John/Rodney, team
"Christmas?" John blinked.* (Icarus reviews her own fic: I've always liked the peaceful mood of this short off-world Christmas fic.)

2008: All Dressed Up And... - R - John/Rodney
John had put a stop to it fifteen years ago. Even burned the evidence. But he just couldn't give it up. What's one more secret between friends?* (This story's stuck with me over the years. Not one I re-read, just, that vivid as I wrote it. If you're into crossdressing....)

2009 A: Star Drive - PG-13 - John, Rodney friendship
Ten thousand years ago, a cabal of militant anti-Ascensionists had a plan to force the Ancients to stand and fight the Wraith. Now all they need is John Sheppard to set it into motion.* (Muse's 'Knights of Cydonia' sums up this fic. I wrote John in a space battle. Of course I've gone back to re-read it! And I fixed the original drop off a cliff ending.)

2009 B: The Pandora Effect - R - Woolsey/Sheppard
Usually Richard avoided entanglements by focusing his affections on someone safely out of reach. But in the midst of a battle with the Wraith, an uncomfortable alliance, and disruptions on Atlantis, Richard is offered everything he could ever want.

2010: Squid And Christmas Trees - R - John/Rodney
Wherein John handles squid and Rodney makes a death pact. Sort of.* (It's the writing that works for me here. It was written shortly after I wrote my one and only SGA Big Bang, Dragonlord, and there's nothing like writing a massive 80,000 word story in three months -- I started late -- to tone up the writing.)

2011: Toy Drums & Soldiers - PG-13 - John/Rodney
The Atlantis expedition exchanges Christmas gifts, banter, and inside jokes.

Last year I had to pull out. My cousin moved in with her boyfriend and new baby and life just got really ... complicated.

This year I have a project that involves lots and lots of knitting until the day after Thanksgiving.

Do I try again? It would be due December 10th, so I'd really only have ten days to write it. On the other hand, it's a tradition.

* = You know how some stories you write as experiments but they aren't what you'd choose? While others hit you right in that sweet spot? Well, these starred fics I'd read.
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Oh my God. A fic. A whole, completed fic.

Title: Holding Patterns
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
Author: Icarus
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: John/Rodney, Ronon, Teyla, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c
Summary: Rodney's promoted, John's reassigned to lightswitch duty, the Jaffa have founded the new intergalactic Geneva, and home is not what it's cracked up to be.

A/N: Written for Ksen, who requested John Sheppard studying for the bar exam. Thanks to you and [personal profile] rabidfan for being there and helping me with grad school apps. All beta credit goes to [personal profile] rabidfan. If there are mistakes I probably added them in after the fact. Wow. I wrote a whole fic.

'Did you know that I was drunk for my second dissertation defense?' )
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On breaking the rules

I have a rule: do not change published stories.

Once it's out there, for good or ill, I leave it alone.

All authors want to fiddle, I suppose. Even Huxley once said he itched to change A Brave New World. He felt he'd been far too naive(!).

But tinkering, you risk losing what worked.

I'm breaking my rule.

A reader on ff.net pointed out that Star Drive is a good story, but it drops off a cliff. Exactly what my beta said in 2010. I agreed but I was one day away from the deadline.

[personal profile] enname helped me fix it.

Welcome to the new, improved Star Drive.

Ten thousand years ago, a cabal of militant anti-Ascensionists had a plan to force the Ancients to stand and fight the Wraith. Today, all they need is John Sheppard to set it into motion.
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I'm a window washer outside your fandom.

Why I haven't been writing. )

Well, I've written these. But let me tell you why they don't count. )

Other than Dragonlord, my fics have been "surface stories."

There are stories that you pull out of your gut, that are saying something even if you're not sure what, and then there are stories where you're just diddling on the surface. Moving the furniture around.

If that were okay with me, that would be one thing. )

So I'm the window washer outside your fandoms, looking in, while I'm working, working, working.

Part of it is the company I keep. And the fact that the sky is falling. )

I find that without writing and creative work ... I starve. I left this temple, which I always loved, fifteen years ago because I starved here.

So I took today off. Cancelled chauffeuring Ani Samla. Rescheduled practice to Saturday night. And I'm taking time to write.

* i.e. became a closed canon.


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