Aug. 2nd, 2015

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Took forever for me to finish, but in response to a friend, at long last:

How To Decorate

Final phase: Now. Where to put the furniture...?

So you know what you're going to do in your place. You know what you need to be comfortable. And you know the styles you like. And as synedochic suggested I've listed official "designer" terms to make those styles searchable.

Now it's time to draw your layout and decide where to put your furniture.

1 - Measure your place. (Oh! And measure your larger pieces of furniture.)
2 - Now sketch the shape of your place (on graph paper if you like), marking the length of each wall.
3 - From the list of what you want to do in your place (eat, sleep, read, entertain, exercise, tap dance), pencil in areas for each of those activities. Draw a circle demarking the areas for each activity and label them.
4 - Then draw where, within those areas, what you already own will go (consider first things like, oh, grand pianos that can only go in one or two spots).

A drawing helps you use your space intelligently.

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Pencil in areas for each of your planned activities from phase one.

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The graph paper helps you see the space as fluid.

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What are you going to use to shape the room?

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Pick your colors according to the mood you want to create.

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Now place (draw) furniture in the activity areas according to what works for your activities.

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Consider line of sight.

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