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I almost lost this little story, written last June. I'm afraid it needs its larger context, since [livejournal.com profile] niko_molokov is an OC, paired with [livejournal.com profile] interiminister (Percy). But I rather like Niko's intensity.

ETA: Background. This is a backstory for [livejournal.com profile] hp_dungeons. Deep background in story form is here -- The Pensieve and here -- Fanning The Flames. (Note: since they're backstories, these are a tad unpolished.)

Following the events in those two stories, Percy realized he couldn't keep Lucius, and ran off to Lithuania with Niko (using all of his vacation time).

Niko's father passed away while Percy was there, so Percy stayed on to help Niko deal with the mess that was the Molkov family finances, changing careers to work for the International Confederation of Wizards. Niko's family was virtually ruined, and the only job the young ex-Death Eater could do was ... well, Percy looked the other way.

Then the political in-fighting among the various Lithuanian wizard families began. Niko, not much of a politician, resorted to threats and then Dark Magic, opening part of a competing family's lands to Faerie (something which can't be undone). The other families banded together and filed a lawsuit saying that since Niko was with Percy, he was to be considered in effect infertile and unable to produce an heir. That meant they could confiscate the Molokov family lands.

Niko kept all of his, er, self-inflicted troubles from Percy, but Percy found out anyway. So while Percy worked to endear himself to the Lithuanian notables, Niko sought a powerful alliance with the re-emerging ghost of Voldemort.

Or so he thought. In reality, Lucius Malfoy cooperated with Dumbledore and, using the link of the Dark Mark and blood, came up with a method to seal Voldemort in a ghostcatcher. Niko misread Lucius' vague letter requesting his assistance. He found himself confronted with Albus Dumbledore and a group of Death Eaters prepared to put Voldie away. Niko had no choice but to cooperate, essentially sinking the nails into his own coffin.

This is Niko's return home after that night.

Catharsis, Niko/Percy, PG-13 )


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