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The car is still injured (okay, totaled), but I took my foot in to see the doctor. I would've loved to have removed it and left it overnight, but, I had to go in with it.

The doc told me that the numbness, cold, and tingling was due to inflammation pushing on the nerves and veins. "The hospital didn't give you any anti-inflammatories?"


They just told me to stay off of it.


It seems I should've had anti-inflammatories all along. Then she gave her prescription:

"Don't baby it. Don't push it."

With a sprain, it's a balance. Keep it elevated when I can, but she says being too delicate with it could cause problems later down the line.

"Can I drive?" I asked her.

"Well, maybe not on 270. Try it in a parking lot first."

WHOOOOP! This is the opposite of what everyone's been telling me. Life just got so much simpler.

S. looked at my beaming face and said, "I have this image of having to tie you down."
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Looks like I'm going to spend my birthday on crutches. Rested the sprained foot three days after the accident, then had to go back to work on Sunday. Walked ... well, limped ... on it, sat in my usual pretzel positions too much Monday, until I got this pinch-yeowch pain that told me to stop.

When I tried to drive a rental the Tuesday after the accident (about six days after), within about ten minutes, my ankle felt like an over-stretched rubber band about to snap. I could keep my foot down for about 10-15 minutes, then it was too much.

Not painful: numb, weak.

Okay, so driving was definitely out, and maybe this injury's worse than it seemed.

Taking the bus wasn't any better (seven days after). I had to do so much walking from one stop to another that my foot was swollen by the end of the day. I started icing it.

Finally, last Friday, (nine days after the accident), I gave in and got crutches. I needed help staying off of it, and a visual reminder to people that I'm hurt so they'd help me stay off it, too.

It got worse over the weekend. Frickin' block of ice. Numb, pins and needles the other night (two weeks after). Called a nurse. She had me check to make sure I have feeling in the foot, and I do, so that's good. She told me to see the doctor within 72 hours.

Couldn't go to an orthopedist, had to go to my GP first (hello, managed care hoops), and couldn't get in till today (16 days after).

One of my professors is being very kind and understanding. The other one has been hard-hearted and harsh, "Hope you're feeling better. If you miss too many class days, it'll hurt your grade," she says, after I tell her I can't drive, the buses don't go from here to there, and it'll take other students a five-hour round trip to give me a ride.

My whole schedule's screwed up as a result of this injury and I'm quite behind on school (16 days after)--though I've done everything for the teacher who's been kind to me.

When I asked her about taking an incomplete on this class, instead of saying no ... which I would've understood, incompletes mean work for the teacher long after the class is over ... she went straight to the Dean to block any chance that I might. You don't usually go right to do the Dean. Though maybe at this school you do.

They say my only option is take an F and withdraw, then retake the class next fall. Fuck that. Pay for the class twice? Even if I have to miss every session from here on out, it'll only cost 6% of my grade.

More than that, I'd never retake this class. It's a small school. I'd rather spend three more sessions with her, then look forward to ten classes with her in the future.

Four more sessions of this class, and then I never see her again. I'm looking forward to putting her in my rear view mirror. *flips the mirror up so I don't even have to see her then*
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Got in a car accident tonight. Just back from the hospital.

The x-rays show my foot's fine, just sprained. My car ... didn't look good.

I've resisted getting a cell phone. Really, you don't need one for emergencies because everyone has a cell phone.

But as I sat in that hospital bed, bored out of my scull, I thought of all the things I could be doing with one of those nifty smart phones. I could be checking my email. Looking at Yuletide prompts to start writing Treats. I could complaining to my friends about how bored I was, waking people in the middle of the night.

As it was, I contented myself with mantras and playing with the hand sanitizer.

I was reduced to playing with hand sanitizer.
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Took forever for me to finish, but in response to a friend, at long last:

How To Decorate

Final phase: Now. Where to put the furniture...?

So you know what you're going to do in your place. You know what you need to be comfortable. And you know the styles you like. And as synedochic suggested I've listed official "designer" terms to make those styles searchable.

Now it's time to draw your layout and decide where to put your furniture.

1 - Measure your place. (Oh! And measure your larger pieces of furniture.)
2 - Now sketch the shape of your place (on graph paper if you like), marking the length of each wall.
3 - From the list of what you want to do in your place (eat, sleep, read, entertain, exercise, tap dance), pencil in areas for each of those activities. Draw a circle demarking the areas for each activity and label them.
4 - Then draw where, within those areas, what you already own will go (consider first things like, oh, grand pianos that can only go in one or two spots).

A drawing helps you use your space intelligently.

Read more... )

Pencil in areas for each of your planned activities from phase one.

Read more... )

The graph paper helps you see the space as fluid.

Read more... )

What are you going to use to shape the room?

Read more... )

Pick your colors according to the mood you want to create.

Read more... )

Now place (draw) furniture in the activity areas according to what works for your activities.

Read more... )

Consider line of sight.

Read more... )
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Shoe shopping, a fetish, or a weird Chinese pass?

A Chinese fellow in a prim button down shirt and slacks flagged me as I left work the other day. Wanted to know all about my shoes.

Assuming he was shopping for his wife, I rattled on for a while, "They're Hush Puppies. Very comfortable. I've had them for, oh, gosh, fifteen years? Haven't really taken care of them."

He wanted the name of the type of shoe. Okay, I pulled the shoe off and found the name, getting an odd, overly interested vibe here. But he was Chinese, so who knew?

He didn't write the name down, and closed with:

"They look nice because you have such pretty feet."

Bwah? Uh. Thank you?

So ... foot fetish? Cultural shoe thing? Inept pass? Totally appropriate Chinese compliment that comes out strange in English? Someone who's awkward in any culture?
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Hair, hair ... not-so-long beautiful, um, what happened?

The problem with glasses is you can't see what a stylist is doing until they're done.



Good that hair grows.

It's not that it's awful. It's just not me.
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Writing is recovering. Miss it so much. Knitting is no replacement.

Also, this sweater I knitted is waaaay too big. But the OAR (overly ambitious rug) turned out well.

No more furniture has mysteriously disappeared from my office. However, the tutors are disappearing left and right. I'm covering for the admin while she's out of town, and I've discovered that I enjoyed doing admin because I liked my boss. She made us feel valued. Now she's quit and gone back to Korea. I miss her. And the admin work is ... meh.

The ghost writing project, well, someone else is taking over. It wasn't moving forward, so I'm pleased that they see a story there. But lots of other stuff came up in our email and... I have too much other stuff to be able to deal with it head on right now. Later.

Lastly, I have tremendous respect for Peter Dinklege.
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My aunt is giving me her virus-infected laptop.

Or rather, she tried to give me her laptop and I'm insisting on paying for it, and she's saying that it wasn't worth anything to her because it got screwed up and I'm telling her that it is, with effort, fixable, and worth something in sales (it's relatively new) and she's then insisting no more than $75 for it, and I'm saying that's ridiculously low and--

--but anyways, I have a laptop.

Said virus was a nasty virus. It was caught in a repeating loop of opening many, many, many windows, so I just reinstalled the operating system over the top of the mess. Did a total wipe.

Virus gone.

But now it won't connect to the internet or ... anything.

It's, uh, definitely wiped.

ETA: Yay! I think-- I think I have all the drivers properly updated from here and in this order. Now on to the Windows updates. Cross your fingers.
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It was so quiet around here. Peaceful. Surrounded by sleeping cats while I did some writing.

Then my cousin came home. "HELLOOOOOOO!!!! HI, HI!"

She is loudest pachyderm I've ever met. She stomps. She shouts. She drops heavy items on the floor (my ceiling). She snaps commands. The baby--at her crying, squalling, shrieking worst--has nothing on my cousin for obnoxious loudness. EVERYTHING'S AT TOP VOLUME

She shouts when she's happy, she barks and storms when she's mad. There is no time when she's actually quiet except perhaps when she's asleep.

Or gone. When my cousin was gone for a few days, my aunt and I looked at each other and marveled at how quiet it was. I pointed out: "Yeah. It used to always be like this. Before E. [my cousin] moved in."

S. calls her the T-Rex.

This weekend I lined my prayer room in sound-reducing egg-crate foam. No kidding.
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I have made my own sparkling cider.

And it is good.

(And simple: How To Make Your Own Sparkling Cider At Home.)
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And to answer the questions, yes, yes I did have a nice birthday.

I bought a carrrr!

As I glided away from the dealership (and boy, do I have stories about how hard it was to find the right car), I glanced up at the full moon through the sunroof -- realizing I had a sunroof -- and looked around the black interior of a silver car, and thought:

"This car's made of moonlight."

And that's her name. Moonlight.

Now I have to find a place to hold my Tibetan class. Because I have four wheels and a normal life again. (And a very pretty car.)
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Pile up blankets and they will come....

I have one cat per chair today. Rothy's a calico sprawl in the tumbled blankets on the bed. Junior, a plump orange and white on a green throw, is parked on the couch. Then, perfectly camouflaged, little grey Callie is hidden in the dark green blanket on a grey wingback. Didn't know she was there until she looked up. My chair doesn't usually have eyes.

If I had more chairs, more cats might appear.
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I hate to admit to being a snow bunny. I've never been a girly girl. I can use a hammer, change a tire, hang drywall, strip wallpaper, and do all kinds of non-girly things. Home Depot is my second home. I took auto mechanics in school.

But I always left the car research up to my Ex, WG. We were together a little over twelve years. Before that, my stepdad picked out my cars. And my most recent car was found for me by my mechanic.

I've been spoiled.


I've just been spit out the other side of a potentially bad car deal, saved thanks to my very protective credit union, MAFCU.

This is my fault.

With grad school looming I wanted to get a car, quick. Wherein Icarus is a sucker. )

Colophon: a week later, he texted me to see if he could buy my 2002 totaled Honda Civic. No kidding!
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HALP. How does one avoid a very, very nice guy?

See, I usually go for these shy types who don't know how to pursue women.

That puts all the work on me. If I don't feel like pursuing them, I am not pursued.

But I met this great guy up at retreat. He's a friend of a friend, at the same level (approximately) of Buddhist practice I am (not that it matters, but it means he's serious about it).

We clicked. Talked for hours one night (time I couldn't afford out of the retreat and I had to do some serious make-up work).

I'm just ... I don't want a relationship right now. I did a couple of boyfriends post-WG and I'm not into it at the moment. For a lot of reasons, one of them being that I'm just too fucking busy.

But he's Not!ShyTM. He's following up on conversations. Talking to my mom when he has a chance. Coming over to say hello at Buddhist events. Dropping me an email. Doing all the smart things GuysWhoAreInterested who are GoodAtRelationships and know how to SuccessfullyPursueAWoman do.

I'm not used to this. In fact, I've never encountered this before in my life.

What does one do?

ETA: Fandom, I'm still here. Just orbiting at a very great distance.

ETA2: Aack! He knows HowToStartConversations! That are NotAwkward! About ThingsShe'sInterestedIn that SheMentioned so that it's AlmostImpossibleNotToAnswer. Good lord. Social skills! What does one do?
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I brought to the temple yesterday:

- one cooked potato (in tupperware container)
- one stick of butter (not in tupperware container)

I forgot both in the car.

This morning I brought my carry bag in. I had:

- one cooked potato (in tupperware container)
- half a melted stick of butter (not in tupperware container)

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I've been so busy lately, never home, that I didn't realize till now that I live with a baby.

I mean, technically I knew it.

But now that I'm actually here, I now know that:

1) Said baby shrieks. Frequently.

2) That my apartment is directly below the baby bouncer, and

C) Said baby bouncer sounds rather like a three-legged Pogo-stick

L) Directly overhead.

Sigh. Remember how happy I was that I never had kids?

Multiply that by ten.

Oh, now with the fussing and crying. And intermittent bouncing.

Make that twenty.
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The car was in mid-to-light traffic on a four-lane divided highway. The speed limit was around 50mph.

Under a bridge the driver started waving to a pedestrian, honking. Then he stopped to let his friend in.

Grinning, he drove off, talking excitedly to his friend.

Curiously, the cars that had collected behind him didn't move.

That's because six of them had ploughed into each other. Dented fenders, one crushed front bumper, a mangled rear door, pieces scattered on the ground. The owners got out, cell phones in hand, to survey the damage. Behind them, the late afternoon traffic backed up because the pileup went right into the intersection.

The guy didn't even notice.
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Continuing the How Decorate series (see How To Decorate: Phase One and Phase Two, and Phase Three here)....

We've figured out the practical stuff: how we're going to use the space, what we have and what we need. Now we're on to style: figuring out what we like.

I guess we've spent three years doing this.

Well. I did say take your time....

I suggested in Phase Three that you come up with words to describe what you like. [personal profile] synecdochic pointed out it might be helpful to have the official terms. Good point. Others asked for a browsing guide. Another good point. Why get catalogues when you can look online?

Here you go:

Possible words you chose - stark, New York penthouse, urban, cool, sleek, metal and glass, monochromatic, abstract, high contrast, IKEA-esque

Contemporary (I don't have a link for this one because it's often mixed up with modern)
Possible words - suburban, updated, practical, uncomplicated, basic, overstuffed, warm, cushion-y, relaxed, normal, JCPenney-esque

Possible words - sophisticated, mature, British-y, formal, fancy, dignified, old fashioned, the-furniture-with-little-feet-that-look-like-they're-going-to-walk-away, Sherlock Holmes-y

Possible words - detailed, oriental, hand-carved, lacquered, solid, lots of red and black, intricate, very Chinese-y

Transitional (note the big difference between this and Asian)
Possible words - Zen-like, streamlined, artsy, unusual shapes, simple curved lines, Japanese-esque

Country (decorator!mom says most people mix contemporary and country; it's hard to pull off)
Possible words - farm furniture, down home, woodsy, old west, grandma-like, cutesy, kitschy, handmade, southern, cabin in the woods, Bed & Breakfast style

Shabby Chic
Possible words - artistically beat up, French-looking, washed out, not everything matches but it still goes, acid washed, lots of white cottage stuff, Anthropologie-esque

There are many other styles, but these are a few of the popular ones. Some of those other styles are pretty self-explanatory: Retro or Tropical, for example? Others tend to be included with the major ones above: Mission style (included with country), French Country (which shabby chic elaborates on), Queen Anne (included with traditional), Chippendale (also included in traditional).

That should get you started.

The next part I've had the hardest time with: Phase Four: Layout. The actual placement of furniture.

Yes. Finally we get to decorate.
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Why did Junior kitty take my step towel and stuff it in his catbox? It had to've been him, because he's the only big enough to pull it off.


*doing laundry tonight*
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I noticed when my arm brushed the tag on my shirt.

H'okay, I may've been tired after chatting till 6am. My shirt was on inside out.

(Good thing there aren't any witnesses. I hustled off to the bathroom.)

Just to prove it wasn't an aberration, minutes later I reached up to drop some bird treats in the bird's food bowl, to top it off.


Wrong bowl. And I'd just changed that water.

In other news: I may have overwritten that Star Trek: TOS fic I've been trying to resuscitate. I do lots of creative things ... painting, finishing the OAR (Overly Ambitious Rug, yes, I know I finished the sections months ago but I still haven't latched them together)... but I miss writing.


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