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Yay! SGA Santa fic is done and in.

I've proved one can write lighthearted Christmas fic while standing in line at the MVA. But then again, it was my fifth trip to the MVA to get my Maryland license and I'd grown immune. I mean, the MVA was like a second home by then.

(I'd say the hold up was me, but as I stood in line Thursday I heard another weary MVA "customer" tell his father, "I thought I had everything this time, but they need your green card papers too, and that's the one document I didn't bring." Yessir, even if you drag a file cabinet, you still won't have everything. Well. I managed it once when I registered my car. But the MVA people looked nonplussed, startled, and strangely disappointed. Then gave me misinformation to make sure it would never happen again. Hence, five trips to get something much simpler.)

I am typing on my brand spanking new computer. It's vast. It feels like a great big mansion of a computer with no furniture yet. And it was so cool helping S. put it together. So doable. One step up from assembling cabinet doors -- until he got to the wiring and then I was lost.

Now to sign up for icenetwork.com and download all of this season's Merlin.

You know what else? I haven't turned on the TV once tonight. Because I have a compuuuuuteeeeeeer.
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Helllloooooo, tech savvy friends.

I have a coworker, Anna, who needs to record a telephone interview.

Is there a way to do this in Skype? Or.... I know [livejournal.com profile] celtic_tigress has recorded quite a few phone interviews.

I have no idea, and the Skype site tells me more about call forwarding than recording anything.

ETA: Options so far... use a speaker phone and Audacity. There are also apparently specialized Skype recorders. Other suggestions?

ETA part II: The Skype recorder was exactly what she needed. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] jackoweskla for the solution.
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I am deeply suspicious.

It's not that I'm not happy my spyware and virus protection software haven't picked up a single virus or spy-fly in two weeks. Oh, yes, that is good news. Who wants virusii and spies?

It just doesn't make sense that as of December 31, all of my programs suddenly declare a daily clean bill of health. Not so much as a tracking cookie. For as long as I can remember, I've picked up a daily clutter of adware.

Also, don't different virus protection packages detect different viruses and spyware? They shouldn't match.

Then, the date they all started declaring my system clean is suspicious. They all say the same thing as of December 31st.

Add to that my system is running at the speed of cold sludge.


Yeah. Maybe I should celebrate my good fortune. Or maybe I should take a closer look.
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I was able to download the SGA episode last night. Now I'm trying to download the Merlin episode from a private server. Nothing's happening.

I went to a Megaupload link to download from there. Got the countdown. Then, when I went to click the button to download, I got the message to save the file... and then nothing happened.

Alarmed, I went to Mediafire to see if I could upload files. I pressed the "big green button" to upload files. Nothing happened. It didn't move me to the next menu.

Then I went to YouSendIt, logged in, and tried to upload a file there. It wouldn't let me even browse to the file to upload.

Remember the virus attack on Thursday that hit people downloading SPN's latest episode from mininova.org? That we weren't able to even access the mininova.org site afterward (and we still can't)?

It's bigger than that. This is a major virus attack aimed to prevent people from sharing files.

1) Stay clear of mininova.org. That's where it started.

2) Spydoctor and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware both say my computer's clean. Obviously that's not true.

3) If anyone has any ideas how to deal with this problem, any at all no matter how far-fetched, please let me know.

4) Any ideas how I can get the Merlin ep? My friends? I was able to download the SGA episode last night, but it was labeled a .doc file. Maybe that gets around this. Is there a way I can watch online? Email it (can one email a 350 meg file)?

This isn't fair. These are free TV shows I'm downloading.

ETA: Thank you all. Amothea's suggestion worked. I am able to download via other torrent sites (still can't contact mininova though they're not popular with me right now). From Nel_ani, after futzing with SUPERantispyware which found 17 tracking cookies that Spydoctor didn't, though those shouldn't effect my ability to download, starting a Megaupload download via IE (using a download manager, Orbit) instead of Firefox, then shutting down Firefox and restarting it, I was finally able to get these downloads to work.

Yousendit is now working. I haven't tested Mediafire yet. Megaupload seems to work. Private servers definitely work.

It looks like this might have been a problem with Firefox. It seems to have been resolved. I think. I hope.
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Oh, wonderful. I tried downloading the latest SPN episode from mininova.org and got a virus infected file instead.

Threat name: Trojan.Downloader.NUS and, worse yet, Adware.Maxifiles
Threat level: somewhere between Kristallnacht and nuclear holocaust

Bonus? Looks like it blocks me from going to the mininova.org web page. I can't warn anyone. Except you, of course.

Currently cleaning it out with Spywaredoctor. Next I run AVG.

ETA: Spywaredoctor caught it, cleaned it. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware found more. I still can't access mininova, however.

Annihow has more info for all of us. This particular problem disabled AVG, so she has masterful ways and tools to scan and disinfect your computer.
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Turns out the computer monitor is toast. Since we can use the TV as a monitor for the time being, I'm going to hold off ten days until the Halloween sales.

Reworking the computer-lifestyle changes. I like the quiet time in the morning, and the space before I get on the computer in the afternoon works out well for me, as does getting my news from NPR instead of websites. Limiting my LJ f-list time to when I check in at school is working fine. Closing windows once I'm done with them helps a lot.

The trouble is the monitor situation. WG has wanted to watch movies and Star Trek videos in the evening. So I'm not really getting any computer time until 10pm, when I'm a little tired. Once on the computer, I kick around a bit... sketchily answer emails... and then I'm really tired. Finally I stay up till 3am writing Out Of Bounds because, damn it, I'm going to write if it kills me.

Icarus + 3:30am bed time + 9:30am class = one very grouchy Icarus.


1 - Replace the bloody monitor. We can go back to playing movies while I'm on the computer.
2 - Actually get on the computer at 7pm. I do this every time. Whenever I put restrictions on myself, I instantly go more extreme.
3 - Based on my computer use (10pm - 3am), I need five hours a day, at least three of those dedicated to writing. I can do email and editing at school, and the remaining three at home, or I can do all five here.

I hope to have the next part of Out Of Bounds up this weekend. Hell or high water.
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Coming to you Live, from the college, yes, on a Saturday.

Fired up the computer Saturday morning. It came up to the Acer screen (it's an Acer computer), hit a snag, shut down. Then tried to reboot, came to the Acer screen, hit a snag, shut down. I tried F8, tried F1, F10.


Called computer guy. He said, "Just do a system restore with the discs you were supposed to make."

"What discs?" I said, thinking ooops.

Did you know you can hear a facepalm over the phone?

"You better bring it in," he said.

Computer's in the shop. Expect limited posting.

All those who weighed in on WG's situation: he's decided the guy's a jerk, and thinks you're all very good people (and insightful, too). He thanks you all very much.

ETA: Wait. Where's [livejournal.com profile] smuffster?
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WG ran across an article on clickjacking.

A Look at the ‘Clickjacking’ Web Attack and Why You Should Worry

Security researchers warn of new 'clickjacking' browser bugs

The hackers are aware of it and concerned. The big browser companies are working on a patch.

I'm running Firefox's NoScript in the meantime. I've turned off my Firefox plug-ins except AdBlock and ones for my anti-virus software. NoScript's been annoying where I've wanted to copy and paste text from a webpage but I'd rather not be clicking on invisible content.
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Hello, techies!

We're buying a new TV. (The old one died a few weeks ago.)

In an ideal world, we'd have a way to hook the TV up to the computer so we can play our downloaded avi files on the TV.

Is that possible? What do we need to get to make that work? We can get a TV with a USB port (although it would cost a bit more).

What else would we need?

ETA: Apparently there are several ways to handle this.

1) Get a TV with a VGA connection (that big rectangular thingamabob that connects your computer to your monitor). Then your TV can act as your monitor.

2) Connect your computer to your TV via an S-Video or HDMI connection. Almost all TVs will have S-Video connections, and some will have HDMI. My computer, sadly, has neither. But most computers will have one or both.

3) Get a Divx capable DVD player and just burn a DVD with your avi files of choice.

4) Foreswear all TVs as obsolete and just get a really big, nice monitor for your viewing needs. :D
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Talking to [livejournal.com profile] amothea, I learned I have a toy that everyone needs, but not everyone has.

Sick of purple on dark blue text? Found a site or LJ layout that thinks pale grey writing on lilac is a great idea? Linked to a story and found big annoying graphic in someone's layout? Sick and tired of Area52's grey, grey, grey?

Zap colors! (And a lot of other annoyances). Just click, and you have a clean white background with black text. Ah.

It's scary (and quite telling) how often I use this.
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90 degrees and rising in our apartment and the virtually-new fan opted to die.

The boyfriend and I did the usual snarking about "it's a piece of crap" and "don't make 'em like they used to" and hit the stores to buy another. Apparently they've been flying off the shelves (unsurprisingly) this week, and all that was available... was this same model fan. Which no one wants.

WG went to REI to beat the heat. I have the drapes drawn, windows and doors open to beat the heat.

I decided to do a dead fan autopsy, bring out my inner McKay. Hey, it could be something obvious, right? Hmm. Like that wad of long WG-hair wrapped around the main shaft, uh, I bet....

... Eureka! Behold! The fan lives!

We Americans, we give up too easily. We are cowed by small appliances. Just unplug the thing, bring out the screwdrivers, and if it's already broken you really can't make it any worse.

The kitty now basks before it, his fur blowing in the breeze.
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iPod users...

Have any of you ever had your iPod freeze up? Just sit there on a menu and not move. It's been over 12 hours and the thing won't shut down.

I've tried plugging it into the computer and recharging it. All night.
I've tried toggling the switch on the bottom off and on.
I've tried holding down the menu button for many, many, many seconds.
I've tried plugging it into a different USB port.

It just sits there, stuck. And while my computer recognize something is plugged into that port, iTunes doesn't recognize there's an iPod.

Help. *is very sad* This is [livejournal.com profile] wildernessguru's birthday present.

ETA: Thank fucking god! It just worked!

I had to have the button on top On, the iPod unplugged, and hold the Menu and Center button at the same time.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] lirren, [livejournal.com profile] titti, and [livejournal.com profile] jackoweskla.
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Allow me to make your life a little easier, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] electricandroid.

There is a reasonably quick way to find your friends on Journalfen, Greatestjournal, and Insanejournal.


- Copy/paste your flist from your LJ user page into Word
- Do edit/replace of the commas with ^pfriend add so the list ends up looking like this:

friend add icarusancalion
friend add amothea
friend add ...

- Copy/paste this list into the admin/console
-Then to find those who didn't turn up, save the resulting HTML file (use View / Source and save that) which will give you a list of all those you need to hunt for
-Check the people you've friended to make sure they're the same ones. Most people are using the same names, but sometimes names are taken. For example, the [livejournal.com profile] ncp on greatestjournal is not the same one as LJ.


ETA: I'm keeping my LJ here as two of my current fandoms are not moving. I go where the readers go. I no longer trust Livejournal and -- what's the phrase? -- I'm tying up my camel.


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